Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Meal Delivery Plans: Give Me Your Thoughts!

I want your advice! Back story: I've been struggling to lose 40+ pounds I picked up over the last year and a half. I struggle so much with portion control and eating cleaner, leaner, etc. I'm tired of the take-out temptations. But mainly, I'm really sick and tired of not losing weight. Too many calories. Too little calories. Not enough protein. Too busy or too tired to cook / properly plan. There are a million reasons I'm not seeing the results I want to see. I'm tired of not seeing the results. I'm tired of being unhappy with how I look. I'm tired of cringing when I don't see the scale move or I see a picture of myself. I'm sick of constantly being self conscious. Not wanting to go somewhere because of how dissatisfied I am with myself. Sick of putting my life on hold and thinking "when I get to my goal weight I'll (Fill in the Blank). It's no way to live and I need to stop complaining and just do something about it. Get back to feeling like me and not a disappointment that I let myself go. 

All that to say... I've decided to do a meal delivery plan. I just want to do it for one month and start seeing some major results. My co-worker did Medifast and had great results. She learned to treat food as fuel and that is something I really need to learn. I love food TOO much.

I have a friend who had a friend do NutriSystem and saw great results and enjoyed the food.

I just got a Groupon for Personal Trainer Food and this really appeals to me. Not only am I getting $100 off, but it includes ALL your meals. It is portioned out. It just has to be microwaved. No fuss. No overeating. No thinking/planning meals. Easy. Quick fix. 

I just am tired of working hard without any results. I'm ready for a jump start. This isn't a forever thing. This is a one month thing to lose 15-20 pounds and start feeling myself again. Start wearing my wedding rings again. I know it's not for everyone. Trust me. I put this off for a long time. But I think it will fit my lifestyle for a time. I need a change. I need some good results. I need advice! Have you done one of these? Or one I haven't heard of? Had a friend do one? Give me your feedback! I wanna know all the details before I make the financial commitment. Thanks so much!


Courtney said...

I would love to follow your journey doing that! It sounds like a great way to get in track and get some motivation.

Run Mary Run! said...

my father in law did nutri system and lost a lot of weight while he was on it! Good luck to you! You can do it, it's a hard journey, but you've got this!! Check out my blog if you want :)

Anonymous said...

My mom did Medifast and lost 126 lbs and has kept it off for about 6 years now! She offers coaching services for FREE to help you lose the weight! Here's her blog: It has her e-mail address, too! She lives in west Michigan (in Zeeland/Holland area), she's a Christian, and she's great! Good luck! Melissa

mags said...

I say - go for it!!! It seems like a good plan. And please, share your journey! Good Luck!

Erin said...

Have you been to the doctor and had your thyroid checked? If you can't lose weight and are feeling run down, you might have an underactive thyroid. If that's the case, you'll perk up once you get on a prescription for replacement thyroid hormones.