Tuesday, August 11, 2015

32 Goals for 32

I turned 32 on August 1st and since I love to set goals I thought it would be fun to share 32 things I want to do in my 32nd year. I got this idea from Erika.

1. Be more grateful. Instead of complaining or focusing on what I don't have I want to be more intentional on focusing on all that I do have.

2. Live in the present. Not the past. Not the future. In the moment. Savor every second because it's a gift.

3. Paint the bathroom cabinets the same color we painted the kitchen cabinets.

4. Prayer journaling every morning.

5. Stop worrying so much. I want to pray every time I start to worry and I want this to become a discipline that turns into second nature. 

6. Take more vacations. I would like to do more weekend trips to Chicago, Milwaukee, Grand Rapids, Saugatuck, etc. I also want to start saving for a big vacation next February or March (when the year of the house will finally be over!).

7. Get back into a cooking groove. Cook at least twice a week should be reasonable if I do one crock pot recipe during the week and try a fun new recipe each weekend.

8. Hike 8 miles with Manny. We used to do this 8 miler every year but we slacked the last year or two so I want to bring this again.

9. Explore nearby cities. Visit Ann Arbor. Milford. East Lansing. Detroit.

10. Continue to read 3 books a month.

11. Do things that make me happy and inspire me. Go to the movies. Go out to eat. Walk Manny. Read good books. Eat outside.

12. Go to a Lions game.

13. Plan more girls nights.

14. Stop letting fear hold me back. LIVE life. I don't want to regret not doing something I really wanted to do because I was afraid.

15. Lose the last 30 pounds and then maintain my goal weight.

16. Decide if we are going to move closer to work or not.

17. Laugh more. I don't want to ever take myself too seriously. I laugh a lot everyday and I'm thankful for that, but I'm sure I could laugh more.

18. Be a bit more crafty. Get more creative with presents and make a summer wreath and actually do or make something from Pinterest that I pinned.

19. Get all my Christmas shopping done by December 1 so I can savor the season and not be stressed out about what to get people.

20. Guard my time. Only say yes to things I really want to do and that are in alignment with my goals. Don't be afraid to say no to things that just aren't the best for me.

21. Host a Wine Murder Mystery Party. My sweet friend, Kate, gave me this game for my birthday and I'm so excited to play!

22. Schedule a physical and a skin check. I'm way overdue!

23. Retry the 21 Day Fix Extreme workouts. I'm planning by Jan/Feb to be at my goal weight so I can try these videos again to tone up.

24. More date nights with G. I don't want to ever stop dating him.

25. Plan at least two week nights with no plans and one weekend day of no plans to recharge the batteries. Get chores done. Relax. I find when we do this we feel our best and can give our all at work.

26. Find a church to can call home and start going regularly.

27. Read a chapter of the Bible with G. We used to do this, but got out of the habit and I'd like to start again. It's just so beneficial for both of us.

28. Try making overnight oats. I know this sounds silly but I've always wanted to try it. I'm not sure if I'll like it or not.

29. Continue to run/walk everyday with Manny while the weather is still nice. 

30. When it gets too cold to be outside start doing The Shred or Ripped in 30 everyday.

31. Stop drinking pop. Now that I'm obsessed with La Croix I don't miss pop at all so I would like to just cut it out completely.

32. Eat more unprocessed food and eat less takeout.


Anne said...

Sounds great! I'm eating my overnight oats right now while reading :) 1 can coco milk, 1 cup oats, 1/4 c chia seeds, 1/4 t cardamom and 1/2 t cinnamon. Fridge overnight. It's ok, topped with sliced bananas. And love the goals! So many good ones, I need to do more too focusing on God and being thankful and present

Robyn Proctor Hinkle said...

I think we could all stand to be more grateful. It's so easy to fall into the habit of complaining. I love getting my Christmas presents done early! Plus I usually find better deals that way.