Friday, September 5, 2014

September Goals.

Is it really fall? Summer went ridiculously fast. I feel like I maximized summer to it's fullest, but I still feel it went too fast. But it's here and I'm ready to embrace it. School is in session. The leaves are changing. I'm ready to reset and start anew. 

1. Do the 21 Day Fix. Have you tried it? What did you think? My girlfriend is doing it now and loves it. I'm seeing results with what I'm doing now, but I want faster results. I am losing about a pound a week which is just too slow. I want to change it up and trying something different for 21 days. It will also help me with eating cleaner and watch portion control so I'll keep you posted on how it goes.

2. No take out. I also plan to go AT LEAST 21 days without eating takeout starting September 8th. We eat a lot of takeout this summer and even though I've learned how to eat healthy out, it's just not the best option. I know preparing your own meals is the best way to see results because that is the only way you know exactly what you're getting. I'm refreshed and ready to get back in the kitchen. The 21 day fix will help me prepare a head of time so this shouldn't be too hard... Challenge accepted!

3. Blog three times a week. I have started posting Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. I just stopped enjoying blogging when I was feeling the pressure to post every single day of the week. It is so freeing to only post three days a week and not be stressed about what to post. Three days is just perfect for me right now. If I have more to say, maybe I'll post four times. But I'm giving myself grace to only blog when I really want to instead of trying to come up with something every day.  

4. Read three books a month. This shouldn't be a problem this month. I always get lots of books read when G has football games to watch. 

5. Go to church. We should be in town all month so there is no excuse. No more church online. Time to build community and get back to it.

6. Lose ten pounds this month. I can't imagine this being difficult since I'm not eating take out and I'm following The 21 Day fix. 

7. Go to the Farmer's Market. YES! I am going this month to load up on all the fruits and veggies for The 21 Day Fix. So EXCITED.

What are your goals this month?


Anne said...

Sounds great! The 21 day fix sounds awesome! My problem is I eat meals and combinations of stuff, not separate things, but if it works for you maybe I'll try it! I'm glad you enjoyed the summer, I feel like I worked too much! Well I'll enjoy reading as always when you post, I know, lots of days I want to write but never seem to find the time!

Lauren said...

these sound like great, achieveable goals! eating out, even if you do it the right way is SOOOOO hard! It's so much less stressful to just fix a nice healthy meal at home!

stribble29 said...

Girl listen to me when I say you're doing a fabulous job losing 1 pound a week. The slower you lose it, the harder it is to put back on. Normal weight loss is 1-2 pounds a week. You don't want to lose too fast because then it will come back on that much faster. It has taken me almost 9 months to lose 35 pounds and I've never felt better because it was a slow process. Diets that cut out so many things have a higher failure rate. Stick with what you're doing for a while, stop obsessing over how much you're losing each week and keep doing a great job like you already are!!!!