Thursday, July 24, 2014

Thirteen for Thursday

1. I switched things up and instead of taking most of my vacation time in December, I'm spacing it out more. A couple three day weekends in the summer. Time off in September. Time off at Thanksgiving. As much as I loved having half of December off, the weather isn't all that great. I rather enjoy these beautiful fall and summer days off! 

2. At work, a co-worker was on vacation so his team completely covered his desk in post it notes. Creative, huh? And pretty hilarious. 

3. What happened to Undateable? I was in love with that show and it hasn't been on the last few weeks. Boooo. It needs to come back. I just checked and it doesn't look like it has been cancelled. Phew.

4. How is it August next week? Why does summer fly by so quickly? Why doesn't winter go this fast? I do feel like I'm completely embracing summer though. Lots of lake house weekends. Lots of walking outside. Soaking up the sunshine. Eating on the deck. Gosh, I love this time of year. Even though I'm sun burned and have a few mosquito bites. I still love it so much.

5. We picked up Manny from the kennel Monday night and I think he was happy to be home. He crashed. Also, doesn't he look like Batman here? I'm not too happy with our kennel though. He had to pee so badly when we picked him up and he was dying of thirst. Poor little guy.

6. G and I are going to a wine tasting event at the zoo this weekend with my brother and SIL. I'm so excited! What is not to love about wine and animals?!

7. I'm really slacking on my reading lately. I just have not been able to get into a book lately. I was on such a streak of good books and then hit a bit of a slump. 

8. I'm in a bit of a movie slump too. We watched three movies this weekend and I was not totally in love with any of them. Let me know if you have any recommendations! 

9. Work has been really good. I started a new position this month in internal sales and I absolutely love it. I didn't expect to love it as much as I do, but it's so much fun! Change is always stressful for me, but now that I'm into it and know what I'm doing I'm having the best time.

10. This is a pretty awesome blog post. Paige has such a healthy way of looking at food and fitness and body image in general. I'm a new fan of her blog!

11. Tonight we are reuniting with our small group friends for sushi. I cannot wait to see everyone and catch up. Also, I'm really craving sushi. Last night we met up with G's old boss and it was fun to catch up on life.

12. Saturday marks 7 years since G proposed to me and 8 years since we dated. That is crazy! We have know each other for almost 9.5 years. Wow. We are old. But I love it. I love our story. 

13. Life has been pretty great lately. A good mix of relaxation and fun. Hard work. Enjoying summer. Enjoying life. 

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Anne said...

I finished reading the fault in our stars, I liked it, but I just loved the movie more. Maybe I should have read first! Hope you find another good one soon :)