Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Phantom of the Opera Weekend Recap

Friday night G and I had a fancy date night. We went out for sushi at my favorite place. It was so good!

After dinner we headed over to the theater to watch The Phantom of the Opera. G and I have always wanted to see it so I was so excited that it was coming to town. G and I bought tickets back in December so this has been a long anticipated show!

Neither of us had seen the show or movie before so we didn't really know the story. We just loved the music. We had been listening to the music for a week straight!

We had great seats. Right smack dab in the middle, second row balcony. The show was sold out too so by the time the lights were going down the entire theater was full. The girls behind us were talking about how they wished they could sing and if they could they would totally be in Phantom of the Opera or they would be Meghan Trainor. Random and funny. I love ease dropping. 

The show did not disappoint. The girl who played Christine was from Michigan and she represented well. I could have listened to her and Raul sing all day long. Both had voices of angels. Chris Mann from The Voice was the Phantom and he was great, but Christine and Raul stole the show. SO GOOD. 

It was quite the cultural experience for G and I. We saw an Opera and there was ballet dancing in the play which was fun to watch. Such a fun night!

I slept in Saturday and enjoyed a leisurely morning of coffee and reading. Then I took Manny for a super long walk and did Jillian after that. The above picture is the during.

And here is Manny after the walk. I tired him out!

After my workout I showered, made corn bread, ate lunch and did some more reading.

We went to my parents house to hang out with the family. Brad was in town so it was nice to catch up with him, hang out with everyone and get some quality time in with Ella. 

Look at her walking with her Uncle G! 

My dad grilled steak on the grill and it was amazing. There was rice pilaf, corn bread, cole slaw, fruit and cake. It was quite the feast, yum!

After a fun, relaxing afternoon with family we went grocery shopping. Very exciting Saturday night, I know.

We came home and G watched soccer down the basement and I watched American Idol.

Then I read until about 11 and went to bed.

Sunday I woke up with a terrible headache so we did church online while we drank our coffee. Then I took Manny for a long walk, took out the patio set and read on the deck for a while. Then G joined me and made a bonfire. It was such a gorgeous day I was determined to enjoy it despite the headache.

After lunch I finally caved and took a nap. I started feeling better so I finished Dexter. I really liked Season 8 way more than I expected to, but like everyone else, found myself disappointed with how it ended. We enjoyed an evening cocktail on the deck with dinner and even slept with our windows open. Amazing!!!!

Great weekend. Great people. How was your weekend?

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Robyn Proctor Hinkle said...

We did Phantom of the Opera as our ballet one year, it was so much fun! :)