Wednesday, January 21, 2015


I really can't believe it has been four years since we bought our first house. Our dream house. It really seems like just yesterday we were signing all those papers. I will NEVER forget the feeling. 

I won't forget the feeling of pouring champagne in plastic cups and sitting at our (!) fireplace drinking it. Not a lick of furniture in the house. We drank that champagne and excitedly talked about how we would decorate. The parties we would have. 

I won't forget going to the local Thai restaurant in town and excitedly telling the cashier we just moved here and she looked at us like we were crazy and said "Why?" 

I won't forget how we ate Thai food on the floor by the fireplace with our champagne. We talked a mile a minute. We were so excited. It was all ours!

I won't forget G carrying me over the threshold. 

I won't forget sleeping in the house for the first time and being scared at how quiet it was. No fighting from the apartment next door. No doors slamming. No water turning on or off. SILENCE. Golden silence.

I won't forget giving my family and friends beer and pizza after they helped us move in and I declared "In 30 years this will all be ours!"

I won't forget painting the trim. The first big DIY project we did together. It made the house feel like home. Like us. I always look back on that weekend fondly.

I won't forget our housewarming party or the sangria I made for it. All the friends and family from near and far that came out to celebrate with us. The lawn games in our backyard. Sitting on the deck talking. Giving all the tours of the house.

I won't forget all the deck sitting. All the reading that done on that deck. All the chips and salsa consumed on that deck. All the margaritas/beer/wine/sangria drank on that deck. All the conversations on that deck.

I won't forget all the bonfires we have had talking late into the night with neighbors who became friends. Evenings that became morning.

I won't forget slow dancing in the kitchen with G.

I won't forget hosting our first Thanksgiving in our house.

I won't forget the window Manny slept under the first time when we brought him home.

I won't forget how crazy our neighborhood gets with over 200 trick or treaters on Halloween.

I won't forget all the small group sessions we hosted in our living room.

I won't forget all the yummy meals cooked in the kitchen.

I won't forget my SIL and brother telling us they were pregnant with Ella on our deck last Father's Day.

I won't forget all the dinner parties, scarf exchange, and family birthday celebrations I got to host.

I won't forget that winter we got ALL THE SNOW.

I won't forget all the deer and turkeys we have seen in our backyard.

I won't forget how beautiful the house looks at Christmas.

It's been a really great four years. I won't forget it and I look forward to many more memories to come!


Anne said...

Such happy memories! Not many people get to start out in their dream home- happy for you!

Kenya said...

How great!!!!