Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Kitchen Tour

The kitchen is done! The kitchen is done! I can't believe it, you guys. G painted the window and door trim and the kitchen just looks perfect if I do say so myself. I'll admit I may have asked G to paint the trim as my anniversary gift, but I promised him no more painting... for at least a month. He didn't understand my need to have the trim painted so quickly, but now he does. He sees the room just looks complete now. Brighter. Happier. This kitchen is just happy to me. That was my goal when redoing it and it was accomplished. Every morning I walk in the kitchen and I'm HAPPY. The brightness of it just makes me smile.

My SIL and brother gave me this wall clock a few years ago and I love it. But now that all the wood is gone in our kitchen it just didn't fit in. 

I mentioned in passing to G that we should spray paint the clock turquoise and I came down from laundry and cleaning to find my vision had come to life. I'm in love! It really ties the whole room together.

We are always running out of forks so we bought some fun colored silverware to add the bright and happy kitchen.

G's new cutting board sure beats the cheap glass one we had for years and years.

The breakfast corner as I like to call it. I make our smoothies every morning over here and pop toast in for egg sandwiches. Yum!

The crock pot, kettle and coffee pot bar. I went back and forth on if I wanted the crock pot out on the counter. In the end I decided to leave it out because I use it at least twice a week and there just really isn't anywhere to store it unless I put it in the basement and that is just not practical. 

A cutting board from my brother and SIL. Having two cutting boards has already proved so helpful. G cut the chicken on this board and the veggies on another one simultaneously while preparing Chicken Pad Thai.

The orange candle from my girls candle exchange. Fresh white tulips. "I love you to the moon and back" sign my sweet SIL got because it made her think of me. The fun cutting board my SIL and brother gave G for his birthday. A peanut candle. It all just makes me so happy.

To the left of the sink is all our glasses. We have worked out quite the collection over the years. Wine glass sets. Mason jars. Stemless glasses we've collected over the years from wineries. Glassy  beer glasses from Ikea. Glasses from our wedding registry. All fit perfectly here.

My cookbooks all fit perfectly in the upper cabinet next to the door to the garage.

Below the cookbooks are mixing bowls, measuring cups, cooking bans and a stock pot.

My coffee corner! I always wanted a coffee corner! My bright, fun mugs. Coffee and sugar. To go mugs. All perfectly set above the coffee maker.

Next to the mugs are appetizer plates, dinner plates, and bowls. 

Here is one side of the pantry.

And here is the other side. The first shelf is cooking supplies, the second shelf is can goods, the third shelf is beverages (tea, hot chocolate and Crystal Light) and the bottom shelf is plastic cups and silverware. 

The shelf above the pantry is Manny's shelf full of treats, bags for when we walk and his food is in the Flour jar. I haven't painted this one yet because it's just been too cold to paint in the garage as of late. Soon!

So that is our kitchen in a nutshell. I hope you enjoyed the tour!


Anne said...

looks great! super organized :) all that organization takes some work but really makes things flow, so it's worth it!

mags said...

It looks sooooooo great!!! Very impressive!!!!!!!!

Arthur Bryant said...

That is a stunning wall clock! It was exactly what you needed to add more character on your kitchen. Also, your husband did a wonderful job painting the window and door trim. The whole kitchen is just so fabulous. Thanks for sharing that, Lindsey! More tours to come, I hope. All the best!

Arthur Bryant @ Contractor Express