Thursday, December 31, 2015

A Look Back

2015 was a really good year and I enjoyed looking back at last year so I thought I would keep up the tradition. I enjoy looking back and reflecting. Especially since I feel this year went by really fast.

In January we celebrated Ella turning one, started Jillian Michael's Body Revolution, set New Years resolutions, enjoyed a fun day in Ann Arbor with friends, and enjoyed a weekend away. We celebrated four years in our house, appliance shopped, and we started our kitchen renovation.

In February I set goals, finished the kitchen reno, had a wine night with friends, and celebrated seven years of marriage. G and I hosted our first annual brunch/sledding event with family. I shared 20 things I hope never to forget about my 20s and lame things that are actually awesome as an adult. I also lost a total of eleven pounds since last month.

In March I set goals, organized the kitchen, and watched a life changing video on lollipop moments. I wrote about our big house to do listgiving myself grace and the moments that comprise a marriage. I became addicted to Scandal, enjoyed cooking in the new kitchen and lots of walking with Manny.

In April I set goals, enjoyed a fancy gym free trial, and celebrated Easter with family. I wrote about being vulnerable, and enjoyed a fun sushi and Phantom of the Opera date night. I started reading Daring Greatlyhad a fun girls night and lost sixteen pounds.

In May I set goals, hosted a girls night and attended a murder mystery party. I wrote about what I'm admittedly terrible at. G cleared some space at the end of our yard to enjoy the river and we went to the Zoo Brew with Eric and Jess. I started the 21 day fix, we started grilling, had our first bonfire and hiked with my parents. I finished the fix and lost seventeen pounds.

In June I set goals, hung out with family, started running, and had a spontaneous weekend at the lake. I checked in on my resolutions, went garage saling with friends, and wrote about how to live together well. I hit the 20 pound mark, had a puppy play date, and enjoyed lots of deck sitting. We started The Meaning of Marriage with friends, watched Jurassic World, hung out at our local winery and went to dinner at our neighbors' house.

In July I set goals, spent lots of time at the lake, ate Korean food with friends, and shared my want list. We went to a family friend's wedding, and enjoyed a long vacation up north with family. I filled out a survey, made a vision board, and talked about love is having to say you're sorry.

In August I set goals, babysat Ella, celebrated my birthday in Saugatuck, and saw Mission Impossible. I set 32 goals for my 32nd year, shared 10 weird things about me and an awesome Stuffed Pepper Casserole recipe. I went to my second annual girls weekend getaway, did a survey, and found my dream house. We hosted a bbq, had a puppy play date and went up north. I wrote 30 things I've learned in my 30s and a day in the life post.

In September I set goals, and went out to eat with the rents and coworkers. We had a puppy play date, deck sitting with the family, and time at the lake. I reminisced about my favorite memories of summer, lost 23 pounds total, and wrote about a moment I felt like an adult. We celebrated my mom's birthday, had a bonfire, and I shared some good internet reads. We ate Mexican food and saw a friends' new house, took Manny to his annual vet appt and binge watched Hart of Dixie. I got a Fitbit and went downtown Detroit for restaurant week and to a Lions game.

In October I set goals, dinner and games with friends, and went to a girls night. We went to a team dinner and bonfire, hung out with the rents, had a date night, and cheered on Eric and Jess as they ran the Detroit Half Marathon. I filled out a survey, and wrote about National Pit Bull Awareness Month and books I've been reading. We ended the month going away for a long weekend

In November I set goals, went hiking with the rents, and wrote about more books I've read. I did 21 Day Fix workouts, started ballroom dancing classes and had a fun date night at J. Alexander's. I shared my wish list, enjoyed good family time and went to the local showing of Mary Poppins. I had my annual eye checkups and spent the whole day with my mom having girl time. We got slammed with over 15 inches of snow and enjoyed a low key, long Thanksgiving weekend.

In December I set goals, hiked at the lake, Christmas shoppedgrilled out and had a bonfire in the most amazing winter weather EVER. I started Weight Watchers, hit 25 pounds lost, went to a girls night cookie exchange and did a brewery tour with friends. I shared a killer spinach and artichoke dip and had an amazing Christmas with family.

It was a wonderful year and I'm looking forward to a new year. New memories. New opportunities to grow. New experiences. Happy New Year, friends!!


mags said...

What a great recap of 2015. Happy New Year!

Anne said...

That was a wonderful year! Looking forward to seeing your goals for 2016. Happy new year!