Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Garage Cleanout

We finally cleaned out our garage this past weekend. We went to one car a couple months ago and it was shocking how much crap piled up in that extra space. G wanted to turn it into his wood working shop so we did a lot of purging and organizing. It felt ridiculously good.

Check out G's new wood working area and check out all that wood he has to work with! I love that he has this new hobby and I love that he now has the proper space to work.

Ohhhh the possibilities of things he can make in this space. I'm dreaming of a beautiful  farm table for the dining room.

I joked that G must be on Pinterest because he re-purposed this spice rack for his nuts and screws. Clever, right?!

He also bought this board and his boss brought in hooks so he could start hanging his tools. I know he loves it and I just love the organization of it all. One room down. Many, many more to go. But it's a start! A very good start.

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Anne said...

Looks great! Being organized helps everything so much!!