Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Easter Weekend

This weekend was a good one. G and I took Friday off and enjoyed coffee on the porch for the first time this year. The warm sun felt so good on our face. After coffee I did laundry and cleaned the whole house. I took Manny for a long walk and then G and I headed to my eye appointment. 

This appointment was to monitor the freckle on my right eye. It hasn't changed in any way and is still movable which are both good signs. No need to get it removed and very little chance it's cancer. The doctor said the word cancer so nonchalantly I thought I didn't hear him right at first. Then I felt like I was punched in stomach. I felt so naive that I didn't even think it could be cancer. I felt instant relief that he wasn't concerned about it and I don't have to get it checked out again until November. Praise the Lord!

After the appointment we made a quick stop at Michael's so I could get stuff to make a spring wreath and then headed to Trader Joe's for a long overdue trip. We haven't been in so long so we bought A LOT of stuff.

It felt so good to fill up our freezer again! It hasn't been full since we bought it so that felt really good. I had to throw a bunch of TJ freezer products away when our old freezer died so it was so nice to restock.

I put my beautiful fresh flowers in a vase and we preheated the oven to eat an early dinner.

We munched on some TJ apps and watched our shows. It was a nice, quiet night.

Saturday we slept in and then I worked on my craft. The original craft I was going to do was going to cost over $30 and the premade wreaths were $50 so I just grabbed some yarn ($3), a foam wreath ($5) and butterfly clips ($3) and with a 30% off coupon my spring wreath was less than $10! It took about an hour to wrap the yarn, but once I got going it moved quick.

I'm very happy with the end result! After that I took Manny for a long walk and then we headed to my parent's house and then to pick up my grandma for church. It was an awesome Easter service! Afterwards we came back to my parents house for dinner.

My grandma almost knocked her wine over so my mom put her wine in this wine glass tumbler, ha! 

We spent a nice afternoon catching up with family, laughing and enjoying my mom's famous ribs and cheesy potatoes. YUM!

After dinner we headed to a brewery to watch the rest of the MSU game with friends. It was sad we lost, but it was nice to catch up with friends and enjoy a nice beer.

Sunday I slept in and took Manny for a long walk while G built a gate off the deck out of pallet wood. I think it turned out pretty great.

Reason 5000 I love that man of mine: He builds a gate so Manny can hang out with us on the deck all summer. After that we enjoyed a nice lunch outside on the deck.

Then G went to watch soccer and I binge watched Season 8 of Dexter and did some reading. It was the perfect lazy day before heading back to work. 

How was your Easter weekend?


Robyn Proctor Hinkle said...

I'm glad to hear it's not cancer! Our Easter weekend included church and then lunch and an Easter egg hunt with my side of the family. Sounds like y'all had a nice weekend!

Anne said...

Season 8, you must be getting close to the end! I'm so curious what you're going to think....