Monday, October 20, 2014

Friday, October 17, 2014

Fit Friday!


The stats this week:

Pounds Lost: .4 pound

To Go: 50 to go
Total Lost: 5 pounds

Sure it's a little discouraging. But I promised myself I would be happy as long as the scale just kept going down. I ate out a lot this week. I'm lifting weights now. I need to start taking measurements because I know I must be losing inches.I know I'm still doing good. I just need to keep on doing what I'm doing.

My workouts this week:

Sunday - Rest
Monday - T25 Beta Core Cardio
Tuesday - T25 Beta Upper Focus
Wednesday - T25 Beta Speed 2.0
Thursday - T25 Beta Rip't Circuit
Friday  - T25 Beta Speed 2.0
Saturday - T25 Beta Dynamic Core

Can you believe I'm more than half way down with Beta?! I sure can't. I am finishing up week 3 with 2 weeks to go! I'm wondering if I should do Alpha again afterwards. I think I might miss lifting so maybe I'll switch back and forth. Speed 2.0 is slowly becoming my new fave. We switch up the moves so much that the time just flies by.

Eats this week:

Sunday - Breakfast was two eggs in a cup with a Laughing Cow Cheese Light Swiss. Lunch AND dinner was tacos with lean ground beef, fat free sour cream and spinach. OMG. So good! 

Monday - Breakfast was eggs with LC Light Swiss and spinach with a Mocha Green Monster Smoothie. Lunch was an apple, edamame and Progresso Vegetable Soup. Snack was almonds and tea. 

Dinner was Italian Chicken in the crock pot with a side of mashed potatoes and sugar snap peas. Amazing!

Tuesday -  Breakfast was eggs with LC Light Swiss and spinach with a Mocha Green Monster Smoothie. Lunch was tofu pad thai with girlfriends. Snack was an apple and Biggby Cinnamon Honey Latte. I think I got a touch of food poisoning from the pad thai so I didn't have much of a dinner. I had a few sugar snap peas and some hummus with pita chips. It literally killed me to throw away my pad thai

Wednesday -  I still wasn't 100%, but I was feeling a lot better! Breakfast was two eggs with LC Light Swiss and spinach and the other half of my Biggby Cinnamon Honey Latte.  Lunch was Progresso Vegetable Soup and sugar snap peas. Snack was almonds and an apple. 

Dinner was super fun! We took some friends to Trader Joe's. They have never been before and they loved it! We all spent lots of money on yummy food and then loaded it into coolers and headed to Bahama Breeze. After 9:00 they have half off appetizers so I got these pork street tacos and they were amazing!!! And only $4!

Happy hour also included $4 martinis so I got this coconut pineapple martini and it was so yummy. It was such a fun night!

Thursday - Breakfast was eggs with LC Light Swiss and spinach with a Mocha Green Monster Smoothie. It's my jam right now! 

Lunch was a good one. I had 2 clementines and sugar snap peas with the best sandwich ever. I had TJ ciabatta bread with spinach and oven roasted turkey with cucumber dill dip. OMG. Best thing ever. Snack was an apple and almonds. Dinner was another fun one! We had plans to double date with our friend and his new gf. We sure did pick a perfect week for our oven to die! (Oh yeah, did I mention our oven died Tuesday? Good times!) I could get used to eating out every night, let the good times roll!

We went to my favorite place, Stillwater. G and I shared the combo so we shared some bread and salad and he got the ribs and I got the steak tips with a few fries. Holy yummy!!! It was delicious. The food was great, the company was great. Great night!

Friday - Breakfast was a nonfat cinnamon dolche cappuccino and a TJ Greek Yogurt Lemon Poppy Seed Muffin. A very sweet breakfast, but I liked it. My coffee maker isn't working so I've been buying coffee. G better fix it before I spend all the money on coffee, ha! Lunch is the same as yesterday: 2 clementines and sugar snap peas with the best sandwich ever. I'm going to a girl's wine night with friends from work so dinner will be wine and appetizers. My favorite!

So that's my week. It was a fun one. Eating out with friends. A yummy crock pot meal. A spinach and LC Swiss Cheese Quiche before the oven died. Coffee maker now not working and I'm slowing becoming a Starbucks/Biggby junkie. Week 3 of Beta complete.

I feel like I was pretty consistent this week though. I never ate to the point of feeling stuffed. I only ate what tasted good and stopped when it didn't. I do think I need to reign in the wine consumption and sugary coffee drink consumption to see a bigger loss next week.  How are you all doing? 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Random Musings


I saw the above quote on Pinterest and it really annoyed me. I don't agree with it. I love my life. I love my job. My husband. My pup. My house. My town. My state. My family. My friends. I adore my life and I wouldn't trade it for anyone else's. BUT. I still love a good vacation. I have lived in the same state my entire life so maybe that is why I love to travel? I love to explore a new town. Try new restaurants. Experience new things. See a large body of water. Experience God's beautiful creation. See how other people live. I feel free and relaxed. There aren't any pressures to do chores and it's an escape from my usual routine. It refreshes me. I look forward to vacations. I love spontaneous weekend getaways. And I don't think anything is wrong with that. I don't think that means I don't love the life I have. It just means I want to experience new things. Okay, thanks for listening. It feels good to have that off my chest. Do you agree? Disagree?


Speaking of vacation... G and I are thinking about going to Chicago in November. It would be fun to see my brother, stay in a pretty hotel and see the sights. It's also tempting to stay home and paint the kitchen or stay in of our usual favorite places. Decisions! I need your help! If we decide to head to Chicago, where should we eat? What should we do? Where should we stay? Thanks!!!!


Drinking tea out of my new mug that I made is my happy. Also? I put a little sign on my desk that says "Don't let anyone ever dull your sparkle' and that makes me ridiculously happy too. It's the little things in life.


We saw another double rainbow this week. Crazy! I go my whole life never seeing one and then I see two in two weeks time. 


I don't know what it is about putting dinner in the crock pot before work, but it makes me feel like I'm winning at life!


So G and I got this Chrome Cast for our TV and it is LIFE CHANGING. We can watch YouTube, Amazon Prime, church online, and Netflix from our phones ON THE TV. Technology is crazy! So we've been watching Dexter with our free month of Netflix to try it out. I don't love the second season as much as the first. Dexter is my favorite character and it stresses me out that they are investigating his work. It's taking a bit longer to get through, but still love it and all the complexity and surprises. G had football games to watch this weekend so I read a book and got hooked on Bones. Since I finished CSI: Miami I needed another crime show. I like that each episode is wrapped up in a pretty little bow.


It's been kinda rainy here, but warm. I'll take it. It's a nice break from jacket and glove weather while walking Manny last week. I hope winter never comes.


I used to not be a big fan of Biggby until I tried their Honey Cinnamon Latte. I'm such a fan now and a bit obsessed! It is really good, I highly recommend. I met up with some sweet friends for lunch yesterday and there was a Biggby next door so we had to stop! It's funny because there are now about five us in the office addicted to this drink. Thank goodness for BOGO coupons!


Give me your randoms!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Friday, October 10, 2014

Fit Friday!

The stats this week:

Pounds Lost: 1.8 pound

To Go: 50.4 to go
Total Lost: 4.6 pounds


Lets celebrate one month of being back on track and sticking to it. No binges. No deprivation. No starvation. It's just been about working out everyday, moderation, lots of fruits and veggies, and truly savoring food like a fine wine. I've been consistently losing each week, woohoo! This quote above just clicked for me. I don't want to struggle with weight my entire life. I just need to keep on keeping on. Keep being consistent even if I mess up and even if it feels like I have forever to go. I will get there. Slow and steady wins the race, right?!  

Crazily enough, I'm actually starting to just enjoy the journey. Instead of wanting so badly to get to the other side (i.e. my goal weight) I'm actually savoring this time. Enjoying it even. Enjoying the food I'm eating. Enjoying the workouts. Enjoying the weigh ins and seeing the number drop each week. Enjoying seeing my jeans fit better. 

My workouts this week:

Sunday - Rest
Monday - T25 Beta Dynamic Core
Tuesday - T25 Beta Core Cardio
Wednesday - T25 Beta Rip't Circuit
Thursday - T25 Beta Upper Focus
Friday  - T25 Beta Speed 2.0
Saturday - T25 Beta Rip't Circuit

Eats this week:

Sunday - Breakfast was two eggs in a cup with spinach and 1/4 cup feta. Lunch with the family was chicken chili, salad, and a cornbread muffin. Dinner was green beans and leftover mac and cheese I made Saturday.

Monday - Breakfast was a Mocha Green Monster Smoothie and an apple mid morning. Lunch was leftover chicken chili and carrots. My afternoon snack was a Fiber One Protein Coconut Almond and it was really good and filling. Dinner was a slice of pizza and green beans.

Tuesday - Breakfast was a Lean Cuisine Egg White Veggie Sandwich with half of a Pomegranate Blueberry Powerhouse Smoothie. Lunch was an Amy's Burrito and green beans. Snack was an apple and half of a Biggby Cinnamon Honey Latte. Dinner was leftover pizza and Brussels Sprouts. 

Wednesday - Breakfast was a Lean Cuisine Egg White Veggie Sandwich with the other half of my Biggby Cinnamon Honey Latte. Lunch was another Amy's burrito with zucchini this time. Snack was an apple and almonds. Dinner was a Qdoba Naked Burrito.

Thursday - Breakfast was a Lean Cuisine Egg White Veggie Sandwich and a Cinnamon and Spice Oatmeal. I'm trying to eat more for breakfast and I notice it really does help me eat less the rest of the day. I usually space out my  breakfast though and eat the LC Sandwich after my Beta workout and enjoy the oatmeal a couple hours later at work. It works for me. Lunch was Honey Bunches of Oats with Almonds and Unsweetened Almond Milk with a few almonds. Snack was green beans. Dinner was crock pot Italian chicken with mashed potatoes and edamame.

Friday - Breakfast was a Lean Cuisine Egg White Veggie Sandwich and a Cinnamon and Spice Oatmeal. I forgot how much I love oatmeal. YUM. Lunch will be Honey Bunches of Oats with Almonds and Unsweetened Almond Milk with a few almonds. I can be so boring sometimes. I like what I like and I just stick with it! I will probably have almonds and an apple again for an afternoon snack and I think tonight might be Mexican. I'm on a Mexican kick this week.

How are you all doing?
Anyone else loving oatmeal right now? Or celebrating a month of being back on track?

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Apple Cinnamon Sangria Recipe

I love a good sangria. I mean, what's more fun and festive than drinking a beverage with fruit floating in it?! My only stipulation is it can't be too sweet. Or too caloric. This sangria hit the mark. Not too sweet. Only 103 calories per glass. The perfect fall drink.

The recipe is below from Emily Bites. The only modification I made is I used Captain Morgan Spiced Rum because my Meijer didn't have Goldschlager and only had Peppermint Schnapps.


  • 1 small apple, chopped
  • 8 oz (1 fl cup) semi-dry champagne (white wine can be substituted if you have it on hand)
  • 16 oz (2 fl cups) Trop50 Farmstand Apple Juice
  • 4 oz (1/2 fl cup) club soda
  • 2 oz (1/4 fl cup) Goldschlager (or another cinnamon schnapps)


  1. Combine all ingredients in a pitcher and stir together well to combine. Refrigerate for a bit to chill and allow the apples to soak up the flavors.
  2. Pour over ice into 5 glasses. Each glass gets ¾ fl cup (6 oz) of the liquid cocktail and 1/5 of the chopped apples.
Enjoy! :)

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Life Lately

Life has been good lately. G and I have been doing Sacred Marriage with our church and it has been really fun. I need to do a whole separate post on that alone. We hosted friends for dinner. G has been playing soccer on Monday nights.

We also enjoyed a quiet weekend up north at a friend's lake house. The weather was in the high 70s and the leaves were changing. It was incredible.

We kayaked. We binge watched the first season of Dexter. We spent quite mornings on the dock drinking our coffee.

G spent a lot of time fishing. I brought the lounge chair to the edge of the dock and laid out and read.

We brought Manny which was really fun. We paddle boated with Manny and he enjoyed his first dip in the lake. He was so close to jumping out so G gave him a nudge and he went in. I warned G if he did that he better be prepared to save him if he sinks. Luckily Manny can swim! It was more out of necessity than enjoyment, but the dog can swim. We brought him back onto the boat and he jumped in all by himself. I think it may be safe to say he is starting to like the water.

It was so relaxing and just the perfect way to unwind after a busy week.

G and I went to this River Trail near work to walk on lunch and I loved that this was spray painted on the trail. 

We walked to this lake. So pretty! I love how calming water is to me. The perfect break in the day.

G and I went on a date night to Outback Steakhouse. The New South Wales Sangria was the perfect way to kick off the weekend! We were hosting a few events so we went grocery shopping after dinner. We are still having a bit of a wasp problem on the side of our house and had to restock on spray. It took FOUR stops to find spray! I'm not sure if everyone is having wasp issues or what but it was ridiculous. 

Saturday I hosted a Scarf Exchange Party with a few girls from work. It was so much fun!

I was in charge of drinks so I made a Skinny Apple Cinnamon Sangria (recipe coming tomm!) and hot apple cider in the crock pot. 

Everyone brought a dish to pass. There was apple pie in apples. Spinach and artichoke dip. Taco cups.

Chili and corn bread. Greek salad. Caprese Salad on a stick.

Seriously good eats. We filled up our plates and enjoyed being together. There was lots of laughter. It was just such a nice time and so relaxing.

After lunch we exchanged scarves. We all loved the scarves we ended up with. So fun! I think we will definitely do this again.

Next up we did a craft. It really was a girls day and we had so much fun spending a relaxing Saturday together outside of the office. My friend Kate had this idea to do this mug art craft she found on Pinterest. It looked easy enough so I was game! It was so much fun. I could have done 10 more. 

This is my mug. I'm obsessed with it! Monday we all brought our mugs to work and worn our scarves. So fun! It was such a nice day.

Sunday was another nice relaxing day. My family came over and we caught up on life. Brad was in town from Chicago. We celebrated my mom's birthday. I got some snuggle time with sweet Ella bean. My parents had just gotten back from Kauai a few weeks ago so we were dying to see their pictures. Gosh, I love that place and it made me want to go back so bad. I made White Chicken Chili, corn bread and salad. It was just a nice visit spending the day with everyone.

This picture makes me so happy. G was trying to get Ella to laugh and as you can see from the picture he did NOT succeed. But! He did get Brad and I to crack up. Ha!

G and I are on Season 2 of Dexter and we also started watching The New Girl and we love it so much. In other news, my office fish Chandler is still alive and kicking. He inherited some marbles and a plant and his tank is looking so nice. 

We had a nice bbq outside at work last week. G maned the grill and it was nice to sit outside and eat good food and hang out with co workers.

Yesterday on our drive home from work we saw a double rainbow. It is faint in this picture, but it was so much more stunning in person. First time I ever saw that, very cool. People were pulling over all over the highway to get a shot. I just rolled down my window so it's not the best shot because it was two FULL rainbows. Stunning! Also, it looked like we were driving to the end of the rainbow. Loved it.

G is still working hard on the bar. It's looking great, no? Now the question is to paint it or stain it? Thoughts?

So that's life lately. Date nights. Hosting family and friends. A lake weekend away. Trying to get rid of a wasp nest. Bar building. Double rainbows. Lots of Dexter. Life is good. :)

What's new with you guys?