Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Christmas Wish List

It's the most wonderful time of the year!! I thought it would be fun to share what I'm wishing for this year.


My sweet co-worker raved about how comfortable the Old Navy 24/7 Rockstar jeans are. I'm all about a comfortable jean so I would love a few pairs in rinse.


I'm in the market for a cute boot. I'm loving these from JC Penny and think they would be so cute!


This blouse is just so pretty and it looks comfy and flattering.


How cozy does this look?! NEED. I love it in heather gray.


Tunics are my new favorite thing ever. I love this one in Malaga.

This tunic seems comfy and flattering.


I have one pair of these and it's just not enough. These are the best leggings. They are soft, comfy, flattering and not see through.


Rumor has it this Amazon version is better than the Nordstrom version. As someone who is always cold I need this!


Nothing makes me happier than a pretty, brand new planner. This one fits the bill to start planning for the next year.

What are you wishing for this Christmas?

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Mom and Lindsey's Day of Fun!

I hope you say the title just like Janice from Friends.

Last week I had my annual ophthalmology appointments since having eye surgery eight (!!) years ago.

My mom and I usually make a day of it and this year was no exception.

Since my first appointment is at 7 a.m. I spent the night at my parents. We enjoyed happy hour and my mom made chicken pot pie. Yum! It was a lovely evening.

The next morning my first appointment went great and then we headed to Toast in Birmingham for brunch because tradition. How adorable are Birmingham houses?

We celebrated a great first appointment with bellini mimosas. Yum!

My mom and I shared a Greek omelet, bacon fried rice, and cinnamon challah bread. It was as good as it sounds.

I love Birmingham houses and my mom was such a trooper to walk around in the cold and look at the pretty houses.

We grabbed Starbucks.

And took a selfie. I had one more doctor appointment and then we shopped until we dropped. Costco, cake decorating store, Trader Joe's. We did it all! We always have so much fun together.

We went to lunch at Vinsetta Garage and it was so good. I had the lamb burger with tzatziki sauce, feta, onion, fried chili on a burger bun. OHHH EEEMMMM GEEEE! I want it again.

We stopped by our favorite Thai restaurant we aren't close to anymore since my parents moved to surprise G. I drove home and caught up with G and enjoyed a gorgeous sunset and yummy Thai food.

Such a special day! I look forward to it every year!

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Life Lately

My sweet Manny Moo.

I came in to work the next day and there was still ice in my Yeti from 24 hours prior. CRAZY! I love my Yeti!

I got a sweet postcard from my dear friend who just moved away.

Speaking of! She was in town last week so we met up for drinks and dinner and it was just so good for the soul. I love my girlfriends.

Snow! We had snow last week. I'm just not ready for it yet. Lets be honest, I'm never ready for it. Ha!

My parents were in town this weekend because my mom was delivering this adorable cake to my coworker.

So they stopped over after for lunch. G made ribs and we spent the afternoon together and it was a good time.

Sunday we tried out a new church and really liked it a lot. It was very Biblically sound with engaging teaching and the music was great. We plan to go back next Sunday!

We went out for brunch afterwards and it was probably the best brunch we've had. Pulled pork fries and egg scramble with chipotle rice, cilantro and sausage. Yes please!

Before I watch the final season of Scandal I'm re-watching the show from the beginning. It's shocking how much I don't remember!

It's cold here. I feel we went straight to winter and Manny isn't having it. We have had to move him away from the fireplace lately. He just gets so close, ha!

So that's life lately.

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Traverse City Weekend Part 2

If you missed part 1 you can catch it here.

Friday morning we ate breakfast and we were the crazy Michiganders on our balcony enjoying the view and drinking our coffee. I can handle 44 degrees with a hot cup of joe, ha!

Afterwards we headed to The Commons to do a little hiking. I read an article on Pinterest about how the hikes here were like the Central Park of TC.

We stumbled upon a babbling brook. So pretty!

We mall walked around to look at Christmas decorations and then we found ourselves wine tasting at Left Foot Charley. I had to pick up some Cinnamon Girl Cider (really yummy!) for a girlfriend so it was a good excuse to check out a new to us winery.

Then we went to an oldie, but a goodie for lunch. Apache is one of our favorite places and you can't beat the views.

My favorite is their shrimp and lobster bisque and their fish tacos. G gets the steak and it is pretty darn good too. I'm pretty sure you can't go wrong here. But trust me on the bisque. It will change your life.

We headed up the Leelanau Peninsula for more wine tasting. Our first stop was Mawby because we love our sparkling wines.

How great is this sign? LOVE. We stopped next door at Big Little for a tasting and chatted with some nice people.


I just cannot get over Northern Michigan in the fall. So beautiful.

Why it's a horse, of course.

Is it just me or does the above picture give you Ozark vibes?

We headed to Leelanau Wine Cellars for a tasting with an amazing view. Their wine is good, but you must try their port!

Next up we headed to French Valley Vineyards for a little tasting. I just adore the views here and even tried to stay at the hotel connected, but it just didn't work out.

They had a fire going and it was in the 50s and so we just couldn't resist. We shared a glass of wine while soaking up the views. What a perfect fall day!

We did a little cider tasting and Sutton Bay Ciders.

Our last stop of the day was dinner at Hop Lot. This was one of my favorite moments because we sat at the fire enjoying good beer and talked to some really awesome people.

We ate tacos and soaked up the fall weather.

Saturday we slept in until 10 which is really late for both of us. All that wine tasting sure is exhausting, I guess.

We heard there was an event on Leelanau so we went back to Old Mission thinking it would be less busy. HA! Mari was absolutely packed so we snagged glasses of wine and sat outside by the fire. Perfection!

This was our view by the fire. No complaints here.

Our next stop was Hawthorne Vineyards which I don't think we had ever been before. It wasn't too crowded so enjoyed a tasting and the great fall views.

This sign just gets me.

The fall scenery was just magical.

I heart wine country. We stopped for a little glass of wine at Brys and hung out on the rooftop with this view and a heat lamp, ha!

We tried a new restaurant for lunch called Old Mission Tavern and it's a new favorite. We will definitely be back!

We had the whitefish dip and it was EVERYTHING. Trust we will be back for this and you should get it if you are ever in the area. I also had a whitefish sandwich because when in TC.

Next up was Chateau Chantal. It was so crazy inside so we grabbed a glass of champs and enjoyed the view.

Oh Michigan, your fall collection is so stunning.

We went to Bowers Harbor Vineyards and enjoyed a glass of wine next to the fire.

We picked up pizza and headed back to our hotel to relax after a full three days of wine tasting fun.

We had the prettiest sunset!

Sunday morning we woke up with the gift of another hour, woohoo! And the most lovely sunrise while we drank our coffee on the balcony.

We had a relaxing morning and then drove home to get ready for the week. Whew! What a super fun trip! It was starting to snow so it was the perfect time to head south, ha!