Wednesday, September 3, 2014

August Goals Revisited

I didn't do that great on August goals, but for the sake of accountability lets look back on how I did:

1. Do a morning devotional and journal every morning. Check! I'm doing The Jesus Calling and journaling and I love it. 

2. Read three books a month. Check! I did make a trip to the library. I read The Husband's Secret,What Alice Forgot  and Jemima J. I loved them all, but The Husband's Secret was SO AMAZING. I could NOT put it down. I'm definitely a Liane Moriarty fan so next up on my list is more books by her!

3. Do T25. Check! I followed the entire program all 4 weeks and I loved every second of it.

4. Go to the Farmer’s Market. My girlfriend gave me an awesome Farmer's Market candle. Does that count? :) I gotta go in September before it's over until next year. In my defense, we have been out of town or with plans every Sunday this month so it was just not doable.

5. Walk Manny every morning. Check! There were quite a few rainy mornings that meant I had to take Manny in the evening. But I'm proud to report he gets a walk every single day of the week with extra long walks on the weekends. I love our walks, especially when G joins us!

6. Cook one new recipe a week. MAJOR FAIL. I didn't cook a thing this month unless you count Trader Joe meals that I stuck in the oven. G did all of the cooking or I threw in a frozen meal or we had take out. Don't judge me. I plan to make major changes in September! Fall is the perfect time for a reboot.

7. Lose 10 pounds. Half check! I lost 7 pounds this month and I'm happy with that. It's progress. It is actually pretty darn good considering we were away almost every weekend and we ate a lot of processed food and take out. I'll take it!

8. Go to church. FAIL. We were gone 3 of the 5 Sundays of this month and the weekends we were here we were so crammed full of plans or yard work we skipped and did church online. Next month will be our month!

How did you all do?

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Anne said...

Sounds like a great month to me Linds! Awesome job with the 7lbs!! And so impressed on the month of t25, i did alpha cardio the other day and was dripping!