Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The First Snow

If you follow me on insta (learningtobeawife) you know we had our first snowfall on Saturday. The first snow is always my favorite.

The snow is really pretty when you have nowhere to be.

It just kept coming down. From the moment I woke up until I went to bed it just snowed and snowed.

So we made tea and snuggled under the blankets and got cozy.

Manny didn't love playing in it.

But he does enjoy watching it from the warmth of the house.

By Sunday we had over 14 inches of snow! That is one heck of a first snow fall.

It sure was beautiful.

But shoveling 14.5 inches of heavy, wet snow? Not beautiful. My back is still aching. Manny supervised, naturally.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Mom and Lindsey's Day of Fun!

I had my annual retinal check-up with my doctor. I can't believe I had the surgery FIVE years ago. Time flies. My mom took me this year so we could have a mother/daughter day. I was in and out of my first appointment in less than an hour and all looked well. Woohoo!

We were starving so we headed to brunch afterwards at Toast in Birmingham.

We started with mimosas. My mom had the grapefruit mimosa and I had the pinapple mimosa and both were excellent.

It was such a funky, cool place. There were chandeliers everywhere. Funky diner vibes. Good service. It was such a fun experience.

The food and company were awesome. I had the smoked gouda and bacon omelette with roasted red potatoes and cinnamon challah. SO. GOOD.

Birmingham is one of my favorite cities and Birmingham houses are just incredible. My mom shares in my love for looking at pretty houses so we enjoyed driving through a few neighborhoods and swooning over the mansions.

We went to Somerset Mall to do a bit of mall walking. We walked 4 miles! It was fun gazing at all the pretty decorations and fountains. It really is such a gorgeous mall.

I also discovered my new obsession: Restoration Hardware. I love that place. Specifically, I love this couch. It's like sitting on a cloud.

We grabbed a Starbucks coffee (nonfat caramel macchiato, no whip, extra caramel) and continued walking around the mall. I forgot how nice this mall is. It was nice to just wander around and window shop. 

We did some grocery shopping at Costco after that and then headed to my last appointment of the day. I had to have the freckle on my eye checked out and everything looked good at that appointment too. Woohoo!

We celebrated with a late lunch at Cheesecake Factory. This opened about a year ago but there are still crazy wait times so we haven't been yet. We decided to try it out since it was a random Friday at 3:00 p.m. We only had a ten minute wait and it was worth it!

My mom had a cosmo and I tried the Hibiscus Martini and they were both delicious. 

We shared the avocado egg rolls (out of this world!), fried zucchini (delicious!) and the lettuce wraps. We were both so full that we ended up taking the lettuce wraps home for the boys. Everything was just so delicious. The service was awesome. The atmosphere was fun. I had a blast! It was a magical day with my mom. We just don't do it enough. It was full of good times. Great conversation. New experiences. Quality time. Can't wait to do it next year!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Mondays with Manny

Isn't that the truth?!

Friday, November 20, 2015

Fit Friday!


Sunday - Walked 3 miles 
Monday - 21 DFX Cardio
Tuesday - 30 Day Shred
Wednesday - 21 DFX Upper Fix
Thursday - 21 DFX Lower Fix
Friday - Rest
Saturday - 21 DFX Plyo

I've been enjoying the 21 Day Fix workouts but I have been craving more cardio so I added a bit of Jillian into my life and it's a nice change up.


Breakfast has been 2 eggs in a mug with 1/4 cup cheddar on a whole wheat sandwich thin. It's an olide but a goodie.

Lunch has been a Greek salad. I'm obsessed with this lately - 3 cups spinach, 1/3 cup feta and 1/2 cup chick peas. So good!

Snack has been a Kind bar or cottage cheese and an apple.

Monday and Tuesday night we had Stouffer Vegetable Lasagna with a side of carrots or Brussles.

Wednesday and Thursday I had Trader Joe's Spinach and Kale Pie. So amazing!

Since G had his tooth extraction Monday we've been eating lots of soft food and laying low so that is my reason for lack of cooking this week. How are you guys doing?

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Life Lately

Last Thursday we had a fancy Thanksgiving dinner at work. How awesome are these centerpieces? Everyone brought a dish and I'm not even a huge fan of Thanksgiving food but there were 7 kinds of mashed potatoes which is heaven. Heaven on my plate.

Friday night we had dance class and it was so much harder than the last week. We struggled more this time but I still had a great time. I made the most of it and just had fun with it. 

Saturday we went to my parents' house for dinner. We had margaritas and tacos and visited with my cousin and aunt and uncle from out of town. It was really nice.

It was also great Ella time. She is just the sweetest, happiest kid I ever met.

Sunday we went with my parents to our local theater production of Mary Poppins. I could not get over how good the acting and singing was. Seriously, so good. This 14 year old girl sang Feed the Birds and she just stole the show. My parents came over after for dinner and it was just a lovely afternoon.

So Sunday night G's tooth was bugging him and he couldn't sleep all night because it got so painful. Monday morning his tooth hurt so bad he could barely move. Luckily G was able to get right in with an oral surgeon and get his tooth removed. Poor guy, though. It took over an hour of pulling to get the tooth out. OUCH. G is now on medicine and eating soft foods like Ramen Noodles and mashed potatoes. He is on the road to recovery.

Monday afternoon while G recovered we had a movie day. We watched Inside Out (super cute and creative with a great message) and The Gift (really interesting until it got messed up). While we were watching the previews for Mad Max (not my kind of movie so I checked out after 5 min) we saw a preview for the new Superman movie. Our friend had been an extra in the movie and described the scene he was in and how it could be cut. But as a die hard Superman fan it was a great experience for him to have Superman walk right by him. Well wouldn't you know it that during the preview his scene showed up!!! We texted him and found out he is on the far right, closest to Superman. How awesome is that?!

So that's life lately. What's new with you guys?