Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Life Lately

I had my first Oberon of the season last week and it tasted like summer. YUM!

Grilling season has officially begun! We've been making brats and broccoli, chicken with peppers and onions and burgers. LOVE.

Oh and we are digging Chicken Cesar Salads lately too.

We had a work picnic catered by a local bbq joint and the mac and cheese was one of the best I've had. So creamy and cheesy. The company was pretty great too.

My irises have finally bloomed and they are gorgeous!

Ella even mentioned how pretty the flowers were when she came over this past weekend. So cute.

My brother was in town from Chicago so everyone came over for one last hurrah in this house to celebrate his 30th birthday. G made spinach and artichoke dip, garlic bread and pesto chicken pasta. Delicious!

I can't believe my baby brother is 30! Ella adores him and it's the cutest thing to watch.

Per Brad's request my mom made this chocolate and cherry cake. Isn't it gorgeous?

The two sides of Ella. The half smile.


We walked over to the park in our sub after lunch.

Sliding through life.

Bennett baby was a happy camper. It was such a fun day.

Supplier sushi lunches are the best.

It's not official yet, but I think we found our new house! Yesterday afternoon we had the inspection and my parents came out to see the house. We explored our (hopefully!) new town. We walked by the river.

Then we went to this awesome coffee shop. I had the honey, cinnamon and vanilla coffee and it was delicious. Instead of milk they use grass fed butter and it was yummy. 

So that's life lately. Grilling weather. Family time. Hopefully buying a new house!! 

Monday, May 22, 2017

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Life Lately

Last week was perfect patio weather so we ate Mexican food and drank margaritas to celebrate. 

A sweet supplier brought this pretty tea in from China. I'm obsessed.

We are three weeks into our Health Challenge at work and it's going so well. I'm choosing healthy options when we go out with suppliers, walking on lunch and getting to know my co-workers better, and I'm down four pounds.

Speaking of work, I really love it. The people are amazing. My boss is great. The work is challenging and fun. I'm seriously so happy. This is just a typical day. We are walking on break around the production floor and Ian is handing out bacon on his unicycle. Never a dull moment!

This past weekend was absolutely gorgeous. Sunny and 70 degrees. Perfection. We drank our coffee Saturday morning on the front porch and it just made me so happy.

We took Manny to the lake and went for a long hike. 

We saw all the nature. Check out this adorable geese family.


I think those are swans. Do swans fly?

The water was just so pretty and calm and peaceful.

Did I mention how amazing the weather was this weekend?!

G and I spent the rest of day on the deck enjoying a beautiful spring weekend. G grilled us an amazing lunch of chicken and asparagus. 

G made a bonfire and I read while the sun was setting.

It was just a perfect day. Peaceful. Relaxing. God is good.

Happy Mother's Day to all the fabulous mothers! To my amazing mom who is beautiful inside and out. Humble, kind, courageous, hilarious and kind. To my sweet SIL who makes being a mom look effortless. I'm so blessed to have these strong, brave women in my life.

G so sweetly gave me tulips, candles and lotion from Bath and Body. He knows me so well. I certainly wasn't expecting it but he replied "You are such a good mom to Manny." Swooon.

So that's life lately. What's new with you?

Monday, May 15, 2017

Friday, May 12, 2017

Life Lately

After house hunting we go out for cocktails to discuss the houses. It's a new tradition we started and I like it.

We had a lovely bonfire a few weeks ago. It was such a perfect night. Listening to music. Talking. Relaxing. Gosh I will miss this deck.

Lake hikes were the perfect way to spend time on the weekends we had house showings. I'm so glad that part is over! I hated having to rush out at a moment's notice.

This candle just gets us!

More house hunting. We really wanted to be on this lake. It's close to work and our dream has always been to be on water. But I don't think this lake is in the cards. We have looked at every house in our price range and every single one has major structural issues.

More cocktails to discuss the houses we had just seen. 

We put an offer on a house in the sub across from the sub we are in now. It's a house we had been eyeing for over a year and it had just been flipped. It's lake front and we were smitten. It was way overpriced, but we gave it a try with comps to explain our offer. We went back and forth a few times but the seller wouldn't move from list price and wouldn't do repairs so we had to walk away. It wouldn't appraise for list and it needed repairs so we couldn't go to the top of our budget for something that could be a money pit. I was really so sad though. I fell in love with that house and the sunset water views. So we ate sushi and continue to pursue the dream that sets our soul on fire.

Cinnamon lattes with a coworker.

Sunday brunching two weeks ago. We went to a place downtown and it was seriously one of the best breakfasts I've had. 

Then we grabbed frozen lattes before gearing up for another day of open houses.

Last weekend we attended a Murder Mystery Dinner Party and it was seriously so much fun. I had the best time! It was just the break we needed from house drama to just laugh and solve a murder!

This past week we did more house hunting and grabbed drinks after to rehash the houses. We were in a new city so we tried a new restaurant.

We had the Veggie Gnocchi and Pickled Duck Tacos and both were so good. 

We went to one of our favorite places for drinks after putting our third offer on a house. We were excited and wanted to celebrate and talk it out. We found out the next day they were not willing to budge on price. It's a crazy market and houses are selling for over list price, but that just put us way over our comfort zone so we had to walk away from ANOTHER house. It's frustrating, but I know God has a house out there for us. We just need to be patient and keep looking.

This most recent weekend was much more relaxing. We took a break from looking at houses. Our house has already been appraised and passed inspection so we also took a break from house projects/packing to just rest. Cooked at home. Recharged. Hung out with family. Took long walks with Manny. Caught up on shows.

So that's life lately.