Wednesday, February 4, 2015

February Goals

I love February. It's our wedding anniversary. Valentine's Day. Love is in the air! Winter is almost over. It's just such a magical month. Just me? Okay. Lets talk about my goals for this month!

1. Paint nails once a week. I don't even think I will need to put this on my monthly goals next month because I'm enjoying doing it and actually looking forward to it that I won't need the accountability.

2. Lose five pounds this month. I think five pounds a month is a much more reasonable goal per month. I did it last month. I can do it again this month. I enjoy my journey more and don't get so stressed over a goal I haven't been able to accomplish. This is me setting myself up for success.

3. Do a morning devotional every morning. I've been going strong, but I know myself and I have had good months and bad months last year. I really want to do this everyday for the whole year. It's starting to become habit and I really enjoy that quiet time with God. 

4. Follow Jillian Michael's Body Revolution workout and meal plan. I would like to continue doing the videos this month and start incorporating the meal plan. I know following it exactly is not realistic. It will stress me out too much. But I would like to start making at least three recipes a week.

5. Read 3 books this month. The last few books I've read haven't been that great so I would really like to find some good ones that I can't put down. I signed up for Good Reads so hopefully I'll find some good recommendations on there.

6. Meal prep on Sunday. Now that we will finally have functional appliances (T-minus 3 days!!!!) I need to get my cooking groove back. I wasn't in love with the last few meals I made so I really want to make an effort to check out new websites and maybe even dabble in freezer meal prep. I know myself so if I prep I know I can healthy lunches and dinners all week long without the temptation of take out. And prepping meals for the week is the secret to success with weight loss so I need to invest the time and do this.

7. Host dinner once this month. I'm hosting a candle exchange this month and family for a few birthday celebration. I cannot wait to show off the new kitchen!

8. Be the kind of person who does what they say and means what they say. It's really been on my heart to really mean what I say and follow through. I'm really good at playing the "we should do ___" and then never actually doing it. I'm trying to make an effort to not be that kind of person. I'm putting a lot of effort into following through with what I say. The candle exchange is the perfect example. I've been talking about it for months and finally bit the bullet and picked a date and sent the invites.

9. Spending freeze. Last month we bought new appliances. Went on a little weekend getaway. Ate out a lot due to our fridge completely dying. This month we need to not eat out at all and enjoy cooking with our new appliances. Stick closely to our budget. Eat out ONLY on our anniversary and that is it. Tighten the wallet strings (is that the saying?) and build savings up again.

What are your goals this month?

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