Friday, January 2, 2015

A Look Back

2014 was another good year. I enjoyed doing a look back last year so I thought it would be a fun tradition to keep doing. Personally, I enjoy writing these each year because it's fun to look over the year and reflect. See how I did and what I did. What I would do different next year. What I want to do again. 

In January I set resolutions, we were pounded with lots of snow, ate good food, and we went to California to watch good friends get married. It was an absolute blast! I started spray painting our kitchen chairs yellow, and we celebrated G's birthday.

In February G and I made mozzarella, I read Love Does, I made slow cooker mac and cheese, we stayed inside and slowed down, endured freezing temps, celebrated six great years of marriage, ate sushi and drank champagne on Valentine's Daywatched the Olympics as much as we possibly could, played lots of QuizUp, lost five pounds, spent sweet time with Ella Bean, saw good friends and their new house, and I went to see Beauty and the Beast with my mom.

Into March and we were still experiencing the worst winter in over 100 years, watched the Oscars, celebrated G and Eric's birthday and got in some snuggle time with Ella. I shared the six things I've learned in my six years of marriage, did Insanity consistently, created an inspiration board, cooked lots of yummy food and lost a grand total of ten pounds, and started advocating for me. G and I took our first cooking class, I talked about what music means to me, and tried to stay warm since winter wasn't going anywhere.

In April I watched the HIMYM finale that made me fighting mad, we took a long weekend getaway to South Haven, I wrote about what makes me smile, we bought tickets to the Man U game, watched the CMAs, and discovered the magic of Menards. I followed DWTS and American Idol and had our first bonfire of the season. I took the leap and ordered a meal plan delivery service and finished Love Does which has become a favorite book of mine.

In May I couldn't put down Fault in Our Stars, ate on a meal plan, talked about who I want to be, watched About Time, put pics to I Got You Babe, talked about what Instagram is to me, and I had an epiphany on my weight that has changed my life. I talked about my thoughts on hosting, watched finales of my fave shows, and the weather finally got warm and flowers were blooming and we put up our awning. We hosted my family and G and I made taco cups for the first time.

In June summer was in full swing and couldn't be more welcomed. We did a lot of deck sittin', made slow cooker pot roast, started setting monthly goals, finally finished painting the kitchen chairs, and brought Wedding Wednesday back. I moved to a standing desk and couldn't put Gone Girl down. G watched The World Cup all day everyday (or that is how it felt at least), I tried pretzel pizza for the first time (AMAZE), we celebrated Manny's first birthday, and I talked about how much I love Michigan.

In July I set monthly goals again because I enjoyed it so much, I got an office fish, read Carry On, Warrior which was another life changing book. I was a bit of a risk taker and changed my hair, we hosted family on Fourth of July, went kayaking with friends, made a killer slow cooker beer pulled pork, and decided Manny is part Viszla. We went to a coworker's lake house for the weekend, I wrote about being nice vs. kind, and I transitioned from admin to sales at work. We went wine tasting at the zoo with Eric and Jess and it was pretty much the best thing ever.

In August I set monthly goals, celebrated my 31st birthday and went to the Manchester United soccer game with G. I went to a lake house with girlfriends, our sunflowers bloomed, the world lost Robin Williams, G got into wood working and built a coffee table, and Detroit was hit by major flooding. We cleaned out our garage, saw good friends get married, went to a really fun party, and had a bbq with friends.

In September I set new goals, we spent a weekend in Grand Rapids, a few days in Suttons Bay, and a few days in Traverse City. We did yard work, lit fall candles, made chili, and G worked on the bar. I found my cooking rhythm again, celebrated a year of having Manny, started this weight loss thing once and for allmeal planned and took walks at the park by work.

In October I set goals, became obsessed with Green Monster Smoothies, went to our coworker's lake house, hosted a scarf exchange and had my family over to celebrate my mom's birthday. G continued to work on the bar, I did a mug art craft, and I made a killer Apple Cinnamon Sangria. G and I saw a double rainbow, I became obsessed with Honey Cinnamon Lattes,and we cheered on my mom running a half marathon. I lost six pounds since September, and we hosted a bonfire/game night on Halloween.

Our November started off with a wedding of a dear friend, set goals, went back to our regular Monday night sushi since G's soccer season is over, cleaned out our closets, I talked about my obsessions, and discovered the best tostado of my life. We bought a grill, went to Eric and Jess' and spent good time with them, and I talked about my style. I lost 9 pounds since starting in September, and talked about what I'm thankful for. G and I enjoyed a long weekend in Petoskey, we had a lovely Thanksgiving at Eric and Jess', celebrated my dad turning 60, and I enjoyed a week off.

In December I set goals, lost a total of ten pounds, dressed Manny in a sweater, started a winter wreath, hosted friends, built a gingerbread house, and attended an Elf Party. We hosted my parents for dinner, I went shopping with mom, and celebrated Christmas with my family. We ended the year celebrating sweet Ella Bean turning one!

How was your year friends?


mags said...

What a great re-cap of 2014! Here's to a fabulous 2015! Cheers!

hopeistrying said...

What a fun fun year! I hope to blog steadily enough this year to be able to do a recap of sorts as well, come this year's end. Great thinking. :D