Thursday, February 5, 2015

Finding My Cooking Groove Again

It seems I get into a cooking groove one week and fall out of it the next week. The last cooking groove I was in I wasn't happy with any of the recipes I made. I was sick of my old standbys. The friend I was exchanging meals with was cooking AMAZING things that all tasted incredible. I felt out of my league. It did nothing but discourage me further from the kitchen and feel a lack of confidence in my own cooking abilities. 

So I did something about it. I knew with my shiny new appliances coming soon (T-minus 2 days!!!) I would want to get back in the kitchen and cook. I am sick of take out. I want to start tackling meal prep. I know it's important for weight loss to cook your own meals. And I want to! I just needed some inspiration. I asked girlfriends and I read blogs on what the best recipe sites were.

Here is the list I've compiled from my research:

Food Network Healthy
I hope this list helps inspire you to cook like it did for me. If you have any to add please share!


The Pink Growl said...

I have a hard time staying in a cooking groove too! Feels impossible at times for one person.

Anne said...

I like ohsheglows but her stuff is vegan so if you're not into that... I'm not vegan but some of my favorite thjngs came from her and so far Doug has liked a lot too!