Friday, April 4, 2014

Fit Friday!

I'm just gonna say it up front. I didn't weigh in this week. I have found maintaining has been really frustrating and can really get me down. This week I have been great! Walking everyday at lunch and after work. Eating 1200 calories a day. Not feeling deprived. Portion control. But over the weekend I was on vacation and all those practices went out the window so I wanted to not be discouraged by the weigh in this week. I just wanted to press restart. Get back on track and feel good about that and just not worry about what the scale says. Okay? :)

Breakfasts this week have been amazing. Half of a whole wheat bagel (155 calories) with a Laughing Cow Cream Cheese (45 calories) and a hard boiled egg (70 calories). I'm sorry about the picture quality, must not have been awake yet. I also drink a cup of black coffee with Splenda each  morning.

My lunches this week have been one cup (100 calories) of Trader Joe's Roasted Red Pepper soup with a cup of sugar snap peas (35 calories). OH. EMMMMMMMMMMMM. GGGGGGGGGGGGG. This soup is to die. You don't expect it to be filling, but it is!

My snacks this week have been Triscuits with a light string cheese. I forgot how much I freaking love Triscuits. See what I mean about not feeling deprived?! Good, filling foods.

Monday we were still on vacation and I don't even remember what I had. Leftovers from vacay probably and they were NOT healthy. Tuesday we didn't feel like grocery shopping so we grabbed Chinese food on the way home from work. I only ate half and saved the other half for dinner Wednesday. Success! I could eat tofu lo mein and still stay within my calories.

Thursday night we grabbed sushi on our way home from work. Okay, we really need to grocery shop and meal plan for next week! Does anyone else struggle with getting back into cooking after being away? Just me? 


Rebecca Jo said...

That reminds me - I think I have some red roasted pepper soup in my cabinet!!! SCORE!

Linnea said...

The roasted red pepper soup is soo good. I hope you had a good vacation!

LL said...

I have been obsessed with that soup for a week now. Call it pregnancy hormones, but I have it for breakfast. :)

MommyMandy Musings said...

YUM! All that food looks amazing!

warmfuzzies said...

Great job! I am using my Fitbit linked to my fitness pal and I'm also doing 1200 cal a day.( When you link you are Fitbit to your my fitness pal app the calories that you burn with your Fitbit will allow you to eat a few hundred extra more calories per day depending on how much you worked out. I love it) It's not that easy for me counting calories when I used to be a weight watchers and only counting points. the calories I would eat didn't even count for points at all they were zero because they were veggies and stuff. So it's different for me but I think I'm doing this well. I'm doing a c25K program for running. I love your posts thank you for being so honest and sharing your journey with us. Ps... I love the my fitness pal app because you can push the barcode thingy and scan a lot of the foods as long as they have a barcode and it calculates all the calories in portion sizes for you!