Thursday, August 14, 2014

Thirteen for Thursday

1. We tore out the garden G spent so much time working on last summer that only produced six carrots (FAIL!) and planted sunflowers instead. It has proved to be a great decision. They got so big! We planted red and yellow ones and the yellow ones are blooming now and they just take my breath away. So majestic. Also, Manny loves their leaves. I cannot get him away from them. Weird.

2. I'm so saddened by the loss of Robin Williams. He was a part of my childhood. I watched reruns of Mork and Mindy with my parents. My brothers and I loved Mrs. Doubtfire. I will never forget the first time I saw Dead Poet's Society. Life changer. I think that is my favorite movie of his, Dead Poet's Society. So good. It is absolutely heart breaking someone who brought so much laughter to my life struggled so deeply with depression and alcoholism. I cannot even imagine what his family is going through, praying for them.

3. G is really into wood working right now. He made a corn hole game and had so much fun that he made me a side table for the living room that I'm obsessed with. I love it! He even painted it black since he knows how much I love black furniture. While I was on my girls' weekend he cleaned the garage and made a work bench. I'm not sure if it's World Cup withdraw, but I like this new hobby! I would love a dining room table...

4. Remember how I told you I now think Manny is a Vizsla? Well, yesterday on my walk a neighbor ASKED if Manny was a Vizsla! She said she studies dog breeds and he is definitely a Vizsla. Crazy!

5. Meijer brand Baked Sour Cream and Onion chips are my jam. I don't even miss real potato chips. These are so light and flavorful and I can have quite a few for only 130 calories. Yes, please!

6. G said while I was gone this weekend Manny slept in my spot on the couch the whole time. I think he missed me. Typical Manny too, he knocks off the pillow to take full advantage of the couch. Silly pup.

7. Speaking of Manny... My mom had brought a balloon on my birthday and it's still going strong! Well it got stuck in the kitchen fan and it scared the bejeezus out of us so G tied it to the door knob on the door to the garage. Well, this morning Manny is in front of me as we pad into the kitchen and all of a sudden Manny freaks out and pounces. I thought there was a robber in our house by the way he was acting. Nope. Just the balloon. 

8. I really thought I wouldn't like RHONJ without Jacqueline and Caroline, but I'm so into it.  Can't get enough. Why do I love reality television so much?

9. Speaking of reality TV I'm obsessed with Leah Remini's new show. I always loved her on King of Queens and she is basically Carey in real life. Love her. Also? Her daughter and husband are hilarious. 


10. I cannot believe the flooding in Detroit this week. Major highways closed. Cars and trucks stuck in the road and boats and divers pulling people to safety. State of emergency. Just insanity. Praying everyone is safe and sound and able to get to their people now!

11. Would be absolutely ludicrous if I spent $36 a night to board Manny at a cage free facility? I heard about it on Instagram and I researched it. I am not the happiest with my boarding place, but it is cheap and Manny is never afraid to go there and he comes home acting fine. But I don't think they take the best care of him and he is in a tiny little cement block with barking dogs. Ugh. But I found this cage free place that has a POOL. FOR. DOGS. 40 acres of nature trails. 3 acres of space for the dogs to run and play. It's expensive, but Manny would love it so much. I'm definitely thinking about it and I'm definitely turning into a crazy dog lady.

12. I'm still trying to recover from my late nights this weekend. I'm so old. I have been so tired and falling asleep at 9:30 everyday this week. I'm so cool. 

13. Give Me Gratitude or Give Me Debt is a must read. Such a good blog post and just what I needed to hear.


Anne said...

That table looks great! Love the design on the top! I know, Doug isn't too happy I got sucked into the married at first sight reality show, but I really like it! I guess I just have a thing for love reality shows :)
We used to take our family dog to a place like that, the dogs all ran free. I wonder how often the dogs would fight, because they were all loose, but they didn't seem to, and our dog loved it!

Jen Caputo said...

Love your sunflowers. I planted some this year but the chipmunks dug them all up and planted them elsewhere, so the few that have came up are all over my veggie garden, not where i Planted them :P I LOVE your table! Congrats Garth on a great job! The chevron design is really cool.