Thursday, June 12, 2014

Thirteen for Thursday

1. I cannot believe summer is here. I love it so much and just do not want it to ever end. I spent Friday evening and Saturday on the deck reading Where We Belong by Emily Giffin. It was good as all Giffin's books are. She knows how to suck me in and get attached to the characters. I wasn't satisfied with the ending, but it was still a great read. Up next: Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. I know people told me I would hate it, but it got such great reviews I gotta give it a try!

2. Sunday we had friends over for lunch (Hi Anne!) that we haven't seen in forever. We picked up right where we left off which is always fun. We talked about life and our dreams and the future and those are my favorite kind of talks. It was such a nice day deck sitting and doing life with friends.

3. I was walking Manny one morning last week and saw this gorgeous butterfly on a dandelion and just had to capture the moment. Seconds later Manny was trying to eat this poor butterfly. He was unsuccessful, don't worry! I wouldn't let that happen.

4. Mosquitoes this year are INSANE! We spray this Cutter spray that attaches to the hose and it keeps mosquitoes away for 2 weeks. Not this year. The spray literally only lasts a day and then they are back in full force. Like swarming my feet when I take Manny out. You know it's bad when they are even getting G when we are outside. It is only June 12 but I have about 25 mosquito bites including two on my face. AWESOME.

5. I moved to a bigger cubicle last week AND a standing desk. I love it! It is tiring standing though, but I heard that is typical the first week of standing.I stand for the first 3 hours in the morning and then sit for an hour before I walk on lunch. I stand about an hour or two in the afternoon and I hope it gets easier next week! But I am loving it. It burns more calories and it's nice to stretch the legs. I know standing too much and sitting too much are both bad so I'm trying to find the perfect balance. My afternoons used to get so busy I would literally not move from 2 to 5 p.m. and then my legs would be so cramped so this is definitely a much better alternative.

6. I'm still loving my new hours. I wake up at my usual 6:00 time, drink coffee and do my devotional/jouranling. At 6:45 I do 15 min of Insanity and then I walk Manny for 40 minutes while listening to worship music and prepping for my day. I am loving this routine. It does stink if we get stuck in traffic on the way home, go out to eat after work or have to grocery shop after work because then we don't get home until 8:00, but it's not the end of the world. I will still take it to have that extra hour in the morning.

7. Last Thursday I worked from home because I was dizzy and had a major headache. Weirdness. See also: Not pregnant! But it was so nice working from home. I think Manny loved it too. Look at him sleeping like a king on G's recliner AND a pillow AND a blanket. His life is hard!

8. I am obsessed with Luke Bryan's new song "Play it Again." Gahhhhh it's so good. 

9. I had a fun girls' lunch a few of my favorites at my favorite Mexican restaurant. My new favorite thing to order is the beef tostada a la cart and I just fill up on chips and salsa and I get a filling meal for $3.50! Can't beat it! (Thanks Brittany for that tip!!) The company was also pretty awesome and just makes the day that much better. Love good girlfriends you can laugh and just be yourself with.

10. My new obsession: Bota Box wine. OMG it is my new favorite. And I know. It's in a box. I'm just super classy like that.

11. Have you guys watched the new show Undateable? I started watching it because it starred the guy from Whitney (loved that show! sad it was cancelled!) and now I am obsessed with it because it is based in Ferndale (suburb of Detroit!!), though it's filmed in LA. I love all the Detroit references though and the show is just generally funny. You should definitely check it out. I'm a fan.

12. So I read an article that ticks are becoming more and more common this summer in MIchigan. So of course I'm doing an obnoxious tick check to Manny every time he comes inside. I love summer, but I could do without the ticks... and mosquitoes.

13. Give me your randoms!!


Anonymous said...

Who lets Manny out when you go out to eat or grocery shop on the way home...?

Anne said...

Was SO nice to see you guys over the weekend! Delicious food, great talks, good times :) also very cool on the standing desk!!

Anonymous said...

Gone Girl was SOOOOOOO good! BUT... you have to get to the 2nd part. There rare 3 parts overall, but Part I it literally half of the book and it really starts to draaaaaag on. However, I GUARANTEE you that as soon as you turn the first page of Part II you are FLOORED and then totally sucked in until the end. ErrMahGerr..... SOOOOO GOOD!! Also, the movie is supposedly going to have a different ending than the book, so... you've got to read it to really know for when the movie comes out in a few months. Eek!!

And mosquitos SUUUUUUCK! (pun not intended). I'm allergic... I feel every single bite (it hurts!) and I majorly swell up, they get huge red and hot... and I get a low fever and canNOT sleep. Worst insect ever. I feel your pain!