Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Lake Weekend

This weekend was one of those perfect ones that I didn't want to end. If you can't tell from the picture, we were super excited for a weekend away. :)

We went to our friend's lake house in Frederic, MI on Bradford Lake. They were so generous to let us enjoy their lovely lake house for the weekend. It was absolutely perfect. 

We left work early Friday and arrived just in time to watch the sunset. We grabbed a glass of wine and headed on the paddle boat for a sunset cruise around the lake. It was perfect. Afterwards we got settled in and made dinner and ate on the deck. We watched The Lego Movie once the sun set and it was pretty cute. I really loved the message of the movie. I had the theme song in my head all weekend long and constantly sang "Everything is awesome" about a million times. 

For some reason I woke up super early Saturday. Like 7 a.m. That is very unlike me. I guess I was just excited to spend a full day on the lake.

We drank our coffee on the dock with our feet in the water. The water was so clear and warm.

It was only 8 a.m. by the time we had breakfast and coffee and the water was like glass so we decided to kayak the lake. It took a good two hours to do the entire lake but we were so anxious to check it out. I loved looking at all the houses and wildlife. Half of the lake backs up to government property so there were so many birds and turtles. We also heard there is an Eagle's nest by the public peach on the other side of the lake so we spent a lot of time over there trying to find the Eagle. No luck. But it was still fun. Kayaking is definitely my new favorite morning workout! 

Kayaking was fun and all, but it was a lot of work. We took a nice swim to cool off and then went paddle boating. Afterwards we came back and got our rafts blown up and spent the rest of the afternoon floating. We people watched all the boats going by and thoroughly enjoyed watching this speed boat try to knock his kids off their tube all afternoon. That's fine entertainment.

We came up and ate a late lunch/dinner and took a little nap on the deck. We went for another sunset paddle boat ride and then settled in to relax. We watched Saving Mr. Banks which I have wanted to see forever. It was not what I expected at all. It was interesting, but so depressing. 

Sunday was another perfect day. Another 80 degree and sunny day. It was pretty much a repeat of Saturday. We did sleep in though. That was nice! We enjoyed drinking our coffee on the dock. Went for another morning kayak ride. Took a swim. Went paddle boating. 

We floated on our rafts most of the afternoon, but we were pretty sunburned so it wasn't as relaxing as the day before. Oops. We definitely applied lots of SPF this day. Lesson learned.

We decided to go into town and have a late lunch. The only restaurant in town had good reviews so we checked it out. The place was a dive and the food was okay, but G loved it. He loved the atmosphere and he loved his chicken wings. I did love the beer in mason jars! 

We came back to the lake and sat on the deck and read. Ahhh I love lake living. I could definitely get used to this. Perfection. 

We enjoyed one last sunset cruise in the paddle boat. Since it was our last ride we drew it out as long as we could. We met some friendly neighbors on a pontoon and talked to them for a bit. We watched a couple tubers and jet skiers and just floated a bit on the lake. Eventually we had to come in because all things must come to an end. We cleaned up the cottage, packed the car and made dinner. We had a late dinner and watched Into the Furnace which was the worse movie I ever saw. So violent. So sad. We went to bed early since we had an early morning ahead of us to drive straight to work. It was worth it though. We definitely made the most of our lake weekend. It was nice to wake up to the lake one more time and enjoy coffee on the dock before the long drive to work. It was the perfect weekend. I feel so relaxed and rejuvenated. 

Thanks Jim and Julie for letting us enjoy your slice of paradise!!


Anne said...

I think I need to make friends with them too ;)

Lauren said...

such a wonderfully fabulous weekend! sounds like a great way to relax and get away!