Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Ten for Tuesday

1. I reorganized my pantry, fridge and freezer last week and it felt amazing. It was also kinda sad how much food had expired that I had to throw away. The process did help me plan meals around what I did have and grocery shop accordingly to avoid future wasting. I hate wasting food!

2. You should read Anna's (The Yellow Table) blogs on Traverse City, Michigan. It's so neat to see an outsider's (she lives in NYC!) perspective of my home state. See, I'm not crazy when I talked about Suttons Bay feeling like I'm in France.


3. I'm starting to dream up turning one of the bedrooms upstairs into a closet. There is a white desk in the room with a day bed. We don't have too many guests so the room is basically unused. Of course, the day bed will stay. I'll just fluff it up and make it more fun with a comforter set. I'm dreaming about painting the white desk purple and displaying all of my scarves, necklaces, and headbands on it. SO EXCITE.

4. How have I just heard about Good Reads?! I have found many great book recommendations from this site. I just finished reading Wedding Night by Sophie Kinsella and it's cute. Not can't put it down good like Liane Moriarty books, but a fun, cute read nonetheless. 

5. Tips for Grabbing Life by the Balls is a great motivational article. It serves as such a good reminder that there is no such thing as overnight success. Success is a result of small, daily habits and a whole lot of patience. It was just what I needed to hear this morning.

6. This past weekend was such a good one. G is working on building a bar in the basement and it's really coming along great. I'm excited to have a Stock The Bar Party when it's completed! There was also a lot of football watching. Fall candles. Reading. Walking Manny. Cooking chili. Cleaning. Yard work. The perfect balance of productive and relaxing with zero obligations. 

7. I do love fall, but I just wasn't ready for it this year. It snuck up on me so fast. Our summer hasn't been the warmest so I wasn't ready for the temps to drop so quickly. It was so chilly I even turned the fire place on one night. I guess I'll embrace fall so I busted out the fall candles and made a big batch of chili. The temps will be back in the high 70s this weekend, yay!

8. I'm a reading machine lately. Now I'm onto #Girl Boss by Sophia Amoruso and Naturally Thin by Bethenny Frankel. I guess the busyness of the summer has subsided and I can really dig into good books with a warm blanket and a side of tea. Love it!

9. The first week back from vacation is always the hardest. Is it just me or is it just tough to get back into a routine? I love routines, but after a week off it's hard to get back into the swing of the things. And I just can't help thinking "last Monday I was doing this." The first week is always survival week, but I made it. Now I'm in my groove and ready to kick some butt! More on that tomorrow...

10. Don't you love that after I say I'm only posted Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays I start posing more? I'm not gonna fight it. I got something to say so I'll just let it flow and enjoy it while it lasts!

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