Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Closet Clean-Out

The three bedroom closets upstairs were starting to make me twitchy. There was just so much STUFF in them. They were disorganized. Cluttered. I had cleaned my closets out in December, but I didn't do G's closets so his haven't been cleaned out since we moved in... almost four years ago.

This is the before. Yes, those are trash bags of clothes I put together in December that I haven't donated yet. Womp womp. This is our master closet and it's messy. There are clothes in there I haven't worn SINCE December that need to be donated. There is stuff that doesn't fit that I hope to one day fit into that I couldn't get rid of. There were scarves tossed haphazardly on the shelves and strewn around hangers. Bags on the floor. Skirts unfolded on the shelves. It all made my neat freak self a little batty.

G and I were both in those modes where we wanted the clutter gone. It was stressing both of us out. We had no sentimental ties to any of the clothes and we just wanted a cleaned out space of stuff we actually wore. It was a perfect storm, really. You have to take advantage of that feeling when it comes! So we did. Saturday morning was the day. We poured cups of coffee, turned up the music and got to work. We just started taking out clothes we hadn't worn in the last year. No excuses. We gathered trash bags and had a donate pile and a maybe pile.  

I didn't take pictures of the other two closets. But G has the closet in the guest room and I have the closet in the office. We are ridiculous, I know. Too many clothes. But it felt so good to just start taking clothes out we hadn't worn in months. Years. 

I'm not sure what is more disturbing. That we had 7 trash bags of clothes to donate or that we found $100 in a pants pocket we didn't know we were missing.

G had 4 full bags and I had 1 from this clean out (and 2 from my December clean out). The feeling was amazing! It felt SO good to purge. I don't want to be a hoarder. And don't worry, these bags won't sit here for another year. We already loaded the bags in the car to donate this week. The feeling is incredible. 

The finished product! I'm a nerd and organized by dresses, t-shirts, blouses, tanks and scarves. Oh and I color coded. LOVE.

One more just for fun, side by side comparison. So much extra space! It makes me giddy. My closet in the office is formal dresses, sweaters and sweatshirts. I still need to finish organizing the other two bedroom closets, but that I can do on my own during my time off.

I did keep three goal pairs of jeans that I plan to fit into and keep me inspired to keep losing. But that's it. I also finally pulled the trigger and donated all of my business attire and heels that I haven't worn since I was an event planner. My work attire is super casual so I just don't need the business clothes anymore.

Organizing is addicting. I can't wait to get the whole house in order! But one thing at a time. Bedroom closet. Check!


misslily said...

great job! after catching up on your blog, i was motivated to reboot my weight loss efforts. i have lost 18 lbs since april, but have been maintaining (fortunately) for the last 6 weeks or so...hanging out and not being focused. i'm back on track - planning, cooking and packing lunches. i have 20 more lbs to go, so i'm about half way there. i'm looking forward to not having to stress about my weight next summer.

once again, you are inspiring me. i sooooo want to declutter and get my home organized, but i feel overwhelmed by it and am procrastinating big time. my perfectionism isn't helping me in this regard :-/ ten minutes at a time or even one task at a time i keep telling myself...

Lindsey said...

Thanks girl! Your comments always make my day! Congrats on the 18 pounds, that is amazing!!!!

Anne said...

Looks so good!! Yeah 7 bags is a lot! I'm like ou organizing by 'genre' and then by color. Makes it so easy to find stuff! I did a clear out when I packed out of Jill's closets- but might need to do it again since dougs house closets are so small :( and yeah, now I'm about to wear scrubs all the time but I don't feel quite ready to get rid of all my nice legal business clothes! But you're right, they just sit there, and then a year goes by...

Lauren said...

I love the feeling after a good closet clean-out! Feels so good to start fresh!