Tuesday, June 10, 2014

DIY Yellow Chairs

My sister-in-law (Hi Jess!!) gave me this tablecloth last Christmas and I just love it. It is so bright and happy and goes nicely with our green kitchen. I had black and red as my kitchen colors for so long that I love the brightness and just the change. My kitchen colors this time are yellow, green, and orange. Happy, happy, happy. 

Side note about me: I cannot stand mismatched wood. There is nothing I hate more. Hence why most of my furniture is black or white. 

I loved this kitchen table though and we got a steal of a deal on it at BB&B. My mom even commented one day that she couldn't believe I would buy a wood table that did not match my cabinets or floors. Well, that day came that I couldn't stand the mismatchedness (yeah, I made that word up) of it all.

On a whim, I told G we should spray paint the chairs yellow to really make them pop. I was anticipating him to tell me I was crazy. But a CRAZIER thing happen. He loved the idea.

So on our next trip to Walmart I picked up a can of yellow spray paint...or 5. I really thought this would be so easy. How hard could spray painting be? Hahahahaha the joke was on me. It was so much harder than I expected. So tedius and so tricky to get into all the little crevices of the chairs. I didn't sand either which probably made it harder on me in the end. Also? I ended up with yellow pain on my hands, arms, even my hair. Sheesh.

It took me forever. And by forever I mean I started in January on a semi-warm day while G was shoveling. Then we went to California and then we had the worst winter ever so it was just way too cold to get out there and finish the job. So I finished (FINALLY!) two weekends ago. We really missed those chairs in the kitchen, let me tell you! 

But the chairs and back and I love it. The chairs pop and instantly make me happy every time I walk in the kitchen. 

Did the chairs turn out perfect? Ha! Far from it. Actually, they look pretty terrible so don't look at them closely. Just glance at them, ok? But it was my first spray painting job and I'll remember it fondly. And by remember it fondly I mean remember to never do that again. I am not a good painter. I learned this early on when I tried painting a bathroom in our first apartment. Why did I think anything would change? Nonetheless, I still like them in all their imperfect glory. Maybe by next January I'll sand them a bit and add a few more coats to make them look a bit better. But for now I'm calling this project DONE. Stick a fork in me.


Cat @ MaryMarthaMama said...

They look good! And you learn by doing, or at least I do, so now you'll be better prepared for next time. If you ever try it again ;)

Lauren said...

i LOVE these! I really like the bright pop of yellow!

Linnea said...

The yellow looks great. I once tried to paint an entertainment center and it didn't turn out so great!