Friday, October 23, 2015

Fit Friday!


Sunday - Walked 5 miles around Detroit
Monday - Walked 3 miles on lunch
Tuesday - Walked 1.5 miles with Manny and 3 miles on lunch
Wednesday - Insanitywalked 1.5 miles with Manny and 3 miles on lunch
Thursday - Insanitywalked 1.5 miles with Manny and 3 miles on lunch
Friday - Insanity and walked 1.5 miles with Manny

According to my Fitbit I walked 32 miles last week! Crazy! I find listening to Podcasts make my walks fly by! I'm really into Happier with Gretchen Rubin right now. She and her sister have great insight on how to make habits. How to know yourself better. How to make decisions (my biggest struggle). The podcasts are super interesting! If you have any podcasts you love please let me know!


My breakfast this week has been 2 eggs in a cup with 1/4 cup cheddar on a slice of sourdough. I'm so obsessed with this breakfast.

A couple hours later I had two clementines with lemon water.

My lunches this week have been leftover Thai food from the weekend.

My afternoon snack has been cottage cheese. I'm starting to hit a wall with it. I've been eating it a lot lately and I need to switch it up.

Monday night G had soccer so instead of watching him I went out for sushi with a girlfriend. Great food and great conversation.

Tuesday and Wednesday night we had slow cooker pot roast. I don't follow a recipe. I just throw in a flat iron steak, a few potatoes, an onion, half a bag of carrots, an onion mix packet and low sodium beef broth. I cook on low for 9 hours and served it with rice or quinoa. It is always a hit in our house.

Thursday night we went to a fall party and ate appetizers for dinner. I was too busy having fun to snap a picture.

Good Reads:
What I Learned When I Stopped Logging My Food
How To Lose When When You're Tried Everything

I'm changing my format for these posts. I'm just going to show my eats and workouts each Friday with any good reads I think are worth checking out. I'm taking a little break from the scale because it just does more harm than good. I find trying on jeans each week is much more motivating. I also take pictures every other week so that is my form of tracking right now. I'll let you know how it goes! 

What do you guys think of the new format?
What podcasts do you enjoy listening to?
Feel free to join along!

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