Monday, September 25, 2017

Mondays with Manny

A tired puppy is a good puppy.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Mondays with Manny

I walked into the house the other day to Manny's toy greeting me, ha!

Monday, September 11, 2017

Mondays with Manny

Just another day in the life of Manny.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

New House Tour: Dining Room

The dining room is quickly becoming my favorite place in the house.  It took a few weeks of searching to find the perfect dining room table. Like finding your soul mate, when you know you know. And when I saw this table I knew. G loved it just as much as I did. The reviews were awesome and I had a coupon and just like that we had a table!

Ta da! I'm so obessed with this space.

I love hosting in this space. It is large and yet feels intimate at the same time. I love all the memories we have already created and cannot wait to make even more memories!

Table: Wayfair (LOVE! It's sturdy and the pop of color in the chairs is perfection. There are reviews that warn the chairs are difficult to put together and that is accurate. G had to drill his own holes which is unfortunate, but so worth it in the end).
Rug: Rugs USA (It's soft and beautiful and I'm in love. We have an awkward space with the columns so we had to measure a few times to get exactly what we wanted and were pleased Rugs USA had the size we wanted).
Table Runner: A gift from a sweet friend so I actually don't know where it's from.
Flowers: Kroger.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Mondays with Manny

This GoDog Dino was the best investment. It lasted a month which is a huge improvement. Manny's stuffed toys don't usually last a day. And he loves this guy. He carries him around everyone and throws him in the air.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Weekend Recap

This past weekend was a good one. Our little town had it's annual festival and we were so excited to check it out. We walked downtown Thursday evening and walked around.

We grabbed an elephant ear because that is a must when you are at the fair! It was so delicious. Warm. Sweet. Fresh. Fried goodness. 

We ate our elephant ear and listened to the band play before walking back home and calling it a night. Fun times!

Friday night I had a work event at the baseball game.

It was a gorgeous night. Cool, cloudy and it was relaxing to hang out, eat dinner and watch the game.

Such a great night for baseball! Even if we lost, it was still a fun night out.

Saturday morning we walked downtown for day two of the festival. The parade was just starting right as we walked up to the street. Talk about perfect timing!

This adorable old time band was playing and it felt like we stepped back into time. I say this often about my little town, but it really is like you stepped back into time and I love it.

Manny got a lot of attention at the parade and even a treat. But he did not enjoy the horses or honking of the fire trucks, poor guy.

This is what you get at a small town parade: A tractor with couches on the back. Ha!

We ran into a few neighbors and talked for a bit. Then we walked home and dropped Manny off. We walked back downtown for lunch. G had a brat, but I had to get a corn dog because fair food. So good! We listened to music while we ate. Then we explored all the arts and craft tents.

We grabbed fried oreos because I love fair food. We shared them while listening to music for a bit longer. So fun!

We have this adorable pie shop in town I love walking in. It feels like you stepped back in time and the food is good. I'm not a huge pie person, but the quiche. Oh my goodness!!!

We walked home and I put on my comfy pants. I'm obsessed with these pants right now that I even went back and bought another pair in camo. They are light, super soft, baggy, cute and comfortable. 

I didn't get any pictures, but that evening we could see fireworks from the fair from our backyard. We were so busy running to get our beach chairs and sit and enjoy the show I forgot to grab my phone. But it was a sweet ending to a cute little festival.

Sunday we headed to my parents house to celebrate my birthday and my SIL's birthday. My mom made bacon wrapped dates and they were incredible.

I got some sweet snuggles and quality time with my two little loves. They are just the best.

Oh my, look at the sass on that one. Too funny!

My mom made zucchini pie which is my favorite thing she makes. It is so good! I request it instead of birthday cake. YUM!

So that was our weekend. Full of festival fun, parades, fried fair food, family time and good summer memories made. 

Monday, August 21, 2017

Mondays with Manny

That tongue out just kills me!