Friday, August 22, 2014

Fit Friday!

Week 3 of T25 complete!

The stats this week:

Pounds Lost: 1 pound
To Go: 50.5 to go

My workout schedule this week:

Monday - T25 Total Body Circuit
Tuesday - T25 Speed 1.0
Wednesday - T25 Lower Body
Thursday - T25 Cardio
Friday - T25 Total Body Circuit
Saturday - T25 Abs 
Sunday - Rest 

This was my second week doing the ab video and it so so hard. It hurt to laugh for DAYS. Ouch. But a good ouch.

Highs of this week:

  • I tried chia seeds for the first time! My sweet friend saw my blog from last week and left some on my desk. I tried them out in my smoothies this week and you couldn't really taste them. They tasted like a strawberry seed, but they are good for you. Score! If you haven't tried this smoothie recipe, I highly recommend it!
  • I picked up a few new books at the library and I'm already into The Husband's Secret by Liane Moriarty and cannot put it down. I love getting lost in a good story, it really distracts me from obsessing/eating out of boredom.

  • Qdoba Naked Burrito. So good! It's packed with protein and it is so tasty. It's also quite large and only 525 calories for dinner. Bonus, it's only $4.99 with a drink on Wednesdays so it has become a fun tradition. G and I even say to each other "Happy Qdoba Day!" on Wednesday mornings. We are so weird.
  • Still sticking with T25 and loving it. I'm still walking on lunch and with Manny as well. I'm still sticking to 1700 calories a day and not feeling deprived or starved all the time. My goal is to look at food like Robyn does. She has such a healthy perspective and that is where I strive to be.

Lows of this week:

  • It rained a lot this week therefore Manny did not get as many walks as he (or I!) would have liked. 

  • We have a wedding this weekend and I tried on my yellow dress. I figured it wouldn't fit, but wanted to see. It didn't fit. Sucks. It was a little discouraging. I wish losing wasn't so hard, but I need to focus on the fact that it doesn't happen overnight. It's a slow process and I just need to keep doing what I'm doing and I will eventually wear this dress again.
  • I ate a bit too much Tuesday night and it was quite the mental game to not get discouraged about it. I had to put it in the past and keep on keeping on. Push forward because part of the journey is failing, but success is found when you move past it and keep going. Whew, so hard sometimes. Per Jillian Michaels "Mistakes mean you’re trying. Do not be afraid to fail. Failure means you’re learning. Have the strength to take responsibility, re-approach and grow."
How are you guys doing?
Give me your highs and lows this week!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Garage Cleanout

We finally cleaned out our garage this past weekend. We went to one car a couple months ago and it was shocking how much crap piled up in that extra space. G wanted to turn it into his wood working shop so we did a lot of purging and organizing. It felt ridiculously good.

Check out G's new wood working area and check out all that wood he has to work with! I love that he has this new hobby and I love that he now has the proper space to work.

Ohhhh the possibilities of things he can make in this space. I'm dreaming of a beautiful  farm table for the dining room.

I joked that G must be on Pinterest because he re-purposed this spice rack for his nuts and screws. Clever, right?!

He also bought this board and his boss brought in hooks so he could start hanging his tools. I know he loves it and I just love the organization of it all. One room down. Many, many more to go. But it's a start! A very good start.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Mondays with Manny

I posted this already on Instagram (follow me @ learningtobeawife!), but I just love this picture. This was not even staged. Snug as a bug.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Fit Friday!

Second week was a success. I was actually pretty darn good over the weekend which is always the hardest for me. Baked chips and 55 calorie beer thankyouverymuch. 

The stats this week:

Pounds Lost: 1.5 pounds
To Go: 51.5 to go

My workout schedule this week:

Monday - T25 Cardio
Tuesday - T25 Speed 1.0
Wednesday - T25 Total Body Circuit
Thursday - T25 Cardio
Friday - T25 Lower Body
Saturday - T25 Abs 
Sunday - Rest 

Speed 1.0 is definitely my favorite, but I really don't ever dread any of these workouts. I like that they are fast and I am dripping in sweat at the end. It is a great start to the day in my opinion. See also: I love Shawn T.

Highs of this week:

    • Did I mention the baked sour cream and onion chips? Seriously, so good. 

      • I used my new blender! I love it so much! I made the Pomegranate Blueberry Powerhouse Smoothie and it was delicious. I subbed in fresh strawberries instead of the frozen berries because I didn't want the strawberries to go bad. The second time I made it I used the frozen berries and I loved the flavor even more. I just love that I get my greens in without even tasting them. Winning!

      • I could NOT find chia seeds anywhere in the grocery store so I made it without them and just had a hard boiled egg for extra protein and it was a nice breakfast. Filling and a nice change.

      • Greek Salad from this diner by work. It's my new obsession. It is my dinner and lunch for a few days. I love a meal that lasts and lasts.

      • I feel good. I sleep better. I'm making changes and feeling good about it and not even an ounce deprived. It's funny how a new workout regimen can help me stay so focused and motivated.

      • I'm so proud of myself for really sticking to eating clean over the weekend. Weekends are seriously so hard for me so this was a real victory. I got this. I'm DOING this.

      • This Sabra dill yogurt dip is off the chain good. Ohhhhemmmmgeeeeee. You must try it! I love it on chicken or pita bread.

      Lows of the week:
      • I still need to find a good weigh in day that works for me. I can't keep weighing in everyday because it's too emotionally draining when the number is higher or the same. Right now I weigh in on Fridays but I may change it to Sunday because I've noticed that is when I notice the biggest difference (i.e. lowest number). 

      • I'm still mad about this. I bought chicken at Meijer with a sell by date of August 15th and went to make it Wednesday (the 13th) and the chicken smelled so funky I had to throw all $13 worth of chicken away. There is nothing I hate more than wasting food. So that threw off my whole week of meal planning and slightly turned me off of chicken for a bit. 
      • I need to be a bit more active this weekend. I ate better last weekend, but I wasn't active. So this weekend I would like to eat well AND be active. We plan to take Manny to the park tomorrow for a walk/run so I'm excited for that.
      There you have it. A pretty good week, over all. 100% committed and feeling good. Now, give me your feedback!

      What is your favorite smoothie?
      What is your weigh in day?
      Where are chia seeds in the grocery store?
      How do you like the new format?

      Thursday, August 14, 2014

      Thirteen for Thursday

      1. We tore out the garden G spent so much time working on last summer that only produced six carrots (FAIL!) and planted sunflowers instead. It has proved to be a great decision. They got so big! We planted red and yellow ones and the yellow ones are blooming now and they just take my breath away. So majestic. Also, Manny loves their leaves. I cannot get him away from them. Weird.

      2. I'm so saddened by the loss of Robin Williams. He was a part of my childhood. I watched reruns of Mork and Mindy with my parents. My brothers and I loved Mrs. Doubtfire. I will never forget the first time I saw Dead Poet's Society. Life changer. I think that is my favorite movie of his, Dead Poet's Society. So good. It is absolutely heart breaking someone who brought so much laughter to my life struggled so deeply with depression and alcoholism. I cannot even imagine what his family is going through, praying for them.

      3. G is really into wood working right now. He made a corn hole game and had so much fun that he made me a side table for the living room that I'm obsessed with. I love it! He even painted it black since he knows how much I love black furniture. While I was on my girls' weekend he cleaned the garage and made a work bench. I'm not sure if it's World Cup withdraw, but I like this new hobby! I would love a dining room table...

      4. Remember how I told you I now think Manny is a Vizsla? Well, yesterday on my walk a neighbor ASKED if Manny was a Vizsla! She said she studies dog breeds and he is definitely a Vizsla. Crazy!

      5. Meijer brand Baked Sour Cream and Onion chips are my jam. I don't even miss real potato chips. These are so light and flavorful and I can have quite a few for only 130 calories. Yes, please!

      6. G said while I was gone this weekend Manny slept in my spot on the couch the whole time. I think he missed me. Typical Manny too, he knocks off the pillow to take full advantage of the couch. Silly pup.

      7. Speaking of Manny... My mom had brought a balloon on my birthday and it's still going strong! Well it got stuck in the kitchen fan and it scared the bejeezus out of us so G tied it to the door knob on the door to the garage. Well, this morning Manny is in front of me as we pad into the kitchen and all of a sudden Manny freaks out and pounces. I thought there was a robber in our house by the way he was acting. Nope. Just the balloon. 

      8. I really thought I wouldn't like RHONJ without Jacqueline and Caroline, but I'm so into it.  Can't get enough. Why do I love reality television so much?

      9. Speaking of reality TV I'm obsessed with Leah Remini's new show. I always loved her on King of Queens and she is basically Carey in real life. Love her. Also? Her daughter and husband are hilarious. 


      10. I cannot believe the flooding in Detroit this week. Major highways closed. Cars and trucks stuck in the road and boats and divers pulling people to safety. State of emergency. Just insanity. Praying everyone is safe and sound and able to get to their people now!

      11. Would be absolutely ludicrous if I spent $36 a night to board Manny at a cage free facility? I heard about it on Instagram and I researched it. I am not the happiest with my boarding place, but it is cheap and Manny is never afraid to go there and he comes home acting fine. But I don't think they take the best care of him and he is in a tiny little cement block with barking dogs. Ugh. But I found this cage free place that has a POOL. FOR. DOGS. 40 acres of nature trails. 3 acres of space for the dogs to run and play. It's expensive, but Manny would love it so much. I'm definitely thinking about it and I'm definitely turning into a crazy dog lady.

      12. I'm still trying to recover from my late nights this weekend. I'm so old. I have been so tired and falling asleep at 9:30 everyday this week. I'm so cool. 

      13. Give Me Gratitude or Give Me Debt is a must read. Such a good blog post and just what I needed to hear.

      Wednesday, August 13, 2014

      Manny's New Toy

      Manny got a new toy last Thursday. We haven't given him a stuffed toy in ages because he demolishes it in five minutes flat. But gosh he loves them. We found a Kong stuffed toy so we thought we'd give it a try since Kong products are pretty durable.

      Look at those crazy eyes.

      He loved that toy.

      Can't you tell he was in his happy place?

      GAH! I guess he was over the pictures of him. PLAY WITH ME. (Nick Swardson, anyone?) Sadly, he did kill that toy two days later. But it was fun while it lasted.

      Tuesday, August 12, 2014

      Girls Weekend Getaway

      This past weekend was such a good one. I left work early and went to my friend, Deb's, lake house with seven other girls. The picture above is my good friend, Kate. We were so excited for a weekend on the lake!

      We got to Deb's cottage around 5:30 and unpacked the groceries and put our luggage in our bedrooms. It was going to be a gorgeous weekend. High 80s and sunny all weekend.  Yes, please!

      Side note: There was no reception at the cottage. The only place we would get the OCCASIONAL text message was at this one window at the front of the cottage so our phones were always lined up on the ledge. It was a really nice break from social media and TV. It was fun to be unplugged for a few days.

      So after we were unpacked, we grabbed a drink and snacks and did a lot of talking and laughing really hard. It was just what I needed. I am so blessed to have such good friends that I also work with that I can be myself around. I do not take that for granted. 

      The rest of the girls came up around 8:00 p.m. and Deb made us tacos. After dinner we walked over to the lake and put our feet in and a few of the girls went for a night swim. We came back and played Cards Against Humanity which was actually pretty hilarious and I learned a few new words. After the game we just talked and laughed. Around 1:30 a.m. (!!) we called it a night and went to bed.

      We all slept in until 9:00 a.m. and came down and Deb, being the best hostess, had coffee ready for us and was busy making breakfast burritos. We slowly became more awake and more talkative as we drank our coffee and ate our breakfast.

      We got our swimsuits on and spent the rest of the day on the lake. We did some magazine reading and laying out, but spent the majority of the time floating and talking on the lake. This was by far my favorite part of the weekend. This was a no wake lake so we were floating in the middle of the lake talking and laughing and getting a little tan. Perfection.

      We took a break for Brittany's famous egg rolls. They were seriously so amazing and just the perfect lunch.

      We just gathered around the food, ate, talked, reapplied sunscreen, hydrated, and then went back to the lake to do some more floating. It was so relaxing! It wasn't very crowded on the lake either. We were pretty much the only people on the water which is just the way I like it.

      We came back to the cottage around 5:00 and showered. Excuse my just showered hair and pajamas. 

      I snapped a few pictures of the girls on the deck. I don't know why, but I was really bad at taking pictures this weekend. I usually take a million pictures, but these pictures are all courtesy of Brittany. Thanks Brit!! I guess I was having too much fun!

      Deb's friend, Barb, went to cosmetology school so she brought her nail stuff and graciously did all of our nails. I love my purple nails with pink polka dots. So fun for summer!

      After we all got our nails done we grilled burgers and ate guacamole dip. We had a late dinner, I think it was 9:00 p.m. by the time we ate. After dinner we went outside and had a bonfire. It was the perfect night for a fire and we sat around it playing games.

      I love this group shot! We had so much fun at the bonfire that before we knew it it was 2:30 a.m. (!!!) which is really, really late for me. A sure sign of a great time. 

      We all slept in until almost 10:00 a.m. Sunday morning and we started pounding the coffee. Deb made pancakes. I mean, honestly, Deb was the best hostess. After breakfast we packed up, cleaned up, and left at 1:00 p.m. G picked me up at work and we went grocery shopping for the week and grabbed dinner because I was way too tired to cook. 

      We got home and I think Manny missed me. He was so excited when I went to get him and he was extra snugly. G and I caught up, ate dinner and watched a bit of TV and relaxed. I was beat and went to bed at 7, ha! It was such an awesome weekend full of laughing until my stomach hurt, good talks, good food, inside jokes, lots of lake time, sunshine and good friends. Just what I needed.