Friday, June 13, 2014

Fit Friday!

Another great week in the record books. I just cannot tell you how happy this warm, sunny weather makes me. Life is good. 

The results:

Lost: -2.8 pounds
Total: 3.4 pounds

Woohoo! My workouts this week have looked like this:

Monday - Walk 5 miles (2 with Manny and 3 on lunch)
Tuesday - Insanity and Walk 5 miles (2 with Manny and 3 on lunch)
Wednesday - Walk 5 miles (2 with Manny and 3 on lunch)
Thursday - Insanity and Walk 5 miles (2 with Manny and 3 on lunch)
Friday - Insantiy and Walk 5 miles (2 with Manny and 3 on lunch)
Saturday - Walk 3 miles with Manny
Sunday - The Shred Level 2 and walk 2 miles with Manny

Is there such thing as too much walking your dog? Manny sure does love our walks together and he is becoming a really great little walker on his leash. I am also loving doing a quick 15 or 20 minutes of Insanity. It is heart pumping and I drip with sweat after just 15 minutes! Then I take Manny for a walk to cool off. I know I should probably do a bit more weight training than just one day a week, but it really affects the scale! I just want to see the scale go down at this point.

My breakfasts have been an oldie, but a goodie. 2 eggs and 1/4 cup cheddar cheese. Easy, delicious and so filling. 

So we had a work lunch on Friday and I had the most amazing macaroni and cheese. It was a huge portion and I was so excited to eat it for dinner Friday night and probably Saturday as well. I was working late so G grabbed our leftovers from the fridge. We left work late, got stuck in traffic and didn't get home until 8. UGH. All I could think about was that macaroni and cheese. We let Manny out and got the mail and I went to get my leftovers and realized G only grabbed my salad leftovers, not the mac and cheese. NOOOOOOOOO. I may have had a mini meltdown over this revelation that I would not get any mac and cheese this weekend. (Dramatic, I know. But I'm just keeping it real. When I have my heart set on something it's hard to let that go!) 

So you can imagine how good this tasted when I had it for lunch Monday with a side of carrots? Absolutely hit. The. Spot. I also had this for lunch Tuesday. Gotta love a restaurant that gives you such huge portions! The rest of the week I ate leftover baked ziti that I had made Sunday when we had friends over. I paired it with a side of asparagus or zucchini. Did I mention I love leftovers? ;)

My afternoon snack has been 6 Triscuits and a low fat string cheese. A nice change and super filling. Love it!

Monday night we had sushi for 25% off with a co-worker and G adventurously tried mussels for the first time. I did too and as expected, DISLIKED. I just cannot handle the texture.

Tuesday night we had Mozzarella and Garlic frozen pizza. It was the best frozen pizza I ever had. Yum. 

Wednesday night G made taco cups. This time we made them with chicken and they were incredible. I think we will definitely be putting these on the meal plan rotation. They are just THAT good. In fact, we ate leftovers for dinner Thursday night.

How are you all doing?


Linnea said...

Great job this week! This may be a really silly question, but do you cook your eggs at work in the microwave? If so, what do you do? Thanks! Have a nice weekend.

Lauren said...

congrats girl! great progress!