Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Manny is 1!

Manny turned one on Saturday! We took Manny to the lake in our town for a nice, long walk. He got to play with other dogs, retrieve sticks, and sniff to his heart's content. 

We finally took Manny into the water. We have been dying to do this since we got him. We got him in late September so the opportunity hasn't really presented itself until now. The verdict: He hates the water. Actually, he is SCARED of the water. 15 inches of snow, thunderstorms and fireworks don't faze him. But a wave? A tiny little wave? Sent him running out of the water and back to the safety of land. 

A father and son with their two dogs were walking by and we made pleasantries. We explained what we were trying to do and the kind man let his two dogs into the lake to see if that would help. His golden retriever went straight in and laid down, ha! It worked for a minute... Manny ran in with the pups and once he realized what he had done he bolted out of their as fast as he could.

Baby steps. We'll try again and maybe next time we'll wear bathing suits and go in with him. G and I and are water loving heart will not give up. Manny will eventually love water! We just need to do some research and keep trying.

Overall, it was a successful day. Manny was beat! He pretty much slept the rest of the day. Happy birthday, Manny!! I can't believe he is one!

It feels just yesterday he was this little guy.


Rebecca Jo said...

That is so funny that he's afraid of water!!!! :)
Happy Birthday to your big boy :)
Feels like yesterday you got him.

Lauren said...

silly boy being afraid of the water! I'm sure he'll get it just like any little boy would! ha!

Happy Birthday Manny!