Thursday, February 20, 2014

Thirteen for Thursday

1. Garth surprised me with my favorite chocolates and a beautiful bouquet of roses. It's like he KNEW I needed some color and the smell of spring in the house to help get through this horrible winter. It is so nice to be known. Love that man of mine!

2. Did anyone else feel like everyone decided to get takeout on Valentine's Day?! That is our thing! We get takeout sushi and champagne. But I couldn't even get past the busy signal on our first two top picks. Gah! So we called this local favorite Italian restaurant (fun fact: The Red Wings cater from this restaurant. It is so good and kind of our claim to fame!). There was an hour wait for our order, but we were still far from home and it was worth it. Excellent decision!

3. Garth and I are enjoying the last few days of the Olympics. I get SO invested. Jeremy Abbott, the American men's figure skater, fell hard during his performance and was on the ice holding his side for a heartbreaking few seconds. But. But! He got up and finished his routine flawlessly!! I was sitting there on my couch clapping like crazy. I love moments like that. 

4. I also love that there is a Jamaican bobsled team in the Olympics and they were given a lucky egg! It makes me want to watch Cool Runnings all over again. 

5. Over the weekend we tried a new wine, California Crush by Tyler Florence. New fave! It was delicious. 

6. Manny always sleeps on our bed while we are getting ready for work and Monday morning I didn't know where he was until I walked to Garth's side of the bed and saw his behind peeking out. Such a funny guy.

7. It has been in the upper 30s the last few days and it is AMAZING. I have been able to take Manny for walks again which makes him super happy. Also? I saw a guy driving with his windows down. I love Michigan.

8. Sunday was our anniversary. It was pretty low key. We are going away in March to celebrate, but we went to Chili's. Chili's is so us. We went there all the time when we were dating. We are obsessed with the chips and salsa (and $4 margs). We haven't gone in a while because they took our favorites off the menu (black bean burger, come back!), but they have some pretty tasty pizzas now so we will be back! We had so much fun reminiscing the last year and setting goals for the year ahead. I love doing that. We had so much fun discussing that we never made it to our movie so we walked downtown and then headed home to watch more Olympics. It was a really good day with my favorite.

9. Has anyone else been watching Vanderpump Rules? Holy cow, this season has been insane! I just cannot even deal. Why does Jax lack empathy? Why is Kristin such a liar? I am so happy Adriana and Tom are together. Crazy. Season. 

10. Have you heard of the app QuizUp? My brother, Brad, introduced us and we played a LOT in California. Garth and I still play at least once a day. It is so much fun. It's a trivia game, but with fun topics like Big Bang Theory, Friends, Food, etc. It's free and you should download it!

11. I had to share the sweetest anniversary card EVER that Garth gave me. I love cards. I will take a card over a gift any day. They just mean so much to me. I could (and have!) spent hours in Hallmark stores. Garth always picks out the best cards and I save them all. This one was just so sweet and so US. I love our story!

12. How cool is this ice sculpture on our porch? I was on my way back from walking Manny and kept trying to take a picture, but Manny kept trying to get in the picture. Little photo hog. 

13. Ok, so here is another of Manny. I can't resist. I love that guy, even when he steals my spot on the couch!

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Anne said...

awww... I love that card! Thanks for sharing :) I like your anniversary tradition, reflecting on the year and making goals sounds good, you really have a plan for your relationship! I think that is a key to a good future :)

Also love chilis chips and salsa, mmmm.

Doug and I just re-watching Cool Runnings last month with my parents, such a fun movie. I have not seen any of the Olympics this year, I know, I'm lame, but that would be fun to see them bobsled :)