Friday, November 14, 2014

Fit Friday!


The stats this week: 

Pounds Lost: .6 pounds
To Go: 47.4 to go
Total Lost: 8 pounds

The scale moved again, woohoo!! I know I've said this before, but I'm really enjoying the journey this time and I think that is going to be the secret to my success. I'm not just waiting to live until I get to my goal weight. I'm enjoying the process. Appreciating what my body can do NOW. Enjoying my life NOW. 

My workouts this week:

Sunday - Rest
Monday - Walk 30 minutes
Tuesday - Walk 30 minutes
Wednesday - Walk 30 minutes and 21 Day Fix Pilates
Thursday - T25 Yoga
Friday  - T25 Beta Upper Focus

Saturday - T25 Stretch

As you can tell from my workouts I'm still taking it easy. My leg is finally starting to feel better so I might be able to incorporate more Beta workouts next week. As much as I love jumping and dripping in sweat, Pilates and Yoga have been a nice change. I can't even tell you how amazing they make my leg feel! Even when I'm fully healed I think I might still continue a day or two of Yoga or Pilates.

Eats this week:

Sunday - Breakfast was two eggs in a cup with spinach and Laughing Cow Cheese. Lunch was leftover beer cheese soup from Saturday.

 Dinner was tacos. I love Mexican food so much and G and I were both craving tacos over the weekend because we had the best Mexican food we ever had Friday night.

As I posted on Instagram, who knew the best tostado I ever ate would come from a taco cart in a liquor store? And don't even get me started on the chips and salsa! Amazing!! So making tacos Sunday was the perfect excuse to eat the rest of the chips and salsa from that memorable meal.

Monday - Breakfast was a Jimmy Dean Delight breakfast sandwich and an apple. Lunch was a falafel platter because we went out for a team lunch. Dinner was Brussels sprouts and tofu pad thai. For dessert I had a cup of peppermint tea.

Tuesday - Breakfast was another Jimmy Dean Delight breakfast sandwich with a non fat honey cinnamon latte. Lunch was a Berry Green Monster Smoothie and a Lean Cuisine spinach and artichoke pizza. Snack was an apple and pistachios. Dinner was leftover Brussels sprouts and tofu pad thai.

Wednesday - Breakfast was another breakfast sandwich and the other half of my non fat honey cinnamon latte. Lunch was a repeat of yesterday. Snack was an apple and pistachios. Dinner was slow cooker chili.

Thursday - Breakfast was a breakfast sandwich and a Berry Green Monster Smoothie. Lunch was two slices of bread with peanut butter and a side of cottage cheese. Snack was an apple and pistachios. Dinner was leftover chili. Dessert was a cup of TJ Peppermint tea. It is becoming a favorite way to end my day!

Friday - Breakfast was a repeat of yesterday and for lunch I have TJ red pepper soup and an apple. My snack hasn't been very filling so I think I'll have a Kind bar today. We might go out with friends for karaoke tonight so dinner will probably be out.

How are you all doing?

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