Friday, April 18, 2014

Fit Friday!

First of all, thank you so much for your feedback on the meal delivery plansI went back and forth so much on even considering doing the meal delivery service because I felt “I can do this myself!” But the Personal Trainer Diet Food plan looks legit. The meals are high protein and seem more natural/less processed. I think the meal plan would teach me how to eat properly and learn balanced portions. I think that would work well for me. I don’t see it as a long term solution and I don’t see it as a diet. I see it as a way to retrain my body. Practice self-control. There is no temptation for take-out if I put the financial commitment into it. I also realized if I sign up for the delivery service it doesn’t mean I gave up and am not “doing it myself.” Because it will still be hard. I am still going through the motions and making the conscious decision to eat well. I think the other reason this service looks so appealing to me is because I really look up to Candice Cameron (Remember DJ from Full House?) She struggled with her weight for years, even suffered with bulimia for a time. She looks amazing now and when asked in an interview what she did she told them she did a meal delivery plan. I don’t know, it made it okay in my eyes then. Also, your comments and my parents support and advice made me realize I want to try it out. All that to say, my eats will be kinda random this week as I try to clean out the pantry and fridge.
Here is my workout schedule:

Sunday - Shred Level 1
Monday - Walk 50 minutes
Tuesday - Insanity and walk 50 minutes
Wednesday - Walk 50 minutes
Thursday - Shred Level 1 and walk 50 minutes
Friday - Walk 50 minutes
Saturday - Insanity

I decided to switch it up and start doing The Shred again. Mainly because 40 minutes of Insanity seemed unbearable Sunday morning. I haven't lifted weights in months since I've done Insanity and was surprised at how hard it was to lift again! Even 5 pounds! I was also surprised at how sore I was the next day. EVERYWHERE. My arms. My legs. My abs. It all hurt. Jillian's knows what she is doing! In 25 minutes, no less! I still love Insanity, but it was a nice change.

Sunday night we stopped at our favorite Thai place on our way home from my parents. This tofu pad thai was my dinner Sunday night and my lunch Monday and Tuesday. I love when take-out can feed you for three meals! It was so good. 

My morning snacks have been an apple and my afternoon snack has been popcorn. 

My breakfasts have been these Jimmy Dean Egg White and Turkey Sausage Bowls. OMG. Amazing!!

My dinners have been Trader Joe's Veggie Burgers with a side of brussels sprouts. Yummo! I also had these Trader Joe Chicken Brats that were pretty darn tasty, but I forgot to snap a photo. Tonight we are having pork chops on the grill with edamame. How have you guys been doing?


Happy Easter! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! He is risen!!!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Pinterest Love



I have never thought to put tofu in a quiche. Color me intrigued.


This is an excellent read.


These are really great tricks!




Best. Show. Ever.




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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Meal Delivery Plans: Give Me Your Thoughts!

I want your advice! Back story: I've been struggling to lose 40+ pounds I picked up over the last year and a half. I struggle so much with portion control and eating cleaner, leaner, etc. I'm tired of the take-out temptations. But mainly, I'm really sick and tired of not losing weight. Too many calories. Too little calories. Not enough protein. Too busy or too tired to cook / properly plan. There are a million reasons I'm not seeing the results I want to see. I'm tired of not seeing the results. I'm tired of being unhappy with how I look. I'm tired of cringing when I don't see the scale move or I see a picture of myself. I'm sick of constantly being self conscious. Not wanting to go somewhere because of how dissatisfied I am with myself. Sick of putting my life on hold and thinking "when I get to my goal weight I'll (Fill in the Blank). It's no way to live and I need to stop complaining and just do something about it. Get back to feeling like me and not a disappointment that I let myself go. 

All that to say... I've decided to do a meal delivery plan. I just want to do it for one month and start seeing some major results. My co-worker did Medifast and had great results. She learned to treat food as fuel and that is something I really need to learn. I love food TOO much.

I have a friend who had a friend do NutriSystem and saw great results and enjoyed the food.

I just got a Groupon for Personal Trainer Food and this really appeals to me. Not only am I getting $100 off, but it includes ALL your meals. It is portioned out. It just has to be microwaved. No fuss. No overeating. No thinking/planning meals. Easy. Quick fix. 

I just am tired of working hard without any results. I'm ready for a jump start. This isn't a forever thing. This is a one month thing to lose 15-20 pounds and start feeling myself again. Start wearing my wedding rings again. I know it's not for everyone. Trust me. I put this off for a long time. But I think it will fit my lifestyle for a time. I need a change. I need some good results. I need advice! Have you done one of these? Or one I haven't heard of? Had a friend do one? Give me your feedback! I wanna know all the details before I make the financial commitment. Thanks so much!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Ten for Tuesday

1. I love this article on 15 Ways to be a Happier Human. Good read! Important lessons. I truly can say I'm working on all of these to get the most out of life. The older I get, the more I realize how short life really is.

2. This weekend was a good one. Friday night we went out to dinner with friends and then had them over for a bonfire at our house. The first bonfire of the season, hooray! Saturday was in the high 70s, sunny, perfection. We did yard work, took Manny for a long walk and ate breakfast and lunch outside. Does it get any better? It just made me so happy that summer is coming. Sunday we went to my parents because my brother was in town from Chicago. It was so nice to see everyone, get some snuggles in with Ella, and catch up.

3. I'm so psyched my hometown girl, Jena, is still in the running for American Idol. I could not be more proud. She is awesome. I also love Dexter. But mainly I just love the judges, they are just fun to watch. Even Ryan gets in on the action and it's hilarious. 

4. I'm also still loving DWTS.  I started watching for Candance Cameron, but I'm finding myself loving Meryl Davis and Charlie White so much. They are really good and seem so sweet and down to earth. I think we would be friends in real life. Also, this show is great inspiration for eating healthy and working out. The abs these women have are insane! Talk about motivation. 


5. I feel like cooking again. It's been a good while since I have. Unless you count throwing stuff into the crock pot to cook all day? Garth cooks on the weekend and I throw a few crock pot recipes together haphazardly. I wouldn't call that meal planning. Our weeks have been busy, but I'm looking forward to meal planning again. The first thing I'm going to make is this Lemon Chicken and Asparagus Pasta. Mark. My. Words.

6. I started doing The Shred again and oh my goodness! It is INTENSE. I forgot how hard it was. I cannot believe how sore I am. Also, there is just something about a 25 minute workout. Love it! 

7. I just finished Love Does. Seriously, you MUST read this book. It was a life changer and a book I think I'll need to read once a year. It is a great reminder to live. Just because you're alive doesn't mean you're living. Dream. Do. Go after your passion. You were created for a purpose. Go out and fulfill that purpose. As Goff says, "Leak Jesus every where you go." My co-worker and I are doing a book swap and she is going to borrow Love Does and I'm going to borrow The Fault in the Stars

8. Last weekend I had a really good margarita. Do you ever just crave really good Mexican food? I haven't had it in forever and was long overdue. It just hit the spot. And that margarita was amazing. It was a fun, spontaneous date night!

9. Last week Lacy Holsworth passed away from cancer at the age of 8. Adrian Payne of the MSU Spartans formed a friendship with her that was the sweetest bond you'll ever see. The world fell in love with her smile. Her story made me proud to be a Spartan. My co-worker wrote this great piece that sums up how I feel. It's worth a read! Rest in peace, sweet Lacy. No more pain. No more tears. Dancing with angels in heaven.

10. I love MyFitness Pal, but I'm trying out this new app Argus. I like that you take pictures of your food to track your calories. I like that it tracks the steps you take and monitors your sleep. It's fun to try out. Any cool new apps you are enjoying these days?

Monday, April 14, 2014

Mondays with Manny

Oh, Manny. Manchester. Manny Moo. Moomers. Moomaloo. Manny Moon Pie. Manny Banny. Puppy. Puppers. Oh the nicknames we came up with!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Fit Friday!


I read an article by Jennifer Dukes Lee that changed my mind about weighing in today. Lee writes:

"It’s been a month since I saw my own reflection. I haven’t looked in a mirror since March 5, and I won’t look at myself again until Easter morning.

I don’t look at myself when I brush my teeth, or when I blow-dry my hair. I don’t take that one final peek before stepping out the door to go to church or a speaking engagement. I bravely (or perhaps, ridiculously) wield a mascara wand without the help of a mirror.
The whole experiment has been a huge lesson in trust. With these four words— “How do I look?”— I am daily entrusting my physical appearance to two small humans and a guy who raises pigs for a living.
But I gave up mirrors anyway. I gave them up, because I was tired.
I was tired of the self-degradation that we engage in as women. I was tired of how we women judge ourselves by the externals, even though God tells us He favors the heart.
And I was tired of all the ways that we women tell ourselves that we’re not enough—or let our bathroom scales tell us that we’re too much.
So I covered my mirrors with words that tell me how I am loved, cherished, chosen and “preapproved” by God.
The day after I covered my mirrors, my youngest daughter, age nine, asked if she could cover hers, too. Because she didn’t want me to take this Easter journey alone...
Every morning, my daughter and I read these tangible reminders of who we are, in Christ. When we are focused less on the self, we reflect more on the Savior. Together we are saying, “fewer mirrors, more Messiah.”
That really spoke to me. My battle cry today is "Less Weighing in, More Messiah." I get so obsessed with the number on the scale. Really high highs when the scale goes down and really low lows when it doesn't move or goes up. Obviously, this isn't healthy. I focus so much on what I eat. How much I eat. How much water I drink. Did I work out today? I mean, these are all good. But not when it is a constant obsession to make the scale swing in your favor.

It shouldn't be about the scale. It shouldn't be about keeping it under 1200 calories. It shouldn't be about the scale defining my mood. It shouldn't be all about food. It's about honoring God every moment of my day. It's about praying without ceasing. It's about letting Christ fill me and satisfy me. Not food. Not exercise. Not with what the scale says. If I'm CONSTANTLY thinking about food, exercise, and letting guilt and obsession control my thoughts that is not leaving much room for Christ.

It's time to focus more on Christ. Less on what the scale says. Less on how many calories I take in and more on Am I full? Did I fuel my body? To spend more time in the Word and less on what I ate, didn't eat, should have ate, etc. I'm not sure if any of these ramblings make sense to any but me, but that's okay. All of this to say, I'm taking a break from the scale until Easter. I'm still going to post what I ate. I'm still going to focus on eating healthy and exercise. But I'm going to focus more on Christ. Less on what the scale says. It does not determine my worth. I'm excited to grow closer to God. Work hard on weight loss and see the results on Easter. 

With that being said, here were my workouts for the week:

Monday - Walk 50 minutes
Tuesday - Insanity and walk 50 minutes
Wednesday - Walk 50 minutes on lunch and 45 min with Manny after dinner
Thursday - Insanity and walk 30 minutes
Friday - Walk 50 minutes 
Saturday - Insanity

My meals this week have been good. I wasn't as great taking pictures, but it's okay. I'm giving myself grace on that. We have been cooking more which is always a good thing. Breakfasts have been an apple with half a bagel and Laughing Cow Cream Cheese. It was good, but not as filling without the protein of the hard boiled egg.

Lunches have been leftover dinner. Monday night we had G's Beef Stroganoff. We used half and half instead of heavy whipping cream. You could definitely tell the difference, but the leftovers were actually better. 

Tuesday we made Crock pot Chicken Curry. We added potatoes in this time. Excellent decision! We ate leftovers for lunch and dinner Wednesday and Thursday. Nothing makes me happier than eating what we have! Warm, filling, nutritious meals. Perfection. Also? Only having to cook twice in 4 days? Don't mind if we do!

My snacks have been leftover Banana Nut Muffins my SIL made for brunch Sunday. She graciously left them all with us and they made the perfect afternoon snack. Thanks Sam!

Tonight my good friend, Claire, is coming over and I'm taking her out to dinner for a belated birthday celebration. How are you all doing?

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Thirteen for Thursday

1. We went to Menard's for the first time last Thursday night. How have I never been there before?! I love it. We scored these adirondack chairs for only $14!! I have been waiting chairs on our front porch forever and these were perfect. They aren't the real wood ones, but if I spend over $100 on a chair I will not put it on my front porch. If these get stolen, at least they were only $14. They are so comfortable. It was fun to sit outside and drink our coffee Saturday morning. We even talked to neighbors. Good times.

2. Friday night we watched Last Vegas. I didn't want to see it, but I actually ended up enjoying the movie quite a bit. Garth's family came over Sunday and it was fun to catch up. My SIL made these amazing banana nut muffins that I'm obsessed with. 

3. The Country Music Awards were on Sunday night. I loved Stevie Nicks performance with Lady Antebellum, Kip Moore singing "Something 'bout a Truck" and Darius Rucker singing "Wagon Wheel." Other than that, it was kinda a bore for me. I'm just not digging the new country songs on the radio right now. What is wrong with me?! This is alarming to me. I am and always will be a country music fan. I'm hoping this will pass.

4. My boss got me on April Fool's Day last week. There is this punching bag in the president's office and it usually floats around the office to sit where someone is on vacation. I came back from lunch and turned the corner to this guy in MY chair. I definitely freaked out a bit. Good one!

5. We told our small group last week to go on without us. I say we stepped down as leaders, but G says that sounds like we resigned. Whatever you want to call it, we are no longer leading a small group and it's weird. We have led a group for 5 years so this is uncharted territory. It was the best decision for us right now. We just cannot be the leaders we want to be and invest the way we want to invest. We will only get busier once G goes back to school next month. The friendships will continue and I'm so thankful for that. I cherish the friendships. The goal is to meet for dinner once a month. I am excited for that. 

6. This was a really great post for me to read Monday. It is such a good reminder to focus on the positive. Why do I always focus on the failures? I was so down that I ate too much Sunday night. But this post helped me see all the good things I'm doing. I'm doing Insanity in the mornings, walking 50 minutes at lunch, drinking lots of water, eating less processed foods, getting 7 hours of sleep, and watching my portions much more than before. That is progress. It's these little steps that will end up making a difference in the long run. They are becoming habit. I can't expect perfection, but i need to just keep on going. Keep pushing in the right direction.

7. I'm obsessed with these Hi I'm Skinny Sticks. They are really flavorful and addicting. They satisfy that salt craving with only 140 calories. Sold! New fave. I think I like them even more than popcorn and that is really saying something.

8. We started watching Friends With Better Lives and it is pretty darn funny. I mean, James Van Der Beek is in it. What's not to love about that? 

9. I have a quote on my desk that says "Change is inevitable. Growth is optional." It is such a good reminder to me, the hater of change. It's not that I hate change. I just love consistency and thrive on that so when something spices that up it takes me time to adjust. This quote is a great reminder for me right now as my position at work is changing, my boss is changing, my desk is changing. Change. Change. Change. It's all really positive. It is actually what I wanted. I do not like the accounting side of my position and they are hiring someone to take that on so I can do more of what I love - buying parts! I'm excited for it and I am embracing all the change. I'm thinking of it more as - "how can I grow from this?" 


10. One of my favorite movies of all time is Father of the Bride and one of my favorite houses of all time is that house. It's on the market. In my dreams I could buy this house. Swoooooon.

11. G bought tickets to the Manchester United game at Michigan stadium. To say he is excited is a complete understatement. He is beyond excited. The tickets were expensive and the game is over my birthday weekend. I should get a Wife of the Year Award for this, no?

12. I loved this article 18 Chances You Will Not Regret Taking. Numbers 17 and 18 hit me especially hard because they are what I'm really trying to work on lately. Why is it so hard to be where we are? Why are we always looking ahead? Why can't we enjoy the moment we are in? Why can't I truly soak up life and LIVE? I find myself saying "When I get back to my goal weight..." But I can't put my life on hold just because I'm not where I want to be. Life won't be perfect at my goal weight. I need to soak up the moments that make everyday special. Life goes too fast to not savor it all. 


13. I love this! I want this T-shirt! I really do feel like it's a badge of honor that we survived it. It will be int he 60s at the end of this week. Ahhhh! Skirt weather! Spring has sprung!