Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Halloween Weekend Recap

This weekend was a good one. Friday night was Halloween and per our tradition we had a bonfire in the driveway. Even if the weather didn't cooperate and it was snowing. Yes, SNOWING on Halloween. We probably only had about half of the trick or treaters we usually have and there were a lot of older kids this time. I was so proud of Manny because he didn't bark or try to jump on the kids the whole time. He just sat in the chair next to me and watched. He was so good!

Per tradition I made a big batch of chili and had beer in the cooler and we had friends over to hang out. Since Halloween was on a Friday night we had a few more people over, about 15 people over for dinner and drinks. When everyone came over I put Manny away and we ate chili, talked, handed out candy and drank beer. 

Around 8:00 p.m. the streets were empty and we were cold so we took the party inside. 

We played a couple rousing games of Catchphrase and ate candy. My favorite line of the night:

"What is the opposite of a cow?!"
"A horse."

It was a really fun night. Good people. Good laughs. Good memories.

Saturday Anne and Doug were getting married. Anne has quite the story and I would encourage you to check out her blog. Spoiler alert! It has the BEST happy ending! 

(Stole this photo from her FB)

Her faith is just so inspiring and she is just beautiful inside and out! Doug and Anne are just so sweet together. Their ceremony was so them. Sweet. Funny. Authentic. Christ centered.

The reception was at the Packard Proving Grounds which was a really cool place! It had a barn, rustic type feel and just felt so cozy and so fall.

I loved the lights on the ceiling. So pretty.

Isn't the table scape so pretty?! Love.

There were also Packard cars, which the man on guard told us cost about $130,000! Whoa. My girls! It was so fun to see them!

But these improv pictures are my favorite. Louie is taking the picture and he's dancing to the music and we were cracking up. I love candid pics.

Of course, I had to take a picture of the cake for my mom. Anne's mom made the cake and it was so pretty! The green bird says "I Do" and the pink bird says "Me too." So cute!

The guest gift was this sweet ornament or bird feeder which we forgot to take. GRR! I was so mad at myself for forgetting.

The food was also really good. The chicken, yum! I also loved the olive oil and tomato pasta. The green beans and almonds reminded me of my childhood because I don't think I've had them since. I missed them! The potatoes and roll were also so delicious. I love wedding food!

The rest of the night was filled with catching up with good friends and dancing. It was such a fun night!!!

Sunday I really wanted to put up Christmas decorations (I know! Don't judge!) but I was just too beat. I did some laundry, cleaned a bit and then stayed in my pajamas all day to rest up for another busy week. It was a great weekend!


Lauren said...

what a fun tradition with a Halloween bonfire! I seriously can't believe it snowed on Hallwoeen!

Kenya said...

Wish we had a halloween bonfire!! Glad you had a good time at the wedding.