Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Hair Help!

TRUTH: I haven't had a hair cut in a year and a half. It's TIME. Last time I cut my hair I chopped over 8 inches and donated it. I'm glad I did that, but short hair is just not my style. 

I don't want a drastic cut. I just want a trim of the dead ends. I like my hair long! The above picture was taken last week. 

I do want a color change though. I haven't colored my hair in years and I just need a change. I was originally thinking red or blonde highlights, then a few girlfriends suggested ombre. Here are a few options I was thinking about. 

Let me know your vote! Pretty please? I'm kinda clueless at this kind of stuff and need your help!


#1 Highlights of this shade of red


#2 Alternate red highlights 


#3 Blonde and red mix


#4 Blonde highlights


#5 Alternate blonde highlights


#6 Blonde Ombre

Let me know which style you like best. Thanks!!


The Pink Growl said...

I think that Emma Stone picture would look FANTASTIC on you!

Jess said...

I like #2 and #3

Anne said...

It looks good! I like long too altho mostly I'm just rocking the pony. I can't believe it's been that long without a cut! My hair is fine and get such terrible ends :( I like the look of Chloe's hair, pretty and nice blonde highlights for summer

Sarah Blackstock said...

I love #6! Either way, you will rock it...I know it!
Long time reader, first time commenting.

Andrea Weiss said...

The bottom one! I love ombré so much. I had it last year and it's gorgeous. Super low maintenance and the highlights really brighten your face.

Melissa said...

Voting #3 or #5...I like Chloe's ombre but I've seen #6 go horribly wrong IRL which is why I'm not voting for it!

mags said...

I love 2 & 3 - I think you would look great with either...

Shell said...

I like 1 and 2 but only because Iam partial to dark red and I feel the other choices can fade fast