Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Ten on Tuesday

1. I made the mistake of putting the roses G got me for Valentine's Day on the fireplace hearth. Manny didn't bother with them, except for the occasional stopping and literally smelling the roses. Saturday morning we weren't paying attention and he ate my (dying!) roses. I was left with a bunch of stems. He had a pretty upset tummy the rest of the day because of it. Poor guy!

2. We went to my parents house to celebrate birthdays. It was fun to see everyone. My brother, Brad, was in town and I got to snuggle sweet Ella for the second weekend in a row. That's a great weekend in my book! Ella is sporting the little penguin outfit I got her when she was born. She is rocking it, no?


3. G and I were planning on taking a little romantic getaway this month, but G just found out he will be on a business trip the dates we were originally thinking. We hadn't booked anything yet, and we still might go at a later date this month. But we are also toying with the idea of getting an L shaped couch like the one above from Value City. Our living room is severely lacking furniture for more than 5 people and this would solve that problem in a heartbeat. Not to mention allow G and I both to lay down. Decisions, decisions.

4. This article about how Michigan is having the worst winter since 1880 is crazy! We have had 79.2 inches of snow so far this winter and 19 days of below zero temperatures. We picked the BEST winter to get away to California, no? 

5. This winter hasn't been too bad. Most of the snow has fallen over the weekend ruining plans, but we haven't had to drive in it. But Thursday morning I hit my wall. I'm over winter. It was the scariest drive. The photo above doesn't even do it justice. The snow was falling and blowing so hard there were times it was a complete white out. Like, you couldn't even see the road. At all. Terrifying! We had to pull over at times. It is a miracle we made it to work. We drove with our hazards on for quite a bit of the drive. OK winter, I'm over you. For real. Go away!

6. I love award shows. I get so excited for them and I was especially excited for the Oscars because I adore Ellen. She did such a great job. I absolutely loved Jared Leto's speech and and all the pretty dresses. 


7. I love this. Tsh Oxenreider goes on to say "God’s will for our life is wherever our skills meet our passions and burdens. It’s the intersection overlapping how He’s uniquely gifted us, dancing in tandem with the things we’re passionate about." I 100% agree. I think my biggest issue is narrowing down the focus of what I'm passionate about. There is just so much I'm passionate about! 

8. Is anyone else having Olympics withdraw? Just me?

9. Our small group is starting a new series on The New Testament and I'm excited to read it again. I love the New Testament. I am a little biased as a New Testament major, but it is so good. I haven't read it straight through since I did the Bible in a year two years ago so it is time!

10. Garth signed up for a Sprint Triathlon with work. I seriously contemplated doing it with him, but in the end I decided not to. I just do not love going to the gym. I love working out first thing in the morning in the comfort (and privacy!) of my own home. I would have to skip my walks with friends at lunch in order to go to the gym too. No thank you. Garth has some great guys encouraging him and keeping him accountable and training with so I don't want to slow him down either or get in the way of the male bonding. I'm excited to swim and bike with him as he trains and the weather warms up. I will be his biggest cheerleader the day of! I feel good about the decision. Maybe after I watch the event I'll decide to participate next year. There is always next year!

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Ooh - that Oxenreider quote is awesome! May have to steal it.