Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Lollipop Moments

We started doing "Lunch with Ted" every other Friday at work. We get pizza, watch a Ted Talk and discuss. The first one we watched was Everyday Leadership by Drew Dudley and it was life changing for me.

In summary:

· We as a society de-value the amazing things that are done every day that show great leadership
o   You don’t have to ‘change the world’ to be a leader. Sometimes, you don’t even realize you’ve made a change. Real leadership can be just changing one person’s life.

·         Lollipop example:
o   A young girl attended her first day at college and wasn’t sure she was ready for it. Standing in line dreading the day and already planning on going home, the speaker (Drew) came out of a classroom in a funny hat, holding a bag of lollipops and asking people to sign up for a charity he was involved in. He saw her in line, walked up to her staring. He handed the guy next to her a lollipop and said, ‘please give this lollipop to the gorgeous girl standing next you’. Embarrassed, and not looking the girl in the eyes, the boy handed her the lollipop. Drew stated loudly, ‘it’s her first day away from home and she’s already taking candy from strangers!”
§  Impact on the girl: She laughed, her parents laughed, she felt more comfortable and realized she could do this – she was ready for college. Also, she ended up marrying the boy who gave her the lollipop.
§  Impact on Drew: Nothing. He didn’t even remember the incident until she approached him about it 4 years later to tell him thank you for changing her life.
o   Point: Redefine leadership to be about the lollipops. Small actions can put into place huge changes.
·         Quotes “Your playing small does not serve the world”
“As we let our light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same”

Isn't it a relief that you don't have to change the world? That you can make a difference and not even know it. But one thing you said could change someone's life. That is what being a leader is about. I find that exciting and liberating. We all have the opportunity to do this so we should always try to be encouraging. To share words of affirmation. To share wisdom to people who ask for it. To be strong even if you think no one is watching. Someone is. It could be changing someone's life.

I remember when I was just taking my daily walk with my friend on lunch like we always did. Having conversation like we always did. But she said something life changing to me that she didn't even know had changed my life until I told her. We were talking about weight. Because that is all I talked about then because it was all consuming at that time. Until she uttered these words: "Your weight is such a small part of who you are." MIND BLOWN. It was like a weight had been lifted. It changed me. I could focus on other things. I didn't have to think about THAT all the time. I felt a peace I hadn't felt in a long time.

The encouraging comments you leave? They make a difference. They matter to me. They make my day. Your advice and words of wisdom make me better. So thank you. 

Lets redefine leadership to the lollipop moments. Small actions can make huge changes. Lets be intentional with our words. Lets change lives. 

Give me your lollipop moments!

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Spartylover83 said...

Great points! I think that your blog is super inspirational to more people than you know. You've certainly said things that have inspired and motivated me in many ways. Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts and fun ideas :)