Wednesday, April 2, 2014

How I Met Your Mother Finale (Spoiler Alert!)

Did you guys watch the HIMYM finale?! What did you think? G and I were not very impressed. In fact, we were disappointed. 

I get it, it's full circle story telling and I love that. The flaws to that were making the mother too likable and making Robin less likable in the last few seasons. Robin and Ted weren't Ross and Rachel to me. I got over them. I didn't like how they portrayed Ted loving Robin so much more than she loved him. I wasn't routing for them to get back together. I actually liked Robin and Barney together. Also? I hated that after three years Robin and Barney weren't happy and divorced. Grrrrr. 

I really loved the mother and I hated that the rumors were true and they killed her off. Did anyone else feel they rushed through that whole thing? I was crying seeing her in the hospital, but they were already on to the next thing. I'm sorry, I never lost a parent, but even if it's been six years would you really push that hard for your dad to get together with Robin? Am I being too critical?

I DID like that Barney turned full circle and became a dad. I cried watching him with that sweet baby girl. And I laughed hard when he told those girls to put clothes on and get out of the bar. He grew up. Finally. Loved that.

I also just felt it was too real life. I hated how Robin just didn't feel part of the gang anymore because everyone was having kids and getting married. I get that. I know the pain of growing apart from friends who have kids and you are just not in that life stage. It was just too real, ha! I already live in real life, I don't need it on the show also. 

I know it's just a show, but it was just such a good one. I can't believe it is over. I can't believe how involved in the characters I became. That's good writing. Good story telling. I also loved that they planned the finale when the show began (and even filmed part of it during the first season so the kids would look the same). I liked that they knew all along, unlike Friends, where I feel the finale could have been more thought out with more closure. Speaking of closure, I would have liked MORE closure with Ted and Robin. 

What did you think? Did you like it? Hate it? Agree with me? Tell me your thoughts!!


The Pink Growl said...

I have to agree with being underwhelmed with the finale. I just thought the whole episode was weird! I was kinda sad they killed off the mother, but I knew it was coming when they eluded to it earlier in this season. I like Robin & Ted together and was happy with the final ending, but it still didn't fulfill me like I wanted it to.

Cat @ MaryMarthaMama said...

So I agree with a TON of what you said. I read someone else say that they wish the writers would have spaced out the finale episode over the whole last season... and I totally agreed. I feel like we rooted really hard for Robin and Barney to get married and to divorce them so quickly was just hard. (I mean, that whole episode about the rehearsal dinner? Loved that! And them in it!) I, like you, was not rooting for Robin and Ted, I was over them, and I liked the mother so much. I get the full circle thing, but I feel like we needed more time to get there, which they could have used this whole season to do.

Anonymous said...

Yes!! Absolutely! Check out my post about it, too. I'm pretty sure that we said the SAME THINGS.

I am SO sad that it's over, and way. Immediately with hour it ended, but loved the show as a whole. It'll be impossible to replace in my show list, for sure!! And I feel almost like I had to say goodbye to friends. Haha... I'm crazy!