Wednesday, November 26, 2014


This year is just flying by. I can't believe we've had snow and it's Thanksgiving week already. I do love this time of year so I need to savor it because it will be over before we know it. Not to be cliche, but I want to count my blessings and this is as good a week as any to do that!

A God who loves me unconditionally and promises to never leave me or forsake me. 

A husband who adores me and loves me unconditionally. Who makes me a better person everyday. Makes me laugh everyday. 

My crock pot. I seriously don't know what I would do without that thing. It is the best feeling in the world when I have prepped dinner that morning. It is also the best feeling in the world when I come house to the house smelling delicious and dinner ready!

A family that loves and supports us. Encourages us. Loves unconditionally. I don't take that for granted. 

Candles. You just do not even know how happy candles make me. It's the little things! 

Manny. He is just the sweetest, most fun dog and I can't imagine not having him. He is the best cuddler. Always a comic relief. Always sweet. It's true what they say, we didn't rescue him. He rescued us. 

A job that I love. Co workers that have become close friends. That I have the opportunity to work with Garth and see him all day long. Carpool. 

A warm home in a safe neighborhood. I have taken this for granted far too often and I need to remember how blessed I am. 

My health. I don't ever want to take this for granted. 

The fact that I read. I can read an endless supply of books from the library and get lost in another world. 

Sushi. Mac and cheese. Sourdough Bread. Food in general. I can cook it. I can pick it up. Go out to eat. Choose anything I want to eat at the grocery store. That is a luxury! 

A reliable, dependable car that can take me anywhere I want to go. 

Vacation time. To rest and rejuvenate at home. Or to explore a new city or state or country. 

Life. I'm truly learning to really LIVE. To savor every moment. To not wait for the next big thing. To just enjoy the everyday. Find the joy in the mundane. To be alive is a gift! 

Girlfriends. I have a really close knit group of girls and I haven't had that since college. It is something I don't take for granted. I'd be lost without them. 

Music. I love music. It can turn my mood around. It is a stress reliever to belt out a favorite tune. It's nostalgic. 

The ocean. Lakes. Rivers. Any body of water. It's calming to me. It's beautiful. It always reminds me how creative our God is. 

Coffee. It's my favorite time of day. The house is quiet. Drinking coffee and reading. 

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Wine. I heart wine. I saw the above picture on Pinterest and it made me laugh out loud. I'm also thankful for laughter. 

What are you thankful for?


Anne said...

I love this post! And I love your sweet thoughtful heart :)

The Pink Growl said...

The music, candles, food, coffee and WINE YES! Love this list! Happy Thanksgiving!

misslily said...

such a BEAUTIFUL list. have a wonderful thanksgiving!

mags said...

Such a sweet post! Happy Thanksgiving!