Wednesday, February 5, 2014

California: Day 4

Today was Brittany and Jay's wedding day, yay!! We had a leisurely morning and stayed out of everyone's way as they got ready for the wedding. 

Around 11:00 we picked up my parents and headed to In-N-Out Burger for lunch. It is a MUST whenever we are in California. They still had Bible verses on the bottom of the drinks, so cool!

All this food for $8? Cannot beat it! It was delicious.

After lunch we headed to Salt Creek Beach to do some beach walking.

Seriously, such a pretty beach!

We enjoyed watching all the surfers catch some waves. Great entertainment. 

As if the ocean and surfers weren't enough. There was the gorgeous Ritz Carlton. I must go back someday and have a cocktail on the patio up there. I bet it's gorgeous inside with spectacular views.

Then there was the houses. Oh my goodness. I couldn't pick a favorite, they were all stunning and they were all huge.

Before we left the beach to get ready for the wedding I asked my parents to take a picture of G and I.

Then we asked Brad to get in the picture with us and this is what happened, ha! He is such a character. We hiked up the super steep hill back up to the car, dropped my parents off, and then went to Nicole and Jason's to get ready for the wedding.

My first selfie!

Mom and I.

Good lookin' guys.

Brad and Ms. Bubbles.

Brad and I.

My handsome groom.

The ceremony was beautiful. I love love. Brittany and Jay definitely love each other and it was just so amazing to witness their sweet bond.

They both could just NOT stop smiling. It was the cutest.

Everything was moving so quickly. Too quickly! We had this incredible spinach salad with feta cheese, pine nuts and tomatoes. I'm still trying to figure out the dressing because I must replicate this salad! I don't even like salad but I ate it all... AND some of Garth's!

The chicken and veggies were awesome, but the potatoes Au gratin? As Brad described them, life changing. Yes, they were THAT good.

After dinner we did some dancing, got emotional watching Brittany and Ramzi dance, and then waited in line for homemade donuts. Yes, donuts. That was our guest gift. Such a cute idea. And the donuts were SO incredible.

I'm not even exaggerating when I tell you that G, Brad, my parents and I danced for the next four hours straight. It was the most fun! It went too fast though. Afterwards, we drove home and fell fast asleep. Another awesome day with the best ending - Brittany and Jay are married!!!!!


Rebecca Jo said...

DONUTS!! I love that take home gift!!!!

First selfie? Welcome! :)

Spartylover83 said...

Wow! Your trip was amazing! What a memorable vacation, thank you so much for sharing! Makes me so happy to see palm trees, sand, and the ocean :) I love in and out too, which I get to eat tomorrow when I go to Phoenix! It's always the first place we stop at haha. Love you girl!