Friday, February 28, 2014

Fit Friday!

I'm not gonna lie, I was a little discouraged after last week's weigh in. Especially because Garth lost five pounds last week. Wah wah. But I had a good talk with my mom. Moms make everything better, you know? I want it so bad. I can picture it. I can taste it. I got this.


I used my frustration to my advantage and worked EVEN harder this week! I really just wanted to focus on my eating and portion control, but I did walk 3 miles five times this week and I plan to do Insanity Saturday and Sunday.

My breakfast each morning has been an egg in a cup, 2 clementines and one string cheese. It is the perfect snack for me and keeps me full all morning long.

Lunch has been a Trader Joe's Low Fat Pomegranate Yogurt with Granola or Low Fat Vanilla Yogurt with Almonds. Oh my gosh, you guys. Almonds in yogurt is a game changer. I am obsessed. Seriously, so good. 

I pair this with strawberries or an apple and sugar snap peas. 

My afternoon snack has consistently been oatmeal. I just crave that sweet, warm comfort int the afternoons. I know I need more protein in my diet so I have started having Trader Joe Whole Grain crackers with 2 tablespoons of hummus. Amazing decision!

Monday night we went out to dinner with friends for sushi. We have this great restaurant near work that is delicious AND 25% off Monday nights. Can't beat it!

Tuesday night we had to make a grocery store stop. You know the one where you are out of EVERYTHING. Laundry detergent, toilet paper, cleaning supplies. Good times. So we just threw an Amy's Spinach pizza in the oven and I had a slice.

I paired it with a side of oven roasted asparagus. YUM. This really hit the spot.

Wednesday night we had small group and we worked late so it was so hard to make a healthy choice on the go. I like the Turkey Tom at Jimmy John's though because it's only 460 calories and it is so good and filling.

Thursday morning I prepped the crock pot for a favorite around here, Chicken Curry. It is seriously so easy. You must try it! 

I just throw three boneless chicken breasts in the crock and season with curry (or you could season with taco seasoning, also great!).

You throw in two to three cans of diced tomatoes.

Then you cover and cook on low for 9.5 hours. Easy peasy! You come home from work and dinner is ready! All you need to do is cook the rice and dinner is served. LOVE. I paired one cup brown rice, 4 oz. chicken with leftover asparagus from earlier in the week and was satisfied. Also, it goes pretty darn good with a 55 calorie beer!

Tonight will probably be leftovers because they are even better the next day. Don't you love meals like that?

The results?! I lost two pounds this week with a grand total of 5 pounds lost. Woohoo!!!!! Garth is also doing great. He lost five pounds last week and five pounds this week. I never felt deprived this week. I just measured my portions. I was mindful of what I was eating and trying to fuel my body. I feel great!

It really helps having a fridge full of healthy options - eggs, asparagus, strawberries, yogurt, pineapple, cheese, diet soda, brown rice, and cottage cheese. A glass of wine for dessert or a 55 calorie beer is a nice treat once and a while too!

I started reading the newest Weight Watchers magazine to get new ideas and had to take a picture of this girl's lunch idea. It sounds amazing! I think I will make that for my lunches next week to switch it up and incorporate more veggies into my diet.

How are you all doing?


The Pink Growl said...

Sounds like you are definitely eating right girl! Keep it up!

Rebecca Jo said...

I have the hardest time with lunches too. Hard to bring in healthy stuff besides frozen dinners which aren't great.

That yogurt looks fantastic with the granola!

Linnea said...

Great job this week! I maintained. Boo, but just gotta keep at it. I'm going to look for the WW magazine. Thanks!

MommyMandy Musings said...

That's great lady! And all your food looks delicious!!

Lauren said...

all that food is definitely making me hungry! I love a good Turkey Tom from Jimmy John' of my favorite sandwich places!

Anonymous said...

Wow - congrats! Sounds like you've got this down to a science. :) PS: The Chicken Curry sounds AAAmazing.