Friday, May 2, 2014

Fit Friday: Meal Plan Edition

So I decided to do the meal plan. I am on day 4 of the Personal Trainer FoodFirstly, I am not being paid to talk about this meal delivery plan.  I did purchase this through Groupon so I received $114 off, but all opinions are my own. This is just MY experience. 

It was so hard to actually place the initial order. I don't know why. I just sat and stared at the computer for hours and finally Garth asked "What are you afraid of?" I didn't know. I didn't know what was holding me back. So I ordered it. I immediately got this rush of excitement. I knew I did the right thing. I was ready for a change.

I chose the 2 Meal a Day Plan which means my snacks and breakfasts are on my own. Breakfasts and snacks are easy for me. It's dinner that is my weakness and why this plan is working so well for me. I don't even have to think about dinner or be tempted by takeout. I just get home, throw a meat and veggie in the microwave for 3.5 minutes and I'm done. Easy peasy. 

My biggest hesitation for ordering was all the reviewers saying you would need to purchase a new freezer if you had a small freezer. Ummm freezers are NOT cheap. I was determined to make our freezer work. We worked hard to eat everything in there and I would say we were pretty successful, no? 

I wiped down the freezer and then we started packing the food in. It doesn't look like there is much rhyme or reason, but the veggies are in the door and the bottom two shelves. The top shelves are the meat. It fit!! So for lunch I grab a veggie and a meat and I'm out the door. I have almonds for my afternoon snack and a string cheese (low fat) for my morning snack. The idea of the plan is to rid cravings and by doing so I do not eat any sugar or carbs. As we were packing the food away Garth said it smelled great and was so convenient and asked if he could do the plan with me, ha! Of course, I said yes. It would be easier if we were doing the meal plan together. I just have to buy more food in 14 days to keep us going for the 28 days, but with the Groupon the meals came down to $3.50 a meal. That's not bad at all! 

Also, I did weigh in and it wasn't pretty. (Check out that new digital scale!) I know the meal plan advised not to, but I needed to know my starting point. I had to know where I started. I knew I would regret if I didn't. I also took measurements. But my main focus is on how I feel and how my clothes fit. 

I weighed in this morning, even though G strongly advised me not to. I just had to see how I was doing. The results? I lost 4 pounds!!!!!! That as just the motivation I needed to keep on keeping on.

My breakfasts this week have been two eggs in a cup, scrambled with one low fat Sargento string cheese. Quick. Easy. Filling. Delicious.

Garth has been eating two hard boiled eggs for lunch. I might alternate with hard boiled eggs for breakfast as well. 

I also made this South Beach Breakfast Casserole, but instead of peppers and tomatoes I put in spinach. This will be great for weekend mornings and the work week as well. G and I ate this for breakfast this morning and it was AMAZING.

My lunch Tuesday and Thursday was zucchini and a breaded chicken patty. The verdict? It was amazing! It doesn't look like much, but it was delicious.

It was pretty filling, but I still needed some almonds in the afternoon to get me through the day.

For dinner Tuesday and Thursday I had a spinach and asiago cheese brat and it was my favorite meal SO FAR! It was amazing with asparagus. I wish it was more filling though. We walked Manny after dinner and pretty much starved the rest of the night. Eesh this will be harder than I thought. I drank peppermint tea and read which helped.

Wednesday I had Lemon Garlic Chicken and Asparagus for lunch. This chicken was my least favorite. It was kinda chewy. That grossed me out. I had to have gum after to get the flavor out because it just was not my cup of tea. Luckily, G loves this chicken so I'll let him eat the rest of these! You win some, you lose some. 

I was put off by this meal so much I did not want the food for dinner. G decided in order to keep going and make this work we needed to grocery shop. 

We bought more eggs, turkey salami sticks, low fat cheese, this fun coffee flavor Blueberry muffin. If I can't have a muffin mine as well drink coffee that tastes like a muffin! That's the same, right?! It was actually amazing. It made the house smell incredible. We also bought 25 calorie hot chocolate. All of these foods are allowed on the meal plan because the parameters are - lean meat, veggie, egg, or under 2 g of sugar. G and I both felt SO much better and ready to keep on keeping on!

BUT! I was still really turned off from the chicken at lunch so I had a few turkey salami sticks (60 cals each) and two slices of low fat cheddar cheese (50 cals each). I paired this with a side of the meal plan brussels sprouts. It was amazing! I know these are mostly for snacks, but it was a great dinner! I don't even regret it. I still followed the rules.

Overall this is getting easier. Seeing results so quickly definitely helps. I feel great and I sleep like a baby. The hardest is at night, but I have started having a turkey salami stick and low fat cheese between lunch and dinner so I can push dinner back a bit so I'm not starving for hours and hours. It's working. I found my rhythm.  I got this now. 

How are you all doing?


Kenya said...

Glad you are liking it so far! Congrats on the weight loss! Keep up the good work. :)

Rebecca Jo said...

That's awesome that you're doing so well! & seeing such great results! I want to try something like that but not many offer vegetarian options :(

Kalyn Denny said...

Glad you enjoyed the breakfast casserole and keep it up!

Spartylover83 said...

You go girl! So proud of you for being so committed!

mags said...

Good for you! Glad it's going so well!