Thursday, October 2, 2014

October Goals

Another month is upon us. Another fresh start. I love a fresh start and chance to make new goals!

1. Lose ten pounds this month. I came really close in August, got a bit hung up by vacation in September that set me back (calories don't count on vacay, right?!) and now I'm in it to win it. I'm in a healthier mindset and I'm seeing results without starvation and deprivation. I would like to start seeing ten pound losses each month so I can be at my goal in February (hellooooo vacay on the beach or Vegas?! Decisions!) but as long as I keep seeing the number go down I'll call it a win. That is my main goal. Just a loss each week. Slow and steady will get me there and I'll be more likely to keep it off.

2. Finish T25 Beta this month. I'm in my first week and LOVING it. I didn't think I could love it more than Alpha, but I actually do. It's a nice change, it's harder, and it seems to go faster. I also really love weight lifting again!

3. Host friends once a month. I think I got a bit burned out hosting once a week so July and August I didn't host at all! We had friends over Tuesday night for dinner and I forgot how much I enjoy hosting. I think hosting once a month is a happy medium. 

4. Finish all the yard work projects for the season. It was lovely having sunflowers all summer, but now we have to tear them all out and that will be a J-O-B. We need to take the awning down and move all the furniture into the garage. Rake all the leaves that are accumulating under the deck. Clean up the landscaping. If I clip all the dead tulip leaves will they still grow back next year? I hope so, the tulips are so pretty but the leaves look so messy the rest of the seasons. I'm also hoping we get to paint our kitchen this month, but that may be a bit too ambitious.

5. Read 3 books this month. This is almost a habit and if I accomplish this goal this month I may not have to keep including it in my goals. I really love that I have been reading three books a month and that it has been doable and enjoyable.

6. Cook one new recipe a week. I got out of this habit so I want to bring it back. I have so many recipes pinned on Pinterest and cut out of magazines that I really should start trying. I also have my great grandma's lasagna recipe that I've been wanting to make with Garth for ages. Maybe this will be the month!

7. Do one craft this month. I have a few crafts I've been longing to do and I need some accountability. I saved all the wine labels from our vacation and I want to make some kind of collage art with it. I want to make a wreath for spring/summer. I want to do a collage wall of pictures of friends, family, Manny and a few favorite quotes. 

8. Organize one room this month. I need to start organizing the house. I usually take a week or two off in December to do this, but I decided to take a week in November instead to enjoy the nicer weather. I'll have time to organize the house during my time off, but I would like to start taking it room by room now so I can spend some of that time off on house projects like turning a bedroom into a closet. I also want to spend some of that time relaxing! 

What are your goals this month?

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Anne said...

My goals: finish nursing school!! Finish wedding planning with minimal stress!! I would also love to lose about 5 pounds. I just feel like you, that I can never lose any weight unless I am starving myself :-( so needing to find a happy medium!