Friday, February 21, 2014

Fit Friday

I had another good week. Funny enough, I gave Garth a photo of us from when were dating and wrote on the back of it. We were both much thinner in the photo and Garth hung it on the fridge and it has become great inspiration for us to reach our goals. Nothing like seeing the version of you that you want to be again!

My workout routine this week has looked like this:

Sunday - Rest
Monday - Walk 50 minutes
Tuesday - Insanity Cardio and walk 20 minutes
Wednesday - Insanity Cardio and walk 50 minutes
Thursday - Walk 50 minutes
Friday - Insanity Cardio and walk 50 minutes
Saturday - Insanity Cardio

My eats have been yummy this week as well. I have been having black coffee with Van's whole wheat waffles with crunchy peanut butter and cinnamon.

I also made a turkey sausage, cheese and onion casserole Saturday morning that I enjoyed as my weekend breakfast (and lunch!) with an apple. There is nothing better than breakfast casserole and Saturday mornings. Nothing.

My morning snack has been two clementines and a packet of oatmeal for my afternoon snack.

Monday night we shared an Albie's pasties (too hungry to take a pic!) with oven roasted brussels sprouts.

Tuesday we ordered Mediterranean take-out and I put half on a plate and the rest away for Wednesday night. It's the small victories like that. The old me would have eaten the entire order (ugh!!!) but the new me enjoyed the smaller portion and looked forward to another serving Wednesday night.

Thursday night we went to a game night with small group friends. We had pork nachos, spinach and artichoke dip and Oreo souffle. INCREDIBLE. I just kept it to a few bites of each and tried to fill up on vegetables to get full without feeling deprived.

Tonight we are headed to a friends' house for a going away party and having tacos. Yum! I can't wait to see old friends and catch up. 

The results? No loss this week. I'm trying really hard to not be discouraged by it. To take it as motivation to just keep swimming. To work a little harder. I got this. I want this more than ever.

How are you guys doing? Any small victories you had this week?


Linnea said...

I didn't lose this week either. I know how it feels, but we got this!!

Anne said...

PLEASE get your friend's Oreo soufflé recipe, yum! We missed you on Friday night, but that's life, hope you guys were able to have some time to relax.