Thursday, January 17, 2019

19 for 2019

I love a fresh and sparkly new year with endless possibilities ahead. An opportunity to hit restart and decide what I want to accomplish this next year. It’s an exciting time!

Here are 19 things for 2019 I plan to do this year.

19. Get a credit card. I know so many friends who get “free money” from credit cards and I want to get in on that! 

18. Try one new restaurant a month. We live in a really cool area close to a lot of great restaurants, but we always go to our “favorites.” I think this will be a fun way to do date nights.

17. Embrace minimalism. I started to embrace minimalism, but with the holidays it fell by the way side and it's time to reorganize and purge. G is on board which will be super helpful. I'm ready to take it room by room and get rid of anything that doesn't bring joy.

16. Strength train two to three times a week. I have been doing 21 Day Fix workouts and I forgot how hard they are, but I like it.

15. Plan a few vacations this year. I’m in a wedding in Boston (so excited!!!) this spring and a bachelorette party in Florida which will be a blast. G and I also want to plan a trip just the two of us. We are leaning towards Vegas, but we’ll see.

14. Read Body Kindness and Intuitive Eating. This is a carryover from last year. I’m reading a chapter a week of Body Kindness right now and once I finish I’ll start Intuitive Eating.

13. Get more flexible. I recently read how flexibility and balance are so important as we age so I’ve implemented a few days dedicated to yoga and stretching.

12. Read 3 books per month. I slacked on this goal the second half of last year so I’m implementing it again because I love to read and I want to make more time for it.

11. Try one new recipe a week. I find the new recipe and grocery shop and G cooks. So far we have tried Chilii, Chicken Enchiladas and Chicken Scampi.

10. Drink less. G and I have cut back on drinking and it feels so good. I sleep so much better!

9. Start my side hustle. My dream is to buy a domain name and up my blogging game. It is taking a lot of research, but if there is a will there is a way.

8. Find a church community to call home. This was on my list for last year and it didn’t get done so we are making it more of a priority this year.

7. Get involved. Once we find a church we want to get involved in a small group and volunteering as well. 

6. Move every day. I walk on lunch with a few girlfriends every day and walk Manny most days.

5. Eat at the dinner table each night. G and I have a new tradition where we eat dinner at the table and then play a few card games afterwards. It’s a nice way to wind down from the day.

4. Read two chapters per week of a self-development book. I’m currently reading You are Badass by Jen Sincero.

3. Memorize one Bible verse per week. Right now I'm memorizing Deuteronomy 31:8.

2. Make my grandma’s lasagna. I’ve had the recipe for YEARS and I still haven’t made it. SHAME. ON. ME. It’s so good! I want to get comfortable making it so it can be my new go to when hosting.

1. Be present. I want to remember as much as possible to just be present. Soak up the moment. Put down my phone. Laugh. Notice the little things. Show up. Engage. Listen. Relax. Give it to God and stop worrying. Enjoy this one beautiful, precious life we get.

What do you want to accomplish this year?

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Life Lately: Week 2

Here is what my past week looked like.

The winter sky on my walks with Manny this week have been unbelievable.

G made an oldie but a goodie this week. Cooking Light Beefy Corn Chili is so good and perfect on a chilly winter day. Highly recommend! 

Errands after work called for a little Starbucks treat.

I treated myself to fresh flowers because they just make me smile.

One of my sweet friends started this journal where you write your hopes and dreams and then mail it to the next girl on the list and you keep rotating and writing it all year long. So fun!

It's a rough life, but someone has to live it.

I went to G's work Christmas party and we had so much fun.

It was a blast catching up with my old co-workers/freinds, eating good food and dancing the night away.

Friday we had my work Christmas party with my team in Old Town. 

We went to Meat for lunch (which was just on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives last year!).

I had the nachos and they were delicious.

We went to The Grid after lunch to play arcade games. It was fun playing old school Nintendo and I'm now obsessed with Wreck It Ralph.

I wish I could remember the beers, but the bar tender mixed two beers together and my drink tasted like a gin and tonic. Pure magic!

The bathroom in The Grid brought me back to my teen years. Teen Beat!!!! Yoshi!!

I was sick all weekend and Manny was worried about me, ha!

My roses are blooming.

I'm really into hot bubble baths right now and took one almost every day last week. Perfection.

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Life Lately: Week 1

I love how Tracy documents each week of the year so I thought I would start doing that as well.

Here is what the last week looked like.

G and I had a little date and reminisced on 2018 and what we wanted out of 2019.

We met up with family friends in town from California and it was such a sweet time. 

It's always fun to look back at my top Instagram posts for the year. 2018 was such a good year. Full of so much good. So much fun. So much travel. But also a lot of growth. Challenges. I launched the biggest project of my career and it brought so many challenges, but it also brought so much growth. 

We celebrated this sweetie turning FIVE! Where does the time go?

Ella and G's relationship is just so precious.

These two and their sibling bond just melts my heart.

I'll take all the sunny, 50 degree days this winter.

I've switched up my morning routine. I spend time in my devotional, then do a mindfulness exercise and then read a chapter of You are a Badass before working out and heading to work.

I did a big fridge clean out and stocked up on all the healthy things.

Manny, G and I have been going on lots of hikes.

I love my little town.

If Manny loves a toy he sleeps with it and he really loves his dino he got for Christmas.

The afternoon sunsets are my favorite.

I'm into green smoothies again. They are so refreshing and such a good way to get my greens in.

Monday, December 31, 2018

2018: A Look Back

Another year has gone by in such a flash. When I reflect on the year I am so grateful for another great year. A year of growth. A year of laughter. A year of mindfulness. A year of intention. A year of challenges. 

The year by the numbers:

52 weight lifting sessions.
20 breathtaking sunrises/sunsets captured on film.
19 books read.
15 girls nights.
5 month blogging break.
4 supplier visits.
3 trips to Traverse City.
2 trips to the ocean.
2 sleepovers with my best friends.
1 trip to Saugatuck.

If you want to see my previous years in review click the dates below:


Without further ado, here is a look back at 2018:

In January I kicked off the year with the flu, set intentions for the year, went to G's holiday party, and celebrated G's birthday in Saugatuck.

In February we celebrated ten years of marriage (!!!), watched all the Olympics, got lots of snow, and enjoyed a few fun date nights out.

In March we checked out our new neighborhood brewery, hiked with Manny, met my parents for dinner, and spent time with the fam. We revamped the guest bedroom and I hosted a few girls nights.

In April we spent a glorious week in Miami eating the most amazing food, drinking the most delicious cocktails and swimming in the most gorgeous, turquoise water. We fell in love with Miami and are already trying to get back there.

In May we celebrated Cinco de Mayo with friends, hiked with Manny, enjoyed all the blooming flowers, put out the deck furniture and spent evenings outside, and swam in a lake (!!) over Memorial Day.

In June we enjoyed a weekend getaway in Dearborn, and danced the night away at my aunt and uncle's 50th anniversary. My parents stayed with us and we played lots of cards, walked downtown, enjoyed happy hour on the deck and tried out new restaurants. Manny turned five and we celebrated with ice cream. We took a fun little trip to Traverse City for some wine tasting and relaxation, and went to the Lansing United game with our neighbors.

In July I revisited my intentions, went to see The Lion King with G, went to the lake, mini golfed with my coworkers, had a bonfire with our neighbors, swam at my parents' neighborhood pool, and went to the farmers' market. We enjoyed rosé on the deck, celebrated Bennett's second birthday, and went to a launch party for a big project I was working on for work.

In August we celebrated my 35th birthday, had our 5th annual girls weekend getaway, went wedding dress shopping with Kate and the girls, had a date night downtown, and spent the day at my SIL's family lake house. We drank Oberon on the deck and enjoyed our little town's festival.

In September we road tripped to Topsail, North Carolina. We had a lovely week at the beach, went bridesmaid dress shopping, hosted family to celebrate my mom's birthday, and went to a fun wine event. I presented lollipop leadership at work, discussed my morning routine, and hosted a sleepover with my besties.

In October I shared some recent eats and what I'm loving lately, walked to the brewery, tried to read Harry Potter, celebrated a sweet friend's 30th birthday, and tried out a fancy gym. We went to Frozen on Ice with Ella and it was so sweet to see her face light up. I had a fun date night with my mom, dressed like an Oreo for Halloween, had a game night with the neighbors, and co-hosted a bridal shower.

In November we took a fun trip to Traverse City, had our first snow of the season, tried a new church, found a new favorite brunch spot, hosted my parents, and went to a girls night. I had my annual ophthalmology appointments and Lindsey and Mom Day of Fun! I shared my wish list, had a great Thanksgiving at my parents' new house, and had a siblings weekend in TC.

In December we started our Aldi Wine Advent Calendar, decorated for Christmas, and my mom and I went to see Fiddler on the Roof. I went on a supplier visit, a friend's going away party, and went to our town's Christmas festival. We went to a Christmas show, hosted a sleepover with my besties, and had a wonderful Christmas celebration with family.

It was such a full, good year. I'm so excited to see what 2019 will bring. Happy New Year friends!!!

Friday, December 28, 2018

Life Lately

All the feels when G surprises me with sushi.

G and I on the way to a Christmas show.

My parents subdivision is so festive.

Blanket hog.

Winter sunsets give me all the feels.

All is calm. All is bright.

Presents bought and wrapped and under the tree a week before Christmas. Woo!

This is so true, ha!

Girls night with my favorites!

Comfy cozy are we.

Speechless at a red light.

This girl has my heart. I just loved watching her and Bennett open gifts.

I big puffy heart love my family. It was such a fun Christmas celebration.

Trouble maker.

My heart.

Last Advent Wine!

Christmas Day we drove home from spending the night at my parents. G made his mom's famous potatoes, ribs and we had the most perfect, relaxing day.