Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Weekend Recap

Another great summer weekend in the books. It started a bit rough Friday. G and I both did not feel great. Headache. Sore throat. Exhausted. We went straight home after work and were asleep by 9:00. We woke up around 9:00 the next morning feeling 100 times better. Phew!

Saturday morning we drank coffee and ate breakfast on the deck. I started reading Three Wishes by Lianne Moriarty. It's not my favorite Moriarty book, but I'm starting to get into it.

After a leisurely morning on the deck G finished cleaning the garage and the car. I cleaned the house and then went for a walk with my neighbor and her pup. It was so nice getting to know her better and our pups got along really well which was great. 

We got back from our walk around one and my friend Beka was in the area so she came over and we headed to the lake in our little town. We grabbed Jimmy Johns on the way and ate on the beach. Then we each grabbed a raft and floated for a couple hours. It was so relaxing! Sunny, high 80s and another busy day of boats on the water for lots of entertainment. Surprisingly I didn't get sunburned but I did get eaten alive by mosquitoes. Ugh!

Beka had to get home so we came back home around five. G grilled and I read on the deck for a few hours before we came in, watched a bit of Shark Week and called it a night.

Sunday we ate breakfast on the deck. Went to church. Took Manny for a walk and then I spent a few hours reading on the deck. I did four loads of laundry.

After lunch G and I opened a bottle of TJ's Rose and it is a new favorite of ours. It was so light and refreshing and delicious. We may have sat on the deck all afternoon talking and finished the bottle. Oops!

We came in and made spinach triangles for dinner. G went to watch the tennis final and I binge watched Beauty and the Beast. It was a great weekend. A perfect blend of relaxation and productive. How was your weekend?


Robyn Proctor Hinkle said...

Those spinach triangles look delish!

Nicole said...

I'm reading "The Husband's Secret" by Moriarty. I'm enjoying it so far. The first book of hers I've ever read.