Friday, July 25, 2014

Fit Friday!

I made three big changes this week.

1. I upped my calories from 1200 - 1400 calories to 1600 - 1800 calories.
2. I'm focusing more on unprocessed foods and lots of fruits and veggies.
3. Stop calorie counting. Spend all that time focused on listening to your body instead and nourishing it with healthy foods.

Why the changes you ask? Well, first I should start with an apology. I'm sorry for not listening to you guys when you said I wasn't eating enough calories. You all were right. I read the articles below and they blew. Me. Away.

These articles just clicked for me. I was always hungry. Cranky. I walk at least an hour and a half a day so I need to fuel myself properly which means more food. Also, I realized I enjoy eating more unprocessed foods because I can eat more of it and feel full longer. I can have one cup of macaroni and cheese and be hungry the rest of the night, but I got to eat mac and cheese! OR I can eat lean meat, fruits and veggies and feel full all evening long. Hmmm I think I rather have the latter option.

I'm growing up! I know this is probably all common sense to most of you guys, but it's finally clicking. Sometimes I am just a slow learner, okay? I just realized I was getting all consumed with it again. Weighing in weekly. Counting every single calorie and feeling guilty for going over. It wasn't working anyways. Was I eating too little? Too much?  I need to just focus on listening to my body. Fueling it with unprocessed foods. Upping my fruit and veggie intake. Enjoying life. Take a bit of a break from the scale so it doesn't own me. There won't be as many pictures on these posts because I really don't want food to be so all encompassing. I want to move more. Eat healthier. Just live my life. I always hear people lose the weight when they stop thinking about it as much. Kind of like how you don't meet the man of your dreams until you stop looking. So here it goes. It has been much harder than I thought to not count calories. It was quite the addiction.  

My breakfasts this week have been a hard boiled egg and half an avocado on toast with a side of Michigan cherries. My lunches have been edamame and a Morning Star chicken patty with Laughing Cow Cheese and Romaine lettuce.

My afternoon snack has been pineapple and a Kind Bar.

This week has been busy with something going on every night. It's all great stuff, it just makes eating lean and healthy a bit trickier. We have literally been go, go, go or eating out so I've just been making the healthiest choices I can and just eating half of a restaurant portion. Leftovers for lunch are the best!

How are you guys doing?


Anonymous said...

How are you going to up your calorie count & stop calorie counting? At the same time.

Anne said...

I forgive you ;) haha, but seriously I hope this helps you see the progress you deserve! You'll enjoy not counting calories after awhile, so much work! Step into freedom!

Anonymous said...

That's awesome! So proud of you for listening to your body. It's SO not easy when you're used to thinking that your body is misleading you... Get it girl!