Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Petoskey Weekend Getaway

The weekend before Thanksgiving G and I went on a little getaway. We both already had that Friday off because of my annual ophthalmology appointment (you can read why here) so we thought it would be fun to turn the three day weekend into a vacation. Everything was so expensive so we put the idea off UNTIL I saw a Groupon for Apple Tree Inn in Petoskey. My coworkers had just raved about how cool Petoskey was so I really wanted to explore a new city and this deal was a steal and the dates worked with what we wanted so I booked it. We booked this far in advance so we had been looking forward to it!

Friday, Nov. 21st finally came! My ophthalmology appointment was at 7:00 a.m. and was an hour away. That calls for a Venti Starbucks! We grabbed coffee and headed to the appointment. It went great, four years later and no additional tears and my sight is better than ever. Praise the Lord! I do have a freckle on me eye (I know! Weird!) so I have to see a specialist about that, but it's not urgent and it's probably nothing. 

We were on the road by 8:00 a.m. which isn't bad at all! We drove about an hour and then stopped for breakfast. We found a Big Apple Bagel and ate (skinny tip: I took off the top bagel halves and ate the sandwich open faced. Still delicious and probably saved about 200 calories!) before making the final three hours of our trip.

I called the hotel when we were about 15 minutes away to see if we could get early check in. We could!! The hotel was super cute and clean. Couldn't complain about our view either, isn't that pretty?! We unpacked, explored the hotel and then headed the mile it took to get to downtown Petoskey.

We ate at Chandler's and I'm obsessed with their cute outdoor area. It would be so fun eat out here in the summer.

Being on vacation calls for champagne! 

G got a rum drink.

As I said on Instagram, truffle fries and pesto aioli are my love language. OMG so good.

We also shared this grilled cheese sandwich that was pretty amazing. I never would have thought to put feta on a grilled cheese but it MADE it. We also shared some Guinness Chili that was quite delicious as well. It was a fun experience. It's a tiny little place and it just feels so cozy and warm. I loved it! Highly recommend!

Chandler's is attached to the Symmonds General Store (worth a walk through!) right downtown. We toured the wine cellar and there were THOUSANDS of bottles to look at which was fun. I loved this chandelier that was made of corks.

I also enjoyed this sign, ha!

We walked around the city a bit after that. It is a bigger city than I expected and I just loved all the cute little shops. Then we stopped in Beards Brewery. It SUCH a cool tiny little brew pub. It feels like a coffee shop, but instead of coffee you order beers. It's small, but has really good beers.  It’s in this weird building where you feel like you’re walking down an indoor alley and at the end are some store fronts and one of them is the brewery. They had indoor seating and ‘outdoor’ (but not really, because you’re inside the weird alley thing) seating. The beer was really good – I ordered an ale which was really good. Garth ordered an IPA titled Holy Diver because of the name. I don't know the song, but he played it for me. It reminded him of his child hood. We sat in the 'outdoor' area and sipped our beer and watched the owner brew the beer. Good beer and good entertainment!

We walked back to our car and headed back to our hotel to relax. We were pretty wiped out so we ordered BC Pizza for dinner, watched a movie and were asleep by nine. Party animals!

Well, this got long. Part two coming tomorrow!!


Anne said...

My eye doc says I have a pigment spot on my retina too, maybe it is more common. Hope its nothing!!

Anonymous said...
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mags said...

What a great trip! Sounds like so much fun.