Friday, February 7, 2014

Fit Friday and Weekend Update

This week was really good. I cut out drinking, stuck to 1200 calories, walked 50 minutes five days this week, and was mindful of what I was eating. I even stuck to the Insanity workout routine, though I did skip Tuesday and Thursday because waking up at 5:00 a.m. to work out is TOUGH and I just drag the rest of the day so I let myself sleep in those two days and I don't regret it. I was also so sore I just let walking be my workout those days and I'm okay with that. Here is what my schedule looked like:

Saturday - Plyometcis
Sunday - Shoveling 4 inches of snow
Monday - Plyometrics
Tuesday - Shoveling another 4 inches of snow
Wednesday - Cardio
Thursday - Rest
Friday - Cardio

My eats this week have been pretty good. I need to focus less on processed, but I am watching calories closely.

Breakfasts are oldie but a goodies, Van's whole wheat waffles with 2 tablespoons of crunchy peanut butter and a dash of cinnamon with black coffee and 2 clementines (not pictured). It holds me over all morning! (440 calories)

My lunches have been an apple (not pictured) with one cup of black beans (low sodium) and half an avocado (330 calories).

My afternoon snack has been a packet of oatmeal (160 calories). Garth was really sick earlier this week so we left work early to work from home and while he grabbed medicine I grabbed a skinny latte next door and paired that with Trader Joe's air popped popcorn. I'm obsessed with this popcorn! 2.5 cups for 110 calories?! Can't beat it! 

My dinners have been pretty boring. I have eaten a lot of soup. I usually eat Progresso Minestrone with a side of edamame. I did switch it up one night and have this Annie Chun's Miso Soup and it was amazing!

The results? I lost two pounds! Woohoo!


Before we embark on another great weekend, I wanted to recap last weekend because it was a really good one.

Friday night we met friends downtown for dinner (bonus: live music!) and it was so fun to catch up. It had been forever so it was nice to see each other again! After dinner they came over to meet Manny. He was pretty well behaved. We are still working on his over excitement, but he did well.

Saturday we slept in and then Garth made breakfast burritos with turkey sausage. Yum! After breakfast I did Insanity which is insane. Seriously, so hard. But I love it! After drinking a ton of water and showering I was ready to relax.

The snow was falling outside and I was perfectly happy being snowed in for the day.

I did some reading, caught up on my shows and it was bliss. I highly, HIGHLY recommend Love Does by Bob Goff. I am obsessed with Donald Miller's writing style and Bob's is very similar. It's truly a great read and I'm so inspired and encouraged by this book. It is such a great book for me too because it's a reminder just because we're alive doesn't always mean we are living. A wonderful reminder to get off the sidelines and ENJOY life. Embrace it. Don't get stuck in the mundane, but find good in everyday and look for opportunities to show love.

Around dinner time Garth and I decided to make homemade cheese and pizza. We bought this mozzarella cheese kit a few months ago and I was itching to try it!

The directions were very thorough with pictures! 

We started by heating one gallon of whole milk until it reached 85 degrees.

Then we added a rement and it started to turn into a solid, shiny mixture and the water turned a light yellow. We then added the citric acid once it was hotter. This whole process took about 25 minutes.

Next, we scooped up all the cheese and put it into a colander to drain all the remaining whey (liquid).

Once all the liquid was out we put the cheese in a bowl and kneaded into two balls of mozzarella!

Ta-da! We made cheese! We refrigerated it for a bit while we made Jiffy pizza dough and then we shred the cheese on the pizza.

We were seriously so proud of ourselves!

We shred the cheese, put on the pizza sauce, onions, green peppers and pepperoni and let it bake for 25 minutes.

It was seriously so delicious. It tasted so fresh. I've been eating leftovers for lunch this week and it has hit the spot. The cheese is really tasty, even on it's own. We let Manny try it and he even loved it! I think I'll use the rest of the mozzarella for some bruschetta this weekend.

We watched a few great movies this weekend! Movies I didn't expect to like, but I am my father's daughter and I checked reviews and based my reviews on what we rented and it did not disappoint! Captain Philips was awesome! So intense. I definitely did NOT fall asleep during this movie! The other unexpected movie that I ended up falling in love with was Rush. I'm not a big NASCAR fan and I didn't know the story so I was SO into this movie. It was one of those movies I was on the edge of my seat yelling at the TV. I love movies like that where I get so invested. There were some great messages in this movie too. Highly recommend both!!

Sunday was spent shoveling all the snow, taking Manny for a walk since it was finally warm enough (30 degrees!), ate leftover pizza, and then we just laid low for the Super Bowl. I didn't really care who won, I was just in it for the commercials. I loved the Doritos commercials, the Cheerio commercial, and the Budweiser commercial with the sweet puppies. 

On a funny note, look at our mailbox! I think it's safe to say this spring we will be purchasing a new one. 

How was your weekend? How are you all doing?


Renise said...

I seriously have to stop complaining about the 6 inches or so of snow we got here!! I have been wanting to try making cheese for our homemade pizzas. That looks delicious! Glad you're enjoying Insanity! They are really great workouts!

jrh0906 said...

Congrats on the weight loss! Seems like you're rocking it too!!!!