Friday, March 14, 2014

Fit Friday!

How can it be Friday already? Did this week fly by for anyone else? I'm not complaining though. I'm excited for a nice relaxing weekend! This week was good though. Working out in the mornings was just not really in the cards this week. Losing that hour of sleep just threw me off completely. Here was my workout schedule:

Sunday - Walk 45 minutes with Manny (it was in the high 30s, I couldn't resist!)
Monday - Walk 3 miles on lunch and 45 minutes with Manny (45 degrees this day!!!!)
Tuesday - Walk 3 miles
Wednesday - Insanity Pure Cardio (it's my fave!) and 30 minutes of shoveling (we had about 8 inches of snow so I worked from home and without the commute I could get my morning workout in, yay!)
Thursday - Walk 3 miles
Friday - Walk 3 miles
Saturday - Insanity

It wasn't a bad week, by any means. I'll try to incorporate two mornings of Insanity next week and try out other discs like you all suggested. It was nice to incorporate some OUTSIDE exercise. It has been too long.

One of the main things I do every day is drink as much water as possible. Yes, it's annoying to pee all the time. But I know it's important. I started adding lemon to my water this week to spice things up. I know, I'm so crazy. ;)

We made a Trader Joe's run after seeing my family last weekend. I am now obsessed with their blueberry bran muffins. They are HUGE and filling and only 110 calories for half! I pair it with a hard boiled egg and apple and I'm set all morning. YUM.

My snacks have been Luna bars. An oldie but a goodie. They go so great with green tea as an afternoon pick me up.

My lunches have been two clementines, a string cheese and Trader Joe's Vanilla Yogurt with Almonds. I adore this yogurt. I even stated it was life changing. And it is. But I think after having it 5 times in a row I am a bit tired of it. I hit my wall and I'm ready for a new lunch next week. 

Monday night we did our usual. Sushi night to take advantage of the 25% off. I really eat better over the weekend knowing I get a "healthy treat" Monday night. It's also just a nice reward for surviving Monday, am I right?

Tuesday we had chicken stir-fry. I know I am not following my meal plan exactly, but I know we will eat it all eventually. Truthfully, we do most our cooking on the weekends anyways. I love to cook together, but with the busyness of the week and staying late sometimes it is usually the last thing we want to do.

Wednesday we had this crazy snow storm. This is what we woke up to. YIKES. We worked from home which is seriously such a perk of the job. 

Since we didn't have the commute home Garth was inspired to make his own version of chicken curry (instead of the crock pot version I make). It was delicious. It was loosely based on this recipe. It was delicious, but spicy. Garth said it reminded him of home. Love that.

Thursday night Garth had leftover chicken curry. As much as I loved it, it was just too spicy for a second night in a row. I had a Trader Joe's broccoli quiche and sugar snap peas. Delicious!!! I know prepackaged food isn't the best, but sometimes it is just easiest for me to control portions. To measure out the chicken curry and stir fry is seriously so hard for me. 

Tonight I have a friend coming over and we'll snack on a few appetizers and sugar snap peas. I'm seriously obsessed with them.

The results? I love three pounds. That is a grand total of ten pounds. I was in shock. I even made Garth verify. Truthfully, I didn't work out as much and my calories were closer to 1500 this week so I wasn't expecting that. It feels AWESOME. I'm doing it, guys. I got this. I'm getting back to "me" again. Another advantage this week? Garth and a co-worker both said they could tell I was losing and my face looked slimmer. Love it! That makes it all worth it.

How are you all doing?


MommyMandy Musings said...

Awesome job lady!!!

Lauren said...

great job! I so wish we had a Trader Joe's nearby, that yogurt sounds delicious!

Rebecca Jo said...

I thought that was an EGG in your water!! haha!

Anne said...

So proud of you Lindsey! Your hard work and sacrifice is paying off :-)