Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Life Lately

There was an accident on the freeway Thursday so we had to take back roads. We got behind a tractor and it just MADE. MY. DAY. I love country living.

Friday morning as I was walking Manny I saw the prettiest sunrise. Seriously, gorgeous.

Friday night G and I had a little date night. We shared a gin and tonic (my new fave) while we waited for our Italian takeout. We went home, ate good food and watched Undateable. Great night!

Saturday was super low key. I took Manny for a long walk and it starting SNOWING. Ugh. I'm not ready for that. I cleaned the house. G made us lunch.

We got Manny ready and watched the MSU vs. U of M game. Crazy, crazy game!!!! I feel bad for U of M. Just crazy! I did some reading, started watching the newest season of Scandal (so great!) and went to bed early.

Sunday morning we were up bright and early to head downtown Detroit to cheer on the runners. It was cold, but it brings me so much joy cheering them on.

Such a nice day in the D with the fam.

We got to the 8 mile marker and thought we had missed Eric, but then he ran by and we got to cheer him on. PHEW. Talk about luck! About an hour later we saw Jess with her co-worker dressed as a penguin. LOVE IT. She saw G and started jumping and ended up hurting her knee. Such a bummer.

We got to the finish line and missed Eric. There were full marathoners finishing at the three hour mark. Insane! We watched them in awe. I could never.

It was freezing. Did I mention that? We had about an hour to kill before Jess came by so we walked to this building nearby to keep warm... and take selfies.

Back outside watching for Jess. It's so hard to find someone in the crowds. Sometimes everyone just blurs and looks the same. So I took silly pictures with Brad, naturally.

We miscalculated Jess' time and thought we had time to spare so we walked over to a coffee shop to grab a warm beverage to keep warm. While we did this we missed Jess. GAH. And my coffee was terrible. Expensive. Not even that warm. I hate wasting, but I threw it away. It was a waste of calories.

We didn't know we had missed Jess yet so we were looking for her. Eric called G to see if we had seen her and at that moment Jess called Eric to let him know she finished. We missed them both finish. Major bummer.

We walked over to the Hope Water tent and congratulated them. This is where we found out about Jess' knee. Super proud of them for running for such an awesome cause!

It was 11:20 a.m. and we had already been downtown Detroit. Cheered on runners. Walked over 5 miles. We were like, "how is it still morning?!" Ha! We were tired and cold so I got a coffee and THIS is how a caramel macchiato is supposed to taste!

We went to Eric and Jess' and Jess gave me this bumper sticker. So funny! 

We hung out with sweet Ella. Ate pizza and drank a beer and chatted for a bit. Then we headed home.

We grabbed Thai on the way home for later. We took naps. Watched the Lions. I started watching Alias and I'm into it. Around 8:00 we ate dinner and watched American Sniper. I'm not sure I would recommend it. I don't want to give anything away. It was a really well made movie and I don't even like war movies but I was sucked in. Bradley Cooper is an amazing actor. 

So that's life lately. It's been good! 

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