Friday, February 12, 2016

Fit Friday!

Weigh in this week:

Lost: 0.04
Total Lost: 27 pounds
To Go: 29 pounds

UGH. I was hoping for more, but I used it as motivation to really dial in my nutrition this week. Eat cleaner. Eat more fruits and veggies. Not use activity points for more food. So hopefully I'll see a bigger loss this Sunday.

Workouts this week:

Friday -
Walked 12,881 steps
Saturday - Walked 7,334 steps

Sunday - Walked 6,701 steps
Monday -  Walked 12,319 steps
Tuesday - Walked 10,457 steps
Wednesday - Walked 7,847 steps
Thursday - Walked 6,071 steps

Dang! I only hit my goal three times this week. It is so hard when I don't get to walk on lunch. That really does make it or break it.

Eats this week:

My breakfasts this week have been leftover egg bake (4 pp) and a green smoothie (4 pp) made up of spinach, banana, almond milk, protein powder and coffee.

Lunches this week have been a turkey sandwich (5 pp) with a side of strawberries (0 pp).

Snacks this week have been cottage cheese (2 pp) when I wasn't so busy and could actually eat it.

Monday night G made chicken tacos (7 pp) and they were amazing.

Tuesday night G made beef stroganoff (13 pp). I had the points and G was given professional knives from my parents so he has been loving cooking lately. The gift that keeps on giving! We have been making a lot of new recipes so it was nice to make an old favorite on a chilly  night.

Wednesday night we worked the late shift so I ate a Lean Cuisine Mac and Cheese (7 pp) at my desk. This mac and cheese is so good considering it's low calorie!

Thursday night my mom and I went out to dinner at my favorite sushi place and then to the theater to see Sound of Music. It was incredible, but more on that next week.

How are you guys doing?
Do you reach 10,000 steps a day? 

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Twinkle Lights

"I think the beauty of twinkle lights is a perfect metaphor for joy.
Joy is not a constant.  It comes to us in moments – often ordinary moments.  Sometimes we miss out on the bursts of joy because we’re too busy chasing down the extraordinary moments.  Other times we’re so afraid of the dark that we don’t dare let ourselves enjoy the light.
A joyful life is not a floodlight of joy.  That would eventually become unbearable.
I believe a joyful life is made up of joyful moments gracefully strung together by trust, gratitude, and inspiration."
– Brene Brown

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Weekend Recap

Friday night I made Skinnytaste's Veggie Ham Egg and Cheese Bake (minus the ham since Jess was bringing sausage). We cleaned the house and then relaxed.

Saturday morning I read and drank coffee. Walked Manny.

Then we prepped for the second annual brunch with family. It was in the high 40s with not a trace of snow in site so there was no sledding this year unfortunately

We still had a great time. It was low key. We ate. Drank mimosas. Talked. Spent quality time with Ella. She is so sweet. She was sitting in my lap and I would start to bring a spoonful of yogurt and granola to my mouth and she would grab the spoon and put it in her mouth. So cute! We played with stickers and read and it was such a nice visit.

We celebrated G and Eric's birthdays. My mom made rumchata cupcakes and a tiramisu football. Yum!

After everyone left my parents stayed and we talked a bit longer and took a little walk. It was a really nice day. I can't believe next year when I host Ella will have a brother or a sister!

Saturday evening was relaxing. I caught up on my shows and enjoyed the house.

Sunday did not go as planned. We woke up and we were freezing. I tried adjusting the heat and nothing happened. We proceeded to spend the rest of the morning researching how to fix your furnace. We troubleshooted to no avail. G went to the store to get a new filter and try a few more things with no luck. I called a few repair places, but nothing was open on Sunday. We spent the rest of the day staying warm by the fireplace.

We watched the Super Bowl. I think Lady Gaga killed it doing the National anthem. I wasn't super impressed with the commercials, though there were a few that I laughed out loud at. I thought the Half Time Show was okay. The best part for me was Bruno Mars dancing. I am happy the Broncos won. It's cool to say the one Lions game I went to was against the Broncos the year they won the Super Bowl!

So that was our weekend. Brunch. Football. Staying warm. 

Thankfully we were able to get a repair guy out Monday morning and found out the heat igniter was broken and once it was replaced we had heat again. PHEW. So thankful for the fireplace. For my parents offering to let us stay with them. For blankets. And for 40 degree weather while we had no heat. There is always a silver lining. Life is always an adventure! 

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Life Lately

A few weeks ago G and I went out for sushi and drinks and then an A Capella show. It was my Christmas present from G and it was amazing. The group was called Vocalocity and they were crazy talented. It was 12 people with the most beautiful voices. They also danced and had stage presence and it was so entertaining. 

My favorite was when four of the singers shared what music meant to them. One was an alcoholic and had to have throat surgery after so much drinking. She gave up alcohol after that and has been sober for 2.5 years. She sang His Eye is on the Sparrow and it gave me chills. Her voice was beautiful. Another was from Singapore and won Sinapore's American Idol. He is gay and was bullied and he sang Born this Way and it was amazing.

I would highly recommend this show if you ever get the chance to see them! G is not even a big A Capella fan but he LOVED it. 


I had a much needed girls night with some of my favorites. We ate appetizers, drank wine, and laughed a lot. It was the BEST.


My grandma kept journals from every vacation she took. She documented what they did and what they ate. I guess I got my love for vacationing and writing about it from her! It was so fun to read about her adventures. She lived such a great life and it was really healing to realize that through these journals.

She kept a diary from when she met my grandpa and she used the word "swell" a lot. I love that! She also kept all the letters the grand kids sent her and we were having a blast reading what we wrote her. In one letter I tell her I'm starting jazz class so I'm a dancer now, ha! My brother Eric gave her Red Wing scores and my youngest brother Brad just drew pictures. If you know my brothers that is just so THEM. I loved it.

I didn't expect to laugh so much remembering my grandma during this time. But it's fitting, you know? She never lost her humor. She never let life jade her. She was goofy and she loved to laugh and it's hard not to smile when I reflect on the memories because they were such good times.


It was also fun looking through old pictures. I cannot even get over how much I look like mom. It's crazy! I'll have to find a picture of me at this age for a side by side comparison because we could be twins. There were also photos of my mom and her sisters all with Afros. There was also one of my Aunt Sherry in a jumpsuit and turtleneck. My Aunt was telling my cousin Kim how she was so trendy in her jumpsuit and how they have made a comeback. Kim asked what was up with the turtleneck though and my aunt responded "I was cold!" HA! 


I heart my co-workers. My sweet friend Katie is moving to Denver so we had a farewell for her at our favorite brewery. It was such a blast! These people are awesome! I can't wait to visit her in Denver though.


Can we talk about Grease Live? I loved everything about it. I've always been a Grease fan and this was amazing. I loved how they tied in the original Frenchie into this remake. I loved the new song and the old songs. I listened to Magic Changes about a million times. I watched the movie about five times and it just got better. GAH! So good. 


Phew. I think I'm caught up on life now. Tomorrow I'll share my fun weekend with you. Have a great day! 

Monday, February 8, 2016

Mondays with Manny

I'm so glad he never grew into that floppy ear.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Fit Friday!

Weigh in this week:

Lost: 0 pounds
Total Lost: 27 pounds
To Go: 29 pounds

I maintained this week. I'll take it. I didn't track at all or walk much last week so I'm glad it's not a gain. I'm hoping for different results this Sunday at weigh-in though. I've followed WW perfectly this week and walked a lot. We cooked healthy meals and I feel great. It's funny because I didn't lose last week, but I started getting compliments again on weight loss. That is a win in my book! 

Workouts this week:

Saturday -
Walked 7,244 steps

Sunday - Walked 6,701 steps
Monday -  Walked 8,881 steps
Tuesday - Walked 12,641 steps
Wednesday - Walked 10,759 steps
Thursday - Walked 11,562 steps

I hit my goal 3 out of 6 days this week. It is harder to reach 10,000 steps per day than I thought it would be. I'll keep striving to reach it each day. G got a FitBit from a friend who just received an Apple Watch and didn't need it anymore. So now we can compete on steps and that helps keep the momentum up! I usually beat G unless he plays racquetball.

Eats this week:

Breakfasts this week were a Lean Cuisine breakfast sandwich (7 pp) with two clementines (0 pp).

Lunches have been TJ's Tomato Soup (7 pp) and carrots (0 pp) when it wasn't leftover Shepherd's pie or chicken and rice.

Snacks this week have been cottage cheese (2 pp) or oatmeal (4 pp) depending on how many points I'm going to use for dinner that night.

Sunday G made Mini Shepherd Pies (7 pp). My friend, Rachel, is writing a cookbook and part of the process to get published is to have people test the recipes. So we made these and they were amazing. We will be making these again. My brother, a self professed food snob, loved them too and even took some back to Chicago with him.

My mom graciously gave us a bunch of leftovers from the luncheon after my grandma's service. G and I ate the chicken (4 pp) and rice (5 pp) leftovers with a side of broccoli Sunday and Monday night and I took it for lunch as well. It was delicious.

G made Skinnytaste Cajun Chicken Pasta (8 pp)and we ate that Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evening. It was as amazing as it looks. If you have ever had Olive Garden's Chicken Scampi it tastes just like that! Next time I want to make it with shrimp.

How are you guys doing?

Thursday, February 4, 2016

February Goals

It has been a mild winter, but I'm still glad winter is almost over. I just love this month. Love is in the air. Valentine's Day. Our anniversary. The end of winter is near. Lets see what I have in store for this month.

1. Cook one new meal each week. I enjoyed accomplishing this goal last month and looked forward to picking a recipe to make each week. I plan to do it again this month and try some more great recipes.

2. Hit the 30 pound weight loss total. I was losing consistently last January to June and then hit a plateau and only lost 4 pounds since. I'm ready to step it up and finally reach the 30 pound milestone. 

3. Walk 10,000 steps per day. I keep having knee pain when I do 21 Day Fix and my hip always hurts after Insanity so I'm going to just focus on walking right now. I'm listening to my body and after a few intense months of working out everyday I think it's time to go easy on the muscles. The weather hasn't been brutal lately so walking Manny in the mornings is doable again and walking on lunch should make this goal realistic to reach each day.

4. Plan a fun date night for our anniversary. I'm thinking about trying Gilbert and Blake's since it's close to work but I also think The Chop House in Ann Arbor would be fun. I can't stop thinking about those scallops. No matter what we do I want to enjoy a fancy dinner out, reflect on the last eight years, and set goals for the next year.

5. Make 6:00 a.m. my power hour. Since I'm taking a break from workout videos I now have a full hour to read my devotional and pray and that's just what I'll do. I want to expand my 30 minutes a day to a full hour to dig deeper into the Word.

6. Follow WW strictly for the entire month. I started WW in December but fell off the wagon a bit between the holidays. In January I slipped due to a few weekend getaways and some hard news. But February. February is my month! I'm following strictly and excited to see what kind of results I get.

7. Read 3 books this month. I've been in a book rut lately so I need to put this goal back on here. I want to read a book that grows my faith, a book that inspires me and a book to help me get organized.

What are your goals this month?