Monday, October 26, 2015

Mondays with Manny - National Pit Bull Awareness Edition

My little pit bull. 

I would be remiss not to mention that October is National Pit Bull Awareness Month. Manny is a pit bull / lab mix. I had no idea there was such a stigma with pits until we rescued him. I just had no idea. Until I saw the dirty looks from people as I walked Manny. Or saw the terror in people's faces. Or heard of whole apartment complexes not allowing this breed.

But then there were the sweet people who loved on Manny. Who weren't scared of him. Who realized how gentle and cuddly and awesome pits are. My sweet friends and family that let Manny sniff their babies. Sit in their laps. Play with them. I'm forever grateful. Because he's not a monster. Or a fighting machine. Dogs who are raised in loving homes are loving dogs. Manny has never bit, scratched or growled at anyone or anything. He is a lover. 

He just wants to get under a blanket and sleep. 

Or cuddle. 

He loves to cuddle. 

Or just be as close to me as possible.

And play. 

Go for walks. 

He is great with kids. He is just smitten with Ella. 

He is the best dog and I can't imagine him not in our family. He fits so perfectly. We aren't ready for another dog yet, but when we are we talk about adopting another pit bull, even a pure bred because they are seriously awesome dogs. And they are the hardest to adopt because they have a bad rap so I'm all about that. And raising awareness that not all pits are bad. In fact, most are really, really awesome. They are lovers not fighters.

FACT: 1 million pits are killed a year because they are not adopted. Manny was actually in a kill shelter as a 10 week old puppy. God bless the rescue agency that got him out of there and put him in our local shelter. 35,000 pits are up for adoption and I would encourage you to research the breed and consider adopting one if you are looking for a dog right now. You have the power to make a difference!


mags said...

What a great post! And what a sweet dog. We have the opposite problem - we have a Dalmatian rescue and everybody just loves her, and loves to get right in her face. She's not used to children - she's actually very afraid of them. So we don't let kids she doesn't know pet her...or we're really careful. I wouldn't want something to happen, nor do I want to stress her out needlessly. Rescue dogs really are the best!

Anne said...

What a cuddle bug! I'm jealous