Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Scenes from the Week

Thursday night I had to be chauffeured home from work due to G's building supplies. Ahhh the price I have to pay being a woodworker's wife. He is still hard at work on the bar in the basement and it's coming along quite nicely. I can't wait to show you the final product!

Friday night we made tacos for dinner, took Manny for an evening walk and then I read while G watched baseball.

For some reason I was up at 7:30 on Saturday morning so I worked out, took Manny for a long walk and read while drinking my coffee.

We took Manny to the vet for his yearly check up and to get up to date on all his shots. The poor guy has allergies (I didn't know dogs could get allergies!) and had a few red bumps on his belly from an allergic reaction. He also had a ear infection so he is on meds to get rid of that. We haven't even been giving him the medicine for a week and he is already feeling so much better! It was an expensive trip to the vet to say the least.

We came home and made pizza (with chickpeas, life changing!) and G worked on the bar. I cleaned the house, did some laundry and caught up on a few shows. It was so beautiful outside I read on the deck for a while and G mowed. That evening we drove out to see friends we haven't seen in ages. They made steak and asparagus and it was amazing. It was so nice to catch up. Even though we haven't seen them in years it was like no time had passed. I love that. We got home around midnight and crashed.

Sunday morning I had the craziest craving for cereal. HAD TO HAVE IT. I poured a bowl of Honey Bunches of Oats with almond milk and it was so good. I took Manny for a walk, gave him his med and headed to church. After church it was pouring rain which made me want to be lazy. We ate leftover tacos and G watched soccer and football while I did some reading and CSI watching. After the sun set G had to take care of a huge hornets' nest on the side of the house we discovered earlier. I think when G was mowing a hornet landed on his sweatshirt because Sunday morning when he was taking the sweatshirt off the hornet stung him! Then we found a hornet on his shorts and in the bathroom so G started looking for the hive. Luckily it was on the outside of the house and thankfully we have not seen a hornet in the house since he sprayed. Scary!

In other news, Sunday was exactly a year to the day that we adopted Manny. I can't believe how tiny he is in that picture. It gives me puppy fever until I remember how much it cost at the vet and I'm good with just one.

I made my usual smoothie Monday morning. I didn't take a picture, but on Saturday I was really craving a Starbucks Frapp so I went on Pinterest and searched for a recipe. I found this recipe and decided to make it. It tastes EXACTLY like a Starbucks Frapp and filled me up for quite some time. Def a new fave!

Monday night after work G had soccer again with the guys. I can't believe soccer season is starting again. Where does the time go? It was fun to see all the wives and kids again and watch G play. After soccer G and I decided to use left over brats from our dinner Sunday night to make a stir fry. Genius! It was delicious and I've been enjoying leftovers for lunch as well. We got home late from soccer so we didn't eat until 9. Yikes. I watched RHONJ and love that Jacqueline is back!

Tuesday morning I threw in all the ingredients to make a pot roast. I love that I found my cooking rhythm again! It's so nice to eat fresh, healthy meals and seriously, this recipe is so easy. Tuesday night we enjoyed this dish and I'm excited to eat it again for dinner tonight!

So not too much new with us. Enjoying the nice fall weather. Cooking again. G is building a bar. Life is slowing down. Lots of reading. Seeing friends. Perfection. What are you guys up to?

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