Friday, April 25, 2014

Fit Friday!

Confession: I haven't weighed in since March 28th. Eek. I know. I need to. It has been so nice NOT weighing in though. I need to weigh in FOR SURE by Tuesday because that is the day I start the 28 day meal plan. We have plans all weekend and Monday night I'm celebrating a sweet friend's birthday so I decided Tuesday is the day. I want to go all out and I don't want any temptations. Going out is definitely a temptation for me. So friends, in case you wonder why we are so quiet in May. We are working on ourselves. Avoiding temptation and heading to the park a bit more. 

By the way, the meals are here!!!

I thought I would weigh in before that, but maybe not. Maybe I'll just weigh in and measure everything then. I'm living on the edge.

Here was my work out schedule for the week:

Sunday - Walk 45 minutes with Manny
Monday - Walk 3 miles at lunch and 30 minutes with Manny after dinner
Tuesday - Walk 3 miles at lunch and 30 minutes with Manny after dinner
Wednesday - Walk 3 miles at lunch and 30 minutes with Manny after dinner
Thursday - The Shred Level 1
Friday - The Shred Level 1

I had lunch meetings Thursday and Friday so I didn't get my walk in and we had/have plans after work Thurs/Fri so Manny didn't get a walk so it was extra incentive to make sure I woke up early to squeeze in a workout. 


My breakfasts this week have been Hungry Girl California Love Mug without the onions or tomatoes. SO. GOOD. I never remember to take pictures this early, but her picture is better quality anyway. 

My snacks this week have been Hi! I'm Skinny Sticks in Sea Salt with lemon water. I love these sticks, they are so flavorful and you get 34 of them for 130 calories. Yes please!

My lunches have been one Trader Joe Vegetable Patty with Laughing Cow Vegetable Garden Cream Cheese and a side of carrots. I know I sound like a broken record right now, but seriously I am obsessed with this lunch. It's a new favorite and I think it will be my go-to lunch or dinner after the meal plans. So tasty. So filling. So protein packed. The veggie patty reminds me of a falafel which is probably why I love it so much.

My dinners have been meal planned here. How are you guys doing? 

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