Thursday, February 6, 2014

California: Days 5 & 6

On our last full day in California we went whale watching. How is that for a grand finale?!

It was the COOLEST thing I have ever done. We saw three grey whales, one of which was a baby! It was so amazing to see them that close up in their natural habitat. 

We even got to see a tail! I had goose bumps.

Nicole and I on the boat! The whales and dolphins were just the icing on the cake. I enjoyed just being on the boat with the salty breezes in my face.

Garth and half of me.

I have to say the best part was the dolphins though. All of sudden they were just EVERYWHERE. There had to be about 200.

The lady next to me said she has done this tour five times and she has never seen this many dolphins before. We got lucky, I guess. We whistled and they would swim with our boat and jump and play. I was crying inside. Coolest thing EVER.

This is a video Garth took of them swimming alongside our boat to give you just a glimpse of how cool it was!

Actually, the coolest part was laying on this blue tarp and watching the dolphins swim underneath you. I could even put my hand through and touch them. That was definitely a moment I would never forget.

After whale watching we went back to Jason and Nicole's to watch football and drink a beer.

The parents came soon after with Italian food. I had this eggplant pasta that was to die. It was a pretty low key afternoon after our big excursion that morning. We ate, drank wine, talked, watched football and just chilled out. I think everyone was tired out from the wedding the night before. After the parents left we watched Hollywood Game Night, which is a really fun show. Then we packed up and headed to bed.

Monday morning we woke up bright and early... and sad our vacation and time with good friends had come to an end. We drank our coffee, finished packing, showered and said our good byes to everyone. LuAnn and Ramzi drove us to the airport and we said farewell and headed into the airport to catch our flight.

We landed in Michigan around 7:00 p.m. and set out into the frozen tundra and snow softly fell reminding us it was still winter time.  What an amazing trip! It is one we will never forget. Thanks again LuAnn, Ramzi, Nicole, Jason, Brittany and Jay for your amazing hospitality and showing us a great time in your beautiful state! Can't wait to see you again!

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Jen Caputo said...

What a great ending to your trip! We've been whale watching a few time and haven't gotten any good views of them so I'm jealous your trip was so successful!