Friday, February 6, 2015

Fit Friday!


My workouts this week:

Sunday - Rest
Monday - Walk an hour on lunch and Body Revolution (BR) Workout 5
Tuesday - 
Walk an hour on lunch and BR Workout 6
Wednesday - Walk an hour on lunch and BR Cardio 2
Thursday - 
Walk an hour on lunch and BR Workout 5
Friday  - 
Walk an hour on lunch and BR Workout 6
Saturday - Rest

I started Phase 2 this week. The word that would sum up my week of Phase 2 is OUCH. I am just so stinkin' sore and her workouts are so dang intense. I was dripping in sweat after these workouts. Oh Jillian. I love you and I hate you. I found these workouts so intense I was actually dreading them the next day. But! I also found that if I wear my favorite, flattering workout clothes I work out more intensely. There is something to be said about feeling confident when you work out.

I hurt behind my knee during the workouts this week. Or from shoveling all the snow? Not sure, but it really hurts. It's not like my thigh muscle strain where I could still workout without jumping. It still hurts even when I didn't jump. It hurts to sit. But I'm going to rest Saturday and Sunday and ice it and hope to get back into it next week.

I'm still maintaining ten pounds lost from December. I really want to break the ten pound curse and keep pushing through. Hopefully eating at home next week will help the scale move.

Eats this week:

So last week we ate out a lot because our kitchen was a disaster and all our kitchen supplies were all over the house. We finally put the kitchen back together so I was excited to start making crock pot meals again. But I opened our freezer Saturday morning to grab the chicken to find everything in the freezer was soggy and warm. I went to make coffee and the coffee pot was officially dead. That left the microwave as our only working appliance in the kitchen this week. Can our new appliances hurry up and get here (T-minus one more day!!)?! All that to say, this week had a lot of eating out as well!

Breakfasts have been 2 eggs in a mug with 1/4 cup cheddar (thank goodness for a cold garage)!

Jimmy John's lettuce wrap is so good! I don't even miss the bread and that is saying something!

One cup rice pilaf with falafels. YUM! 

Brussels sprouts. So good! Don't mind the paper plates, our dishwasher is broken.

Lots and lots of Tazo Cinnamon tea.

A co-worker brought in these bacon sausage muffins so I had one for lunch and it was so delicious.

Another sweet co-worker brought in blueberry coconut muffins so I had that as part of my breakfast and it was incredible. 

My snacks this week have been an old favorite. If you haven't tried these they are divine. 

One cup Chinese food with 3/4 cup fried rice and one cup Brussels sprouts. 

Italian wedding soup for lunch.

More Chinese food. I got four meals out of that sucker. Winning!

My sweet friend I recipe swap with gave me an oatmeal bake slice so I had that for an afternoon snack. 

How are you doing? What are you eating this week?


Amanda Solimando said...

Great job! And it's true, new workout clothes make such a difference!

Anne said...

Oh my gosh, I can't believe all your appliances died at once! That's so crazy! Hopefully they come in with no problems/delays. That blueberry coconut muffin looked amazing!