Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Second Annual Girls Weekend Getaway

This past weekend was a great one. I went to my second annual girls weekend at my sweet friend, Deb's, cottage. You can read about our first girls weekend here.

This year we took Friday off and left Thursday night. I highly recommend this and hope we can do it in years to come because that extra day was magic. After work G dropped me off at a restaurant by work and Deb, Barb and I drank beer and ate dinner. Then we went to the park to watch Kate finish her kickball game and watched her get on base and then catch the ball and get someone out! 

After her game we headed up north. Can you tell we were excited for the weekend?

We got to the cottage at 9:45 and unpacked and grabbed a drink. I had this long island and with a lot of ice it was delicious.

So excited to begin our weekend!

We opened up some snacks, unpacked the groceries and got to work making jello shots because priorities.

Then we grabbed our drinks, lit some tiki torches and headed out to the (new!) deck. Deb has been having this deck built all summer and it was finally to the point where we could sit on it. It was fun to be part of her first experience on her new deck. Also, it's gorgeous! We chatted until about midnight and went to bed.

Friday morning we slept in, drank coffee and made bagels. We had a leisurely breakfast and chatted. 

I went and took pictures of Deb's property because it's gorgeous. Seriously. Such a pretty cottage and that new deck just makes it!

The back of the cottage. The deck is still in progress back here.

The porch. We did lots of porch sittin'.

The beautiful fire pit they just redid this spring. It was so hot this weekend we didn't have a bonfire which was a bummer, but I'll take the hot weather! We did sit on the swing for a little bit though.

After breakfast we packed the cooler, put on our suits, grabbed the rafts and headed to the beach. We literally were at the beach from 11:30 to 5:30 and it was perfection. 

This is a no wake lake so we could float all over the lake. Swim around the lake. Went to the beach to eat veggies, cheese and crackers, hummus and pretzels and then back in the lake to swim, float and talk. And repeat.

We went back to the cottage, changed clothes, hung our towels, unpacked the cooler and took a walk around the lake. I LOVE this cute little lake house.

Such a scenic walk. I hear there is a big black bear that Deb has seen in her yard, but luckily we didn't run into him.

This house was for sale so we took a peak around the house.

It needed a new dock and there was absolutely no beach, but the view was pretty breathtaking.

After our walk Deb made tacos and they were amazing. 

We did the dishes, grabbed a glass of red and went out on the deck to listen to the storm. I love a good storm! Deb just put on a metal roof so hearing the rain on the metal roof was so relaxing. We chatted and laughed a lot. Then we came in, played a few rounds of Taboo where Barb and I crushed it and called it a night a little after midnight.

Saturday was pretty similar to Friday. We slept in, drank coffee and read, ate bagels, packed the cooler and spent the whole day on the beach. A few of the girls couldn't make it this year due to newborn babies, family weddings, and moving away so it was a smaller group but it was still a blast. We did lots of floating, chatting and laughing. We ate cheese and crackers and veggies on the beach and did more floating.

We got back to the cottage around 5:30 and took showers and hung out on the deck while Deb grilled burgers. We had quite the feast. Cheeseburgers, pasta salad, potato salad, chips and veggies. YUM!

We cleaned up dinner, took a few jello shots and headed back outside, lit the torches, and talked.

We came in around 10 and played Telestrations which may just be my new favorite game. It was hilarious. We played a round of Euchre after that. It was a close game but Deb and Kate took the win. We called it a night around midnight.

Sunday we slept in and read and drank coffee. We had some turkey action outside during coffee. The babies were so cute. Deb wasn't up yet so Barb, Kate and I took a walk around the lake.

We came back to quite the feast! Potatoes, eggs and sausage. It was all so yummy and filling. 

After breakfast we cleaned and packed. Deb and Barb just hung out at the cottage and chatted while Kate and I headed to the beach one last time. We floated and swam for a good hour and a half. Then we jumped off the green raft in the lake a few times. Oh my gosh. It was so much fun! I felt like a kid. It was such a rush to run and jump off the platform. 

We came in at 1:15, ate some chex mix, changed clothes and hit the road. It was such a relaxing weekend. We laughed a lot. Had deep talks. Spent tons of time on the water. We truly lucked out with the weather. It was HOT. 85 degrees, sunny and humid. Perfect for the beach. Even with the third day it went by way too fast. Can't wait for next year!


Anne said...

that looks SO fun. I need some getaway girls!! I think your telestration game is like one of my favorite games, we just call it tele-draw and play with pieces of paper, love it!

Melissa said...

My girlfriends and I took a lake trip (long weekend) just a couple weeks ago and it was so fun/relaxing. It's so nice to be off the grid---not wear any makeup and not leave the property for a few days :) Glad you guys had a great time!